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Shai Hulud guitarist Matthew Fox has been busy touring in support of the band's latest album, Misanthropy Pure. Recently I hung out with him in Oshawa, Ontario picking his brain about the Ibanez Tube Screamer. Read on to find out why Matt has depended on his Tube Screamer for about 10 years.
on Jul 23, 2011
Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Rodrigo Hidalgo, guitarist for the Brazilian progressive metal band, MindFlow. The group has toured the world and has released four full-length albums, including their newest, With Bare Hands. Here's what Hidalgo had to say about the equipment he uses to gain his signature sound.
on Jul 20, 2011
If you're in the Montreal metal scene, or at least most places in Eastern Canada, you've probably met or are friends with "Big James" Arsenian of Endast. Though most people may think that vocalists may not have an in-depth opinion of the gear they use, James had some interesting things to tell us about his Shure 55SH Series II microphone. Check it out!
on Jul 14, 2011
Guitarist Jaeson Bardoni has been super-busy touring in support of the latest Arsonists Get All The Girls album Motherland. Recently I hung out with him in Oshawa, Ontario and asked about his Framus Cobra Head. Read on to find out why Jaeson loves this piece of gear and how it helps create the band's sound.
on Jul 12, 2011
I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ben Jaeger, guitarist and singer with the Wisconsin based rock band Sunspot. The group definitely has a unique sound that I feel sets them apart from others in the genre and Jaeger was more than happy to speak with me about how he achieves it. Here is what he had to say about his Fender Toronado with P-90 pickups.
on Jul 07, 2011
I recently caught up with Anders Johansson, drummer of the Swedish power metal band Fullforce to discuss his favorite piece of gear. I feel the band has a unique ability to create fantastic, complex melodies along with really good, high-energy melodic metal that is worth checking out. Here's what Johansson had to say about his Tama Starphonic snare drum.
on Jul 05, 2011
Die Pretty lead vocalist and bassist Sarah Orloff is an up and coming rockstar from New York. Pulling double duty in a band, she needs a trustworthy bass so she can concentrate on her singing. Read on to see why the Fender Precision Lyte bass guitar is Sarah Orloff's top choice.
on Jun 23, 2011
August Burns Red are getting ready to release their fourth studio album Leveler on SolidState Records. Having such great music and a steller live performance, guitarist Brent Rambler needs an amp head that can deliver the right sound and not break down during an intense performance. Read on as to why the Peavey 5150 Amp Head is the right piece of equipment for Brent and his killer riffs and breakdowns.
on Jun 21, 2011
I recently spoke with guitarist Christian Carlsson of the Swedish stoner metal band The Quill about the gear he uses to obtain his bone-crushing guitar sound. The band plays a type of metal that is slow-burning, super-gloomy, and heavy-as-hell. Here's what Carlsson had to say about his 1977 Gibson Les Paul custom.
on Jun 14, 2011
Secrettes is making a name for themselves in the Toronto music scene and have just released their self-titled debut EP. Tickling the ivories, for lack of a better phrase, is Dan Miller aka "Wolf". Wolf recently took sometime to tell us, and you, all about his Roland JP-8000. Check out what he thinks of this crazy music box and why he uses it!
on Jun 13, 2011
Anthony Sestito has been performing and helping to record local acts in and around Toronto and the GTA for a while now. With his knowledge of the local scene and experience as a performance artist, he's assisted these locals to achieve success around in our surrounding area. Scroll down to check out what Anthony has to say about his favourite gear.
on Jun 11, 2011
Sal Abruscato is a busy man. Not only was he a co-founder of Type O Negative and the drummer for Life Agony, but he's also now the lead vocalist and guitarist for his new metal outfit, A Pale Horse Named Death. I recently caught up with Sal to discuss the key gear he uses to obtain his killer guitar sounds. Here's how the conversation went and why Sal loves Orange Amps.
on Jun 09, 2011
I recently had the opportunity to speak with Eric Hersemann, guitarist and bassist for the death metal band Gigan. These guys play an extremely technical at times avant-garde type of death metal that really packs a punch. Here's what Hersemann had to say about the gear he uses to obtain his signature sound.
on Jun 08, 2011
Kenny Coull is a founding member of Ontario Deathcore band In The Act Of Violence. Having to differentiate their sound from other bands a unique sound is a must have. Read the review for insight of how this pedal does just that.
on May 20, 2011
Rodrigo Wilde has been stirring up a storm in Toronto, Ontario and will soon be hitting the road. Currently in the studio recording their debut single, "Blazing", Mario Anzola talks about the Fender Stratocaster axe he wields to help get the dancey tunes going.
on May 17, 2011
Montreal's hot, new rock band, Endeavors, is currently building their fanbase with their sick, heavy riffs. Providing half the riffs for the band is guitarist Chris Adolph. Check out what Chris has to say about his Gibson Les Paul, what makes it his key piece of gear and see who signed the headstock!
on May 10, 2011
Tommy Giles Rogers has been very busy. He just released his solo album Pulse and his other band, Between The Buried And Me, also just released an EP titled The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues. To make such diverse music Tommy needs a dependable keyboard that is simple, yet can produce different sounds. Read on to find out why the Korg M50 is Tommy's choice piece of gear for both Between The Buried and Me and his solo project.
on May 09, 2011
For years now the industrial metal act Klank has been pounding out molten metal and deeply infectious grooves. Their music splices the mosh pit with the dance hall and really packs a punch. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with drummer Eric Wilkins to discuss the gear he uses to obtain and maintain the grooving beat that is the backbone of the band's sound.
on May 05, 2011
Luc Hess has been drumming in The Ocean for a short time now. Recently I got the chance to sit down with him in Toronto and ask about his Meinl Byzance traditional ride cymbal. Luc unfortunately wasn't able to bring this cymbal overseas, but he did tell us about this wonder baby of his. Read on to find out how Luc is able to use this cymbal to create the sounds heard on The Ocean's work.
on May 03, 2011
As the originators of guitarcore, it's no surprise that LoNero take their guitar sounds and tones seriously. The band has been hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on their newest release J.F.L. which is due in stores on May 24th. Recently we were able to catch up with lead guitarist Bill Lonero recently to ask him some questions about his equipment and the gear behind his signature sound.
on May 02, 2011


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