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The Dead Daisies Interview; John Corabi on Instagram, Creating Music and Functioning in this Digital Age of Music
Comments Artist Chats » by: Mike Bax on Jan 11, 2017
The Dead Daisies vocalist John Corabi took some time during the final days of their European dates at the end of December to speak at length about the band, how they create music, and function as a unit in this digital age of music.
Dropkick Murphys Interview; Vocalist Al Barr Talks About Loss, Drug Addiction and '11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory' [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Damian FitzGerald on Dec 19, 2016
As part of a promotion tour for their upcoming new album, we sat down with Al Barr from Boston punks the Dropkick Murphys to chat about the inspiration behind their new record 11 Short Stories Of Pain And Glory.
Freddy Lim Interview; ChthoniC Frontman and Taiwanese Politician Discusses Donald Trump, China, and the Dalai Lama
Comments Artist Chats » by: Graham Finney on Dec 06, 2016
To metal fans he's known as the frontman of Taiwan's black metal band ChthoniC but, away from the group, Freddy Lim is an elected politician. We talked about his career, how fellow politicians react to him, the result of the American election and how…
As It Is Interview; Guitarist and Vocalist Benjamin Langford-Biss Discusses Band's New Album 'Okay'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Nov 14, 2016
Ben Langford-Biss, guitarist and vocalist of the Fearless Records pop-punk band As It Is, discusses the band's new album Okay, writing and recording, and the theme behind the new record.
Superjoint Interview; Guitarist Jimmy Bower Discusses Selfies, Phil's Secret Instagram Account, Touring and New Album
Comments Artist Chats » by: J. Kevin Lynch on Nov 11, 2016
Superjoint guitarist Jimmy Bower discusses the band's new album Caught Up in the Gears of Application, writing and recording, some of his favorite songs, and the band's touring plans.
Interview with Billy Talent; Guitarist Ian talks about 'Afraid Of Heights', drummer Aaron and a small show opening for Guns 'n' Roses
Comments Artist Chats » by: Marina on Nov 02, 2016
Ahead of their hometown show opening for Guns 'n' Roses, Pure Grain Audio caught up with Ian guitarist for punk rockers Billy Talent to talk about the show and their new album Afraid Of Heights.
Interview with Life of Agony's Alan Robert; Bassist Discusses His New Adult Coloring Book and Forthcoming 2017 Album
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Oct 11, 2016
In this exclusive interview with Life of Agony's Alan Robert, we get Alan to share details on his new adult coloring book The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book and the new Life of Agony album!
Staticland Interview; Jeff Angell Discusses His New Band, Album and Worst Night on Tour
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Oct 06, 2016
In this exclusive interview with Staticland, we managed to get group writer, vocalist and guitarist, Jeff Angell, to share a slew of details about the new recording and his worst night on tour!
The Dead Daisies Interview; Bassist Marco Mendoza on Writing and Recording 'Make Some Noise' and Future Material
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Sep 29, 2016
A discussion with Marco Mendoza, bassist for The Dead Daises, about writing, recording, their new album Make Some Noise and future material!
Interview with Grimner; Vocalists Ted Sjulmark and Marcus Brattberg Discuss Viking Metal, New Album and More!
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Sep 20, 2016
In this interview with Swedish Viking Metal band, Grimner, vocalists Marcus Brattberg and Ted Sjulmark speak about the band’s new album, tour, theatrical shows and more.
Interview with Mauricio Chamucero; The Drummer Extraordinaire on His Beginnings, Current Set-up and Favorite Drummers
Comments Artist Chats » by: Nikos Mixas on Sep 19, 2016
Not yet a household name, we had Mauricio Chamucero answer a few questions for PureGrainAudio’s readers in order to become more familiar with this beast of a drummer!
Interview with The Alien Blakk; Joshua Craig and Johnny Kelly Discuss Their New Album 'Begrudgingly Yours'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Aug 20, 2016
While deeply immersed in the recording process for their upcoming record Begrudgingly Yours, we connected with Joshua Craig and Johnny Kelly about the in depth recording process.
Interview with One Less Reason; Lead Singer Cris Brown Discusses the Band and New Album 'The Memories Uninvited'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 19, 2016
We got some interview time with Cris Brown, founder and lead singer for Memphis, TN modern rock band One Less Reason, and asked about the new music, band's history, tattoos, and much more!
Interview with Prophets of Rage; Bassist Tim Commerford Talks NEW Music, Police Brutality, and "Make America Rage Again" Tour
Comments Artist Chats » by: Graham Finney on Jul 13, 2016
Ahead of their upcoming "Make America Rage Again" North American tour dates, Tim Commerford from Prophets Of Rage took the time to talk about new music, the upcoming Presidential election, your vote and police brutality.
Interview with Perturbator; the Band's Artistic Director and Artist Ariel Zucker-Brull Discusses 'The Uncanny Valley' Cover Arwork
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Jul 11, 2016
Perturbator's artistic director, Ariel Zucker-Brull, discusses the creation of the art for the latest Perturbator album, The Uncanny Valley.
