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When talking with Randy and Jason Sklar by phone, music was a constant topic being referenced. We also covered their comedic documentary Poop Talk and forthcoming audiobook for Audible, Sklars & Stripes.
on Apr 09, 2018
With their sophomore album It’s Hard to Have Hope due out May 25th via Translation Loss, Holy Roar, and Tokyo Jupiter, it was high time we caught up with Bristol, UK heavies Svalbard.
on Apr 06, 2018
We had the incredible opportunity to catch up with Biffy Byford, lead singer of the British metal legends, Saxon, to chat about one of the group’s strongest albums to date, Thunderbolt, Priest, Killswitch and so much more!
on Apr 05, 2018
After many years of hustling, 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for Ohio-based rock artist Mick Blankenship. We spoke with the musician about his new album Crown of Apathy, free time, and working with Disturbed’s John Moyer.
on Apr 04, 2018
We chatted with August Burns Red lead guitarist JB Brubaker about their newest Fearless Records release, Phantom Anthem, heaviness, resolutions and Between the Buried and Me.
on Mar 30, 2018
Chillicothe, MO-based quintet From Myth & Legend are going to be on a lot of radars this year. Find out why and check out a premiere of the “The 4th Wave” video from their upcoming sophomore EP, Millennials.
on Mar 29, 2018
We had a lovely chat with Helena Cos of the Spider Rockets about the band’s new album Along Came A Spider, guinea pigs, cooking and much more.
on Mar 27, 2018
Formally known as Christoper Weins, Edmonton, Alberta-born artist Ironic recently shared with PureGrainAudio his interesting story.
on Mar 24, 2018
Press To MECO have been blazing an alt-rock trail since 2016, and now look set to legitimise their “one to watch” status with the release of supercharged sophomore effort Here’s To The Fatigue via Marshall Records.
on Mar 20, 2018
Dude, check this interview with Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, creators of Adult Swim’s animated series, Mr. Pickles, about the show, season 3, and “Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular Tour” with Exodus and Municipal Waste.
on Mar 17, 2018
PureGrainAudio was fortunate enough to catch up with Cavalera about touring Point Blank almost twenty-five years after its release, the future of Soulfly, opening for the Ramones and the future of METAL!
on Mar 15, 2018
Aussie rockers The Lazys dropped their first major release, Tropical Hazards, last month and we discussed moving to Canada, Canadian radio, issues of indigenous women, frog hunting, upcoming tours and more.
on Mar 14, 2018
Jimmy O. Yang may be best known for playing “Jian Yang” on the HBO hit Silicon Valley, but there is A LOT more to the this Angeles-based entertainer.
on Mar 12, 2018
We spoke with Impact World Champion and “Food Fight” Author Austin Aries about music, veganism, and much more.
on Mar 07, 2018
We spoke with Hinder drummer Cody Hanson about hard partying, memorable tours, and the band’s latest release for The End Records, The Reign.
on Mar 06, 2018
Death metal legend Karl Sanders chats about touring, guitars, his trip to Egypt, the Nader Sadek single, and new Nile album.
on Mar 05, 2018
Fu Manchu frontman Scott Hill took some time to chat about the new album, sharing some insights on the new material; what it was like working with Alex Lifeson, living under the moniker of stoner rock, creating riffs and repossessing cars.
on Mar 02, 2018
Last year, Shep Gordon was honored at the 13th Annual Hamptons Happening in New York, as benefiting the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. In advance, Gordon answered a few questions via e-mail.
on Feb 27, 2018
"We feel that this bill really portrays the past, present, and future in hardcore music, and I think it has a lot to offer for anyone coming to the show."
on Feb 26, 2018
To learn more about Quiet Riot's recent Frontiers Records-released studio effort Road Rage (among other things), we spoke with drummer Frankie Banali and vocalist James Durbin!
on Feb 24, 2018


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