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In this chat with CJ Pierce, founding member and guitarist of Dallas-based rock/metal band Drowning Pool, we get his thoughts on the group's twenty year career and sixth album, Hellelujah.
on Mar 09, 2016
If you know underground hardcore then you probably know former Cro-Mags frontman, Harley Flanagan. We recently asked Flanagan about his new album Cro-Mags, legal troubles, and his writing/recording process.
on Mar 08, 2016
From their new album For All Kings, to their 35 year anniversary, to the passion that fuels this legendary thrash metal band, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello shares his excitement for what's ahead.
on Mar 07, 2016
Interview with Nick Wiley, guitarist of Asheboro, NC three piece, Kindler. Wiley was kind enough to talk about his band, and their forthcoming debut full-length, Cosmic Revelations, out March 11th, 2016.
on Feb 29, 2016
To help support his new record Blank Check, Volume I, we spoke to metal/hip hop artist Bizzythowed about his new record and musical career.
on Feb 17, 2016
We caught up with Twitching Tongues vocalist Colin Young on the last date of their tour with Terror and Wisdom In Chains. Check out his thoughts on horror movies, FSU, and people who think the earth is flat.
on Feb 09, 2016
Patrick Walford is a young Canadian radio host, journalist, TV personality and technical producer who answered questions via email about his crazy life and how it has all come about.
on Jan 24, 2016
Mark "Coopa", lead vocalist and guitarist for melodic hard rock quartet Sygnal To Noise, answered questions via email and shed light on him, his band, and their newest album, Under Construction.
on Dec 23, 2015
HUDSON are a quartet that offer up some dirty, bluesy, swagger-infused rock and roll that's as artistically crafted as it is addictive. Guitarist and producer Chris Llewellyn helped us to better understand this talented group and their music.
on Dec 19, 2015
We chatted with Bay Area punk/rock quartet SWMRS about their experience touring with Rise Against, Star Wars, causes that are close to their hearts, and their reasons for changing the name of the band.
on Dec 18, 2015
Recently we grabbed some time with Robby Staebler, drummer for the Nashville-based delta-psych quartet, All Them Witches, to chat about the band and their music.
on Dec 07, 2015
We caught up with guitarist Trevor Phillips to better acquaint ourselves with the down-tempo, super heavy hardcore on the new album, The New World Order, from Houston, TX's Feign!
on Dec 04, 2015
We spoke with Matt Ryan Tobin, former Dead and Divine vocalist and mastermind of new Canadian metal band Ritual, who released their debut self-titled album on November 18, 2015.
on Nov 25, 2015
We caught up via email with Simon Grenehed, guitarist of the Stockholm, Sweden-based post-hardcore quartet Blindside, to discuss the group and their music.
on Nov 23, 2015
We recently spoke with Josh Brown, lead singer of the eOne Music-signed rockers Full Devil Jacket, about music, life, faith, art and the reformation of the band.
on Nov 22, 2015
After stepping down as Sleeping With Sirens' rhythm guitar player, Jesse Lawson has embarked on a new musical journey.
on Nov 19, 2015
As Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley details in this interview, the band's progression hasn't been without learning opportunities, hiccups and a shit-ton of rookie mistakes.
on Nov 18, 2015
For over 30 years, bassist Stu Hamm has played with some of music's most respected musicians on stages all over the world, and may well be the most famous bass player you've never heard of.
on Nov 16, 2015
Despite it’s still fledgling existence When Planets Collide is quickly become a go to label for all things Sludge, Doom and Stoner. Pure Grain Audio sits down with label founder Gareth Kelly to find out a little more.
on Nov 15, 2015
Ahead of the Roots Of Thrash Tour II, PureGrainAudio chatted to thrash legend Chuck Billy from Testament about a range of topics from the upcoming tour to his new Herbal Vaporizer.
on Nov 15, 2015


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