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Not too long ago, PureGrainAudio sat down and spoke with Clutch bassist Dan Maines about festivals, sci-fi and what's happening next for the riff merchants.
on Nov 14, 2015
Check out this interview with Basick Records and St. Louis, Missouri-based metallers A Dark Orbit. PLUS, the premiere of the band's new cut "Alter", taken from the forthcoming album , Inverted.
on Nov 12, 2015
With themes of political and social dissatisfaction, we caught up with Jon Landry, frontman for the Nova Scotia rockers The Stanfields, to learn more about the new album Modem Operandi.
on Nov 10, 2015
Fresh off a tour with Trapt‬ and ‪First Decree‬, we caught up Ryan Ray, lead singer and guitarist for the Dallas, Texas-based quartet Adakain, to learn more about this potent group!
on Nov 06, 2015
To better acquaint ourselves with Lehigh Valley, PA-based progressive metal band Next To None, a talented group whose future looks super-bright, we spoke with drummer Max Portnoy.
on Oct 05, 2015
We spoke with vocalist Michael Swank, vocalist for Houston, TX Artery/Razor & Tie rock band Myka Relocate, about writing, recording and much more.
on Oct 04, 2015
To help support the new album, Uglier Than They Used Ta Be, we spoke to Ugly Kid Joe guitarist Klaus Eichstadt about the group's new incarnation and music.
on Sep 29, 2015
Read our interview with Television Rd; singer Sara "Sticky Sweet" Ostrowska and keyboardist Daniel Collins get weird... and give us insight into their band of rockers.
on Sep 28, 2015
To help support the release of Origins, we chatted with drummer Justin Little and guitarist Alex Cabrera of the Atlanta, Georgia-based hard rock quartet Bridge To Grace.
on Aug 26, 2015
Slaves Beyond Death, is an expansion of previous works which heralds lengthier songs, more dynamic song structures, varied tempos and a springboard into a new deep end by vocalist Neil McAdams.
on Aug 16, 2015
We caught up with First Decree drummer Zachary Lopez-Smith who helped us get to know the band, and their forthcoming album This Is Our Rise.
on Aug 13, 2015
We caught up with Bryan Richie, bassist for the Austin, Texas hard rockers, The Sword, to discuss, in detail, the awesomeness that is their new album, High Country.
on Aug 06, 2015
McClinton have been on the road virtually nonstop since April, supporting their second full-length release, Final Closure.
on Jul 28, 2015
Still supporting their most recent album, Battlefields Forever, we recently spoke with Big Business bassist and vocalist Jared Warren.
on Jul 14, 2015
We nabbed some time with Aaron Akin, frontman for the St. Louis, Missouri metal quartet Black Fast, to learn about them and their Erik Rutan-produced eOne Music debut, Terms of Surrender.
on Jul 13, 2015
Yellowcard frontman, Ryan Key, chats about everything from the band's success previously supporting Less Than Jake, his ventures outside Yellowcard, and his true love of Star Wars.
on Jul 12, 2015
We recently spoke with Dylan Rose, frontman for the Santa Cruz, CA-based hard rock/metal trio Archer, about his band and forthcoming album Culling The Weak.
on Jul 09, 2015
We recently spoke with CJ Krukowski, drummer of the independent, Scranton, Pennsylvania-based groove metal quintet Threatpoint, to learn more about this formidable metal act.
on Jul 07, 2015
We caught up with Taylor Muse, lead singer of Austin, TX-based indie rock band, Quiet Company, to discuss his group's latest release, Transgressor, and return to their rock roots.
on Jul 06, 2015
We recently spoke with Matt Wallace, a super-talented audio engineer and producer who, with Bill Gould, co-mixed the latest Faith No More album, Sol Invictus.
on Jul 01, 2015


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