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Interview with Ritual; Vocalist Matt Ryan Tobin Discusses the Band, Future Plans, and New Self-Titled Album
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 25, 2015
We spoke with Matt Ryan Tobin, former Dead and Divine vocalist and mastermind of new Canadian metal band Ritual, who released their debut self-titled album on November 18, 2015.
Interview with Blindside; Guitarist Simon Grenehed Discusses the Band's Seminal Album 'Silence', Their U.S. Fans, Touring Plans, and Billy Corgan
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 23, 2015
We caught up via email with Simon Grenehed, guitarist of the Stockholm, Sweden-based post-hardcore quartet Blindside, to discuss the group and their music.
Interview with Full Devil Jacket; Vocalist Josh Brown on Music, Life, Faith, Art and New Album "Valley of Bones" [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Glen Wood on Nov 22, 2015
We recently spoke with Josh Brown, lead singer of the eOne Music-signed rockers Full Devil Jacket, about music, life, faith, art and the reformation of the band.
Interview with Jesse Lawson; Ex-Sleeping With Sirens Guitarist Discusses His Career, Songwriting, and Solo Album 'Chapter II'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Henry Maneuver on Nov 19, 2015
After stepping down as Sleeping With Sirens' rhythm guitar player, Jesse Lawson has embarked on a new musical journey.
Interview with Rivers of Nihil; Guitarist Brody Uttley Discusses New Album 'Monarchy' and Explains How "The Schooling Never Ends"
Comments Artist Chats » by: Kevin Stewart-Panko on Nov 18, 2015
As Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley details in this interview, the band's progression hasn't been without learning opportunities, hiccups and a shit-ton of rookie mistakes.
Interview with Stu Hamm; the Legendary Bassist Discusses His Solo Material and Working with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Alex Skolnick
Comments Artist Chats » by: Charlie Steffens on Nov 16, 2015
For over 30 years, bassist Stu Hamm has played with some of music's most respected musicians on stages all over the world, and may well be the most famous bass player you've never heard of.
Tattoo Talk: Abhorrent Deformity Vocalist Mark de Gruchy and Guitarist Jason Keating Discuss Their Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 15, 2015
Abhorrent Deformity is a brutal death metal quartet that hails from Kings Mountain, NC which, on October 30th, 2015, released their debut album, Entity of Malevolence, via Comatose Music.
Interview with A Dark Orbit; Vocalist Chad Kapper and Guitarist John Schiber Discuss the Band and New Basick Records Release 'Inverted'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 12, 2015
Check out this interview with Basick Records and St. Louis, Missouri-based metallers A Dark Orbit. PLUS, the premiere of the band's new cut "Alter", taken from the forthcoming album , Inverted.
Interview with The Stanfields; Frontman Jon Landry Discusses the Band and New Album 'Modem Operandi'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 10, 2015
With themes of political and social dissatisfaction, we caught up with Jon Landry, frontman for the Nova Scotia rockers The Stanfields, to learn more about the new album Modem Operandi.
Geared Up: ORCumentary Mastermind Orc Adams on His Roland Juno GI Synthesizer
Comments Geared Up » by: Curtis Dewar on Nov 09, 2015
ORCumentary, which is a solo project of Orc Adams, recently released the album Destroy the Dwarves via Orc Rock Records. Check out Adams' Roland Juno GI synthesizer!
Interview with Kill All The Gentlemen; Drummer Olan Parkinson Discusses the Band, Their Music, the Local Scene, and More!
Comments Album Review » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 08, 2015
Recently, we chatted via email with Olan Parkinson, drummer for the Exeter, UK-based metal band Kill All The Gentlemen, so as to get better acquainted with this talented act.
Interview with Adakain; Lead Singer and Guitarist Ryan Ray Discusses Writing, Recording, Tattoos and New Album 'Never Coming Home'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 06, 2015
Fresh off a tour with Trapt‬ and ‪First Decree‬, we caught up Ryan Ray, lead singer and guitarist for the Dallas, Texas-based quartet Adakain, to learn more about this potent group!
Tattoo Talk: Culture Killer Guitarist Collin Townsend Discusses His First Tattoo and Meaning Behind Some of His Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 04, 2015
We checked in with Collin Townsend, guitarist for the Daytona Beach, FL-based 5-piece Metal Blade Records metal band Culture Killer, who was kind enough to talk tattoos with us!
Geared Up: Novelists Bassist Nicolas Delestrade Discusses the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Preamp FX Processor
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Oct 22, 2015
We caught up with Nicolas Delestrade, bassist for the French modern progressive metal quintet, Novelists, to understand some of the key gear used in the new album, Souvenirs.
Tattoo Talk: Cambion Frontman Elliott Alderman-Broom Discusses Some of His Ink Including His Extensive Sleeves
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Christopher Gonda on Oct 19, 2015
Recently, we chatted about tattoos with Elliott Alderman-Broom, frontman for the technical/progressive metal band Cambion. Check out what he had to say!
