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While you might think rickets is a medical term used to describe a child with a bulky head, it’s also a hard rock band. Rikets is a six-piece band originating from Cleveland, Ohio who is quickly gathering lots of attention in the hard rock community. The group’s debut EP Anything For the Devil has been receiving much praise since its release last year and the band has been hard at work promoting the disc for months now.
on May 03, 2006
There is nothing at all hasty with Haste The Day's brand of metal/hardcore/screamo influenced tunage.
on Apr 29, 2006
Remember the days of down and dirty, rebellious, hard hitting punk rock? Probably not since most of you likely aren’t old enough to remember the days of the Sex Pistols and their raw and sometimes violent redefinition of rock and roll in the late 1970s. A band that has resurrected some of that Pistols’ rawness and attitude in 2006 is the aptly named London band, The Towers of London.
on Apr 25, 2006
Picture it... Outside the Opera House on Queen Street in Downtown Toronto, there is a white van parked off to the side of the building. Inside this van sits two unsuspecting members of a hardcore band out of Tucson, AZ. The band? The Bled. The members? Bassist Darren Simoes and guitarist Jeremy Talley. What happened in the backseat of this van? A sweet interview...
on Apr 20, 2006
Another Silverstein interview? What? No, no it’s not. I mean, yes, it’s with Shane Told, and yes, he’s the frontman for Silverstein... but if you think that’s all this guy has to offer, you’re sadly mistaken. In addition to putting out albums and touring the world, Shane has also found the time to start up his own label, Verona Records. Yeah, exactly. You’re probably wondering the same...
on Apr 13, 2006
I’d be a liar if I said I was a diehard Hostage Life fan before ever doing this interview. In fact... I’m not positive I’d ever even heard of them. In any case, they put on a wicked show, and I must say... I’m hooked. Over the past four years, Hostage Life – whose members all come from five former Toronto-based bands – have made quite a name for themselves. After sitting...
on Apr 12, 2006
The day was March 5th, 2006, and I was in downtown Toronto at The Phoenix concert theatre just getting geared up to watch a pile of totally sick bands rock the hell out of the mid-size venue. After a few quick phone calls and a mini walk to the back side of the concert hall, I finally found the tour buses, tour managers, and more importantly Bleeding Through frontman...
on Apr 08, 2006
Okay, so to say that 2005 was a good year for Buffalo, New York natives Every Time I Die would be a serious understatement. The fact of the matter is that during the past year this quintet of solid musicians has seen more madness then they might have even wanted. In the short time since their last record (a 2003 Ferret Music release entitled Hot Damn!) ETID have become...
on Mar 31, 2006
Dog Fashion Disco’s latest album Adultery, will be released on April 4, 2006 (see review in review section for more details). After their CD release party on March 31st they will begin a U.S. tour that will last for over two months. In the following interview with frontman Todd Smith, Dog Fashion Disco’s music, Adultery, and future plans are discussed.
on Mar 27, 2006
Having been together for just about five years now, these Reno, Nevada natives have already released two discs and are blowing away as many clubs and various venues as they possibly can. Although marred, by a recent line-up change, their bass player left for various reasons, these hard-working young lads are continuing to plough ahead full steam. Their latest release...
on Mar 23, 2006
Toronto, and southern Ontario in general, has become a virtual breeding ground for bands. Back in December, I hit the Underground Operations show and was amazed to find that every band playing was from the GTA.
on Mar 19, 2006
Somewhere at 1 PM. Actually, by somewhere I mean the Rivoli on Queen Street. We’re in the back of the bar, where the bands go on stage, amongst stacked tables and chairs. Fluorescent lights flood the room and the environment is nothing like what it will be later tonight, when the lights go down and another band takes the stage. Charlotte is off somewhere else, and I...
on Mar 15, 2006
Folly are currently on tour throughout the U.S. Their latest album Resist Convenience is a twelve song energetic work of Ska, Punk, and Hardcore. The band also has another album under their belt and with this tour they are hoping to make some more noise on the scene. Here, in their own words, Folly talks about touring, their music, and band chemistry.
on Mar 12, 2006
"SUMMERHERO" what can I say? Other than that, I believe that they will live up to their name. This band from Oshawa, Ontario has just been recently signed to Blackbox Recordings and will soon be releasing their debut album, which they finished recording earlier this week! I managed to set up my first ever interview with this awesome band and needless to say...
on Mar 08, 2006
Let's just say that at the very least, 2005 was an extremely eventful and busy year for Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman. After releasing their sophomore album Gasoline, it was pretty much non-stop touring for the band, with no signs of slowing down in the near future. As it turns out, a tour bus can be every bit as noisy and chaotic as people make it out to be, and because of that, it's not always the ideal place for an interview. Nevertheless, Theory bassist Dean Back and I managed to make the best of the situation at hand. We talked for a brief while before the guys had to go and woo the massive crowd of crazy fans and this is what we discussed.
on Feb 28, 2006
Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, The Junction consists of Brent Jackson (guitar/vocals), Matt Jameson (bass), and Mike Taylor (drums). The band’s name represents the idea of there being a place (or should I say, a “junction”) where different aspects of all genres of music connect to make one beautifully unique sound. And that’s exactly what this band does. I sat down...
on Feb 24, 2006
2006 is a huge year for Silverstein. They wrapped up a European tour with Simple Plan in February, then they were off on the Take Action! tour, and now, Taste of Chaos. On top of that, they just released their new video for “Discover the Waterfront”, the title track off their latest album, and they’re nominated for Best New Group for the Juno awards! Needless to say, lead singer Shane Told is constantly on the move, but he managed to spare a few minutes to sit down with me and chat before taking to the stage (with The Junction and Dear Jane, I...) at the Mod Club in Toronto on February 18, 2006.
on Feb 18, 2006
Hailing from South Wales in the United Kingdom, Skindred is slowly infecting the musical minds of thousands of people around the globe. This quartet of talented musicians is quite unique and their bombastic mix of Ragga Metal which even at times possesses elements of Punk, Dancehall, and Drum and Bass is immensely addictive. Needless to say this band’s innovative...
on Feb 15, 2006
Having come together in Burlington in 2000, the guys from Silverstein have made quite a name for themselves. After just six years, these guys are already known around the world! 2005 was a huge year for them, but 2006 promises to be even better. Absolute madness I say! The band’s latest release, Discover the Waterfront, has been a huge success since its release last August, and the album tour has sold out shows all over the world. And the touring hasn’t stopped yet; not by a long shot. The band is currently winding up the tail end of a European tour with Simple Plan, and will be touring all over Canada and the USA until mid-April. I caught up with Paul (drums) and Shane (vocals) on the set of their newest video, the title track off the album, "Discover the Waterfront."
on Feb 09, 2006
If you’ve not yet heard of Scandinavian Death Metalers Amon Amarth, then you are truly missing out on some damn good shit. In a day and age when music, no matter what genre, sort of begins to meld together, this “huge” quintet (these guys are literally big) is tearing up the world of “loud music” with their standalone Viking and Norse Mythology infused brand of Death Metal.
on Jan 31, 2006


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