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Forever Still

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Forever Still are a completely honest and emotional in-your-face heavy rock band with no excuses. The band’s wide array of brooding beats, atmospheric electronic textures, and stocky guitar riffs, all compliment vocal powerhouse Maja Shining’s emotionally revealing lyrics, which range from soft lullaby tones to scathing and aggressive full throttle screams. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, and consisting of Maja Shining and Mikkel Haastrup, the band have built a large following by delivering breath-taking shows fuelled by a consecutive level of very high quality releases – this is no small feat, especially for a truly DIY band with no major backing. Source: Band's biography.

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Does the band need another goth-lite band from Europe or have Danish band Forever Still got what it takes to knock Lacuna Coil off their throne? Read our review of their new album to find out what we think...
on Nov 04, 2016

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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