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All the way from London, England comes the power/epic metal band Dragonforce. These guys have been around now since about 1999 and have been tearing up the metal scene for a few years now.
on Dec 13, 2006
This exclusive PGA interview with Trustkill’s Roses are Red marks the first time ever that the band’s newest member, Tom Zenns (guitars), has been interviewed. They have just released their second album What Became of Me, and recently opened live for Bullet for my Valentine on the Trustkill Takeover Tour. Roses are Red also have a couple of U.S. gigs lined up for December 2006. In the following interview Tom discusses…
on Dec 06, 2006
One of the most original band names you’ll probably ever hear is the name Dry Kill Logic. Named after, of all things, an effects processor, Dry Kill Logic is a hardcore and metal band from New York City who has existed now in some shape for close to ten years. The group has undergone a couple of lineup changes along the way, but the recent release of the band’s new record Of Vengeance and Violence has seen Dry Kill Logic take their sound…
on Nov 27, 2006
One of the few survivors of the nu metal, rap/rock movement of the turn of the century is California’s own Papa Roach. At a time, the band was one of the most popular groups in rock and metal music thanks to their smash hit album Infest and song “Last Resort.” Even though that movement has long passed, P. Roach is still a popular band with a huge following of fans that have witnessed the group morph from their rapping days to now…
on Nov 17, 2006
We caught up with AFI bassist, Hunter Burgan, in early May to discuss Decemberunderground and all that it encompasses.
on Nov 10, 2006
One of the fastest growing metal bands in all of the United States is Mastodon. Mastodon is a group of four guys who play some very hard progressive heavy metal. The band has just recently released their brand new album titled Blood Mountain which has been receiving rave reviews for its cool concept of conquering and surpassing obstacles. In its seven year existence, Mastodon has become known as a working class band, playing hundreds of shows every year and touring almost non-stop, bringing their music to people all across the world. Recently, we caught up with Mastodon's lead singer and guitarist, Brent Hinds, to talk about the new record and how the band formed, among other things.
on Oct 30, 2006
When a band’s members come from big-name groups like Blink-182, The Offspring, Boxcar Racer, and The Distillers, two things can happen: 1. They will use their collective skills to produce amazing music, wowing fans all over the world, or 2. They will rely on their reputations and past successes in order to maintain their fame. Luckily for fans of Angels & Airwaves, this particular band falls into the first category. Frontman Tom DeLonge…
on Oct 23, 2006
From the southern sunshine of North Carolina comes the rock group known as Crossfade. In their brief history, Crossfade have endured much adversity, including a lengthy delay in the release of their debut album and a member leaving the group, but the band is back and tighter than ever with a new record called Falling Away. Since its recent release, Falling Away has been performing incredibly well for the group, continuing the…
on Oct 14, 2006
Following in the footsteps of bands such as Audioslave and Velvet Revolver comes alternative rock's next supergroup, Army of Anyone. Army of Anyone is composed of former Filter leader Richard Patrick along with Dean and Robert DeLeo from one of the ‘90s most prominent rock groups, Stone Temple Pilots. The new band is rounded out by drummer Ray Luzier, a castoff from former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth’s band. Army of Anyone…
on Oct 06, 2006
Rather than stumble in the face of adversity after the departure of their lead singer, Mushroomhead are back and armed with a new album and a new co-vocalist. In the last few years the band’s popularity has soared to the point where they are now producing gold records and playing to thousands of people a night. The group's newest record is titled Savior Sorrow and features the debut of new Mushroomhead lead vocalist…
on Sep 27, 2006
While Kentucky might mostly be known for its derbies and fried chicken, it’s also quite a breeding ground for new music and new bands such as the group known as Black Stone Cherry.
on Sep 18, 2006
“We love being out on the road, we love playing shows every night and making friends with outer bands.” These are the words of Seth Davin, guitarist with Octone recording artist Dropping Daylight. The band is in the middle of the Vans Warped Tour supporting their debut release Brace Yourself. The record, which has only been out for a few weeks is being received by the crowds and the band is enjoying their time on the road…
on Sep 15, 2006
From straight out of the deep south of the United States comes the no nonsense rock band known as Hinder. These guys have been making major strides towards stardom ever since they jumped on the scene with their hit single "Get Stoned" last year. The guys have also more recently enjoyed another hit with the ballad "Lips of an Angel." The band has been touring like crazy over the last year, playing shows with the likes of Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, and Buckcherry. Fortunately enough for PGA, we were able to score an interview with this up and coming band.
on Sep 11, 2006
After years of struggle and hard work, the Burlington, Ontario rock band known as the Idle Sons are finally starting to make a dent in Canada’s new rock scene. Despite the fact that the band has been together for a decade now, they are just starting to now receive mainstream recognition, largely thanks to their major label debut album Sixteen Seasons. The disc was produced by none other than Garth Richardson (a.k.a. GGGarth) who…
on Aug 17, 2006
Okay, so it’s safe to assume that if you’ve ever been a fan of metal, you’ve heard of Ministry. I mean this group has been around for over 25 years and is still going strong; a track record that very few bands boast. Headed by frontman and all around musical genius Al Jorgensen, Ministry has now found itself with its most appealing and strongest lineup ever. Filling...
on Aug 11, 2006
Gore, gore, gore! What fan of gore can’t help but think about Cannibal Corpse? They are the top band of the death metal elite for almost 20 years running now. To those that have never read an interview with the band before, you would think that meeting these guys would be intimidating to say the least. Maybe you could be the next subject matter for three minutes on the next album. But in actuality, these guys are some of the…
on Aug 05, 2006
Ok, here is a group that came out of nowhere and quickly became something huge. 10 Years came together as recently as 1999 and in the short time span since their initial formation have steamrolled their music to ridiculous heights. Speaking of which, the band just came of a North American tour where they shared the stage with none other rock/metal giants Mudvayne and Korn. Yes, things are looking freaking good for this group…
on Jul 30, 2006
Ever heard the name Kenny Bridges? No? How about Peter Krpan, Erik Hughes, or Hippy Hughes? Still nothing? Well, know them. And know them well, because these four seemingly average guys are Moneen, and they’re taking the musical world by storm. Armed with an amazing show, catchy tunes, and a sense of humour, they’re changing the world, one note at a time.
on Jul 26, 2006
You would think that nervous feeling in your gut would go away after doing this job a few times. But when you start off a day rough, with plans spiraling downwards, are almost denied entry to get to the interview and getting into the show itself, and top it off are interviewing none other than Lamb of God... how can’t you be at least a little bit nervous? Everything always works out in the end though, and right on schedule I was in the tour bus with my question sheet in hand. And yet again, after about less than a minute of talking to bassist John Campbell, I realized I was in the clear. He’s just yet another chill dude who loves to make music. Once that realization sets in, an interview is nothing. So what did John and I talk about on that day once upon an Unholy Alliance?
on Jul 20, 2006
Ah, Orange County. Home of surf, sand, bikinis, and... Thrice? I was a little shocked by that, I must admit, and when I was given the heads-up about this interview, I really didn’t know what to expect.
on Jul 16, 2006


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