...And Justice For Art: A Guide to (some of) the Best Metal Album Covers of 2015 (Part 2) - Feat. Amorphis, Grave, Soulfly, Tempel, Iron Maiden, My Dying Bride
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on Oct 06, 2015
Metal albums continue to be a commanding force of nature in 2015 and their accompanying visuals - the cover artwork - have immensely helped in creating additional interest for the music, enhancing its allure.
Interview with Next To None; Drummer Max Portnoy Elaborates on His Band and New Album 'A Light in the Dark'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Oct 05, 2015
To better acquaint ourselves with Lehigh Valley, PA-based progressive metal band Next To None, a talented group whose future looks super-bright, we spoke with drummer Max Portnoy.
Interview with Myka Relocate; Vocalist Michael Swank Discusses Writing, Recording, and New Album 'The Young Souls'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Oct 04, 2015
We spoke with vocalist Michael Swank, vocalist for Houston, TX Artery/Razor & Tie rock band Myka Relocate, about writing, recording and much more.
Geared Up: Post Season Lead Guitarist Canyon Gargon on His Fender Telecaster and Mesa Single Rectifier Amp
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Oct 01, 2015
We chatted with Canyon Gargon, lead guitarist for the pop-punk group Post Season, about some of his key gear.
Interview with Ugly Kid Joe; Guitarist Klaus Eichstadt Discusses the Band's Reformation and 'Uglier Than They Used Ta Be'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Sep 29, 2015
To help support the new album, Uglier Than They Used Ta Be, we spoke to Ugly Kid Joe guitarist Klaus Eichstadt about the group's new incarnation and music.
Interview with Television Rd; Vocalist Sara Ostrowska and Keyboardist Daniel Collins Discuss the Band and Their Face-Melting Music
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Sep 28, 2015
Read our interview with Television Rd; singer Sara "Sticky Sweet" Ostrowska and keyboardist Daniel Collins get weird... and give us insight into their band of rockers.
Geared Up: Skraeckoedlan Bassist Tim Ångström Discusses His Rig Including the ProCo RAT Vintage RI
Comments Geared Up » by: Curtis Dewar on Sep 26, 2015
We chatted with bassist Tim Ångström of the Swedish fuzz rock/doom band, Skraeckoedlan, about the gear he used to get his sound on the album Sagor.
Geared Up: XXI Guitarist Jamie King Discusses His Vintage Gibson Les Paul Studio, Duncan Distortion Pickups, Pedals and More!
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Sep 14, 2015
We spoke with Jamie King, guitarist of Kentucky rockers XXI, about some of the gear he uses (including guitar, pickups, pedals and more) to help lead the band's new sound.
Geared Up: From Ashes to New Guitarist Branden Kreider and Bassist Garrett Russell Tell Us About Their Gear!
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Sep 06, 2015
We spoke with Branden Kreider (guitar, vox) and Garrett Russell (bass) of From Ashes to New about some of the key gear that helps them hone in on their unique sound.
Gear Gossip: Sunflower Dead Frontman Michael Del Pizzo Discusses His Roland V Accordion FR-3X
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Sep 04, 2015
Long Beach, CA-based alternative rock/metal fivesome, Sunflower Dead, recently released their blasting new song "Dance With Death." We gabbed abotu gear with lead singer Michael Del Pizzo.
Interview with Bridge To Grace; Drummer Justin Little and Guitarist Alex Cabrera Discuss New Album 'Origins' and Tattoos
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 26, 2015
To help support the release of Origins, we chatted with drummer Justin Little and guitarist Alex Cabrera of the Atlanta, Georgia-based hard rock quartet Bridge To Grace.
Geared Up: Such A Mess Guitarists Mark Reynolds and Dave Solis Discuss the Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 18, 2015
Such A Mess is set to release their forthcoming 7" split with Post Season, Greetings From, so we chatted with guitarists Mark Reynolds and Dave Solis about gear!
Interview with Black Breath; Haunted Houses, Rehab-ed Legs and the "Serial Murder Rabbit Hole"
Comments Artist Chats » by: Kevin Stewart-Panko on Aug 16, 2015
Slaves Beyond Death, is an expansion of previous works which heralds lengthier songs, more dynamic song structures, varied tempos and a springboard into a new deep end by vocalist Neil McAdams.
Interview with First Decree; Drummer Zachary Lopez-Smith Discusses the Band and Their New Album 'This Is Our Rise'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 13, 2015
We caught up with First Decree drummer Zachary Lopez-Smith who helped us get to know the band, and their forthcoming album This Is Our Rise.
Interview with The Sword; Bassist Bryan Richie Shares Details on Band's New Album 'High Country'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Aug 06, 2015
We caught up with Bryan Richie, bassist for the Austin, Texas hard rockers, The Sword, to discuss, in detail, the awesomeness that is their new album, High Country.