Interview with NAILS; Vocalist and Guitarist Todd Jones on Slayer, Nardcore, Touring and Their "Album of The Year" [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Nikos Mixas on Jun 28, 2016
Southern California-based hardcore metal-punks, NAILS, are killing it! We were recently afforded the opportunity to speak with NAILS vocalist/guitarist, Todd Jones, and found him to be both articulate and a real down-to-Earth person.
Interview with Austin John Winkler; Former Hinder Frontman on His New Musical Direction, 'Love Sick Radio' EP, and Kanye West
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Jun 16, 2016
Former Hinder led singer, Austin John Winkler, speaks about his new solo EP, Love Sick Radio, leaving Hinder, influences behind the new sound, Kanye West and more.
Interview with Surgical Meth Machine; Frontman Al Jourgensen Discusses Medical Marijuana, Ministry and Donald Trump [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Jun 09, 2016
We recently connected with Ministry's Al Jourgensen via phone to discuss his new Nuclear Blast band and album Surgical Meth Machine, medicinal marijuana, politics and of course, Donald Trump.
Interview with Five Alarm Funk; Drummer Tayo Branston on the Band's Upcoming Tour, Pledge Music Campaign, and History
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Jun 07, 2016
We spoke with Tayo Branston, powerhouse drummer of Vancouver, Canada's nine-piece band Five Alarm Funk, regarding their upcoming tour, Pledge Music campaign, and band history.
Interview with Shai Hulud; Guitarist and Founding Member Matt Fox on Touring and His Band's Impact on Hardcore
Comments Artist Chats » by: Lance Marwood on Jun 02, 2016
Lance Marwood arrived early to share some words of wisdom (and general misanthropy) with Matt Fox, Shai Hulud's guitarist, vocalist, and sole remaining founding member.
Quick & Dirty: Interview with MANTAR Frontman Hanno on Guilty Pleasures, Pizza Toppings, AC/DC, Donkeys and Hitler
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on May 13, 2016
Interview with Hanno, frontman for Northern Germany's Black Metal Doom Punks, Mantar, about more or less everything except for their new 10-track Nuclear Blast Records album, Ode To The Flame. #Metal
Interview with Candlebox; Frontman Kevin Martin Discusses New Album 'Disappearing in Airports', Social Media, and Gun Control
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Apr 23, 2016
Interview with Kevin Martin, frontman for Seattle-based rock band Candlebox, wherein he discusses new release Disappearing in Airports, the music industry, the impact of social media, politics and more.
Interview with Angertea; Frontman Gergely Mihaly Discusses New Album 'Snakes in Blossom' and "Aquarium" Music Video
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Apr 09, 2016
We spoke with Angertea vocalist and guitarist Gergely Mihaly about his band's new album Snakes in Blossom and music video for the song "Aquarium".
Interview with Wildways; Vocalist Toli Wild and Guitarist Sergey Novikov Introduce Their Band and Debut Album 'Into The Wild'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Apr 06, 2016
Singer Toli Wild and guitarist Sergey of up-and-coming Artery Recordings act, Wildways, discuss their band's roots and their latest release Into The Wild.
Interview with Another Lost Year; Singer Clinton Cunanan Discusses Baring His Soul on New Album 'Alien Architect'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Apr 04, 2016
Clinton Cunanan, singer/songwriter and frontman of the Charlottte, NC rock band, Another Lost Year, dives into the group's forthcoming album, Alien Architect, due June 10, 2016 via Mirage M’hal Records.
Interview with Snake Eyes Seven; Founding Member and Guitarist Cole "The Madman" Stevens Discusses New Album 'Medicine Man' and More!
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 29, 2016
Scored a chat with Cole "The Madman" Stevens, founding member and guitarist for the Canadian HighVolMusic metal mench, Snake Eyes Seven. Not to mention a premiere of their new video for "Can You Hear Me Calling".
Interview with Emphatic/Through Fire founder; Justin Talks About The Past and The Future of The Band
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Mar 22, 2016
Pure Grain Audio sat down with Through Fire frontman Justin Mccain to talk about the past and the future and why he put Emphatic to rest...
Interview with Heiress; Frontman John Pettibone (ex-Himsa & Undertow) Discusses the Band's New Record 'Made Wrong'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Mar 21, 2016
Former Himsa and Undertow frontman, John Pettibone, discusses his band Heiress' newest release, Made Wrong.
Interview with Mudface; Vocalist Chris Dinsmore and Drummer Tim Davis Talk Writing, Recording, and New Album 'The Bane Of Existence'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 15, 2016
Interview with Bay Area metal band Mudface wherein in lead singer Chris Dinsmore and drummer Tim Davis discuss their forthcoming new album, The Bane Of Existence.
Interview with Drowning Pool; Guitarist CJ Pierce Discusses eOne Entertainment, 20 Year Career, and New Album 'Hellelujah'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Mar 09, 2016
In this chat with CJ Pierce, founding member and guitarist of Dallas-based rock/metal band Drowning Pool, we get his thoughts on the group's twenty year career and sixth album, Hellelujah.