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Guitarist and vocalist Masaki Murashita of the Arizona based metal band Hemoptysis spoke with me recently about that one piece of gear he uses to obtain his signature sound. Hemoptysis has been creating quite a buzz in the business as of late, based mostly on their hard work ethic and monster metal sound. Here's what Masaki had to say about his favorite piece of gear - his Providence cables.
on Apr 26, 2011
Job For A Cowboy have been dominating the deathmetal/core scene for the past few years, during which they've been on some of the biggest tours imaginable, playing in support of their album Ruination (which reached number 42 on The Billboard 200 chart). Also, they just recorded their newest EP Gloom on which drummer Jon "The Charn" Rice had to ensure he had the perfect gear to get that "right" sound. Read on to find out why the Yamaha Mike Bordin Signature Snare Drum is Jon's go-to piece of gear.
on Apr 25, 2011
Since 1989 the Swedish death metal band Vomitory has been punishing their listeners with a vicious and brutal metallic assault. In order to obtain the bands trademark sound drummer Tobias Gustafsson uses a Pearl Free Floating Brass 5”x14" snare drum. Here's what Gustafsson had to say about his special piece of gear.
on Apr 23, 2011
Nixon Cutz is the sole guitarist for rock band Mary And The Black Lamb. As such, he's had to make sure he always uses the right guitar in order to create a strong, sharp and rich sound. Read this gear review to see why the Epiphone Guitar cried out to him as the one to get the job done.
on Apr 14, 2011
Sean Mackin, violinist and vocalist for the pop punk/alternative rock band Yellowcard, recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for PureGrainAudio about his favorite piece of gear, his violin. Whether on tour or in the studio, this is the gear that helps Sean obtain that sweet, Yellowcard sound.
on Apr 05, 2011
Friends With The Enemy guitarist Stu Petrie is a hard-working Australian axeman known for his sweet punk rock licks. As a punk musician, Stu strives for that perfection of distorted and clear sound. Read on to see why he the 120 Watt Peavey JSX amp head is what he needs to get the job done.
on Apr 02, 2011
The beats provided by Jean-Jacques Tartaglia, aka JJ, have been a major part in providing a distinguishable sound for the hip hop-tinged metal act, Final Trigger. JJ recently took the time to talk about his favourite piece of gear, his Ahead TC drumsticks. Check it out!
on Mar 29, 2011
If you're looking for a hardcore band with poppy choruses and super-heavy riffs, look no further than Dancing With Paris. The band achieves their heavy tones with the help of some 8-string guitars; check out what guitarist Andrew Wilson had to say about his Ibanez RG2228 Prestige 8-String axe.
on Mar 28, 2011
Randell Stringer's band King Cobra are calling it quits, but they're going out with a band, playing Barrie, ON one last time. To aid with this show, the string section are going to be using their Emperor Guitar Cabs to blow the roof of the poor venue. Read on to find out how this cab will accomplish King Cobra's aforementioned sound goal.
on Mar 25, 2011
Guitarist and producer Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal spoke with me recently about that one piece of gear he uses to obtain his signature sound. Ron is a very versatile musician and the list of people he's played with reads like a veritable who’s who in the rock/metal world. As the current guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and his solo project, Bumblefoot, Ron relies on his gear to get the job done. Here's what he had to say about his Vigier Fretless guitar.
on Mar 23, 2011
Canadian rockers, Inner City Elegance, are beginning to make a name for themselves throughout the industry. Providing the bass lines for these up-and-comers is Justin Parsons and his Fender Jazz Bass. Check out what he thinks of his weapon of choice in the gear review below.
on Mar 22, 2011
Mike Marsh brings the 'rock' for the Canadian alternative rock band Isle Of Thieves. As a lead guitarist he needs to make sure the guitar is easy to play so he can jump around and also sound great. Read the review on why his Les Paul Studio is that right six string. "He needs 6 good strings to carry his sound, down the isle of the venue!"
on Mar 21, 2011
Jeannie Saiz, guitarist and vocalist for the stoner/sludge metal band Shroud Eater, chatted with me recently about that one piece of gear she relies on to obtain the band's trademark raw, fuzzy sound. Here's what she had to say about her Ampeg V4.
on Mar 20, 2011
Christian Donaldson is known both as a producer or musician throughout the metal scene. As a musician, he loves his guitar riffs heavy as f*ck, but how do you achieve such a sound? Check out Christian's review of his custom Guerilla Guitar.
on Mar 18, 2011
Though Ivy Vujic is not an original member, since 2007 she's been providing the bass lines for Canadian heavy metal act, Kittie. According to Ivy, she has her Warwick Corvette $$ to thank for her sound. Check out her review of the bass guitar below and if you haven't already, check out this all female quartet.
on Mar 17, 2011
"Diamond" Jim Greer is no stranger to the recording studio. As part of the Rondo Brothers duo, he's been involved with over 70 records to date. He was the lead writer on Galactic's "Heart of Steel", sung by Irma Thomas and listed by NY Times' as one of the "Top Ten Songs of 2010". Other notable projects to which he has contributed include: Yoko Ono, Tipsy, Dr. Octagon, New York Dolls, and more. With this much experience it goes without saying that Jim would have certain gear to help him achieve his trademark sound.
on Mar 15, 2011


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