ALL Geared Up

We connected with Jeffrey Daniels, guitarist for the Philadelphia, PA Grind/Punk/Metal trio, Die Choking, in order to better understand the sound on their The Compound Records full-length affair, III.
on Dec 08, 2015
We connected with Collin Townsend, guitarist for Metal Blade Records' Daytona Beach, FL-based 5-piece metal band, Culture Killer, who told us about that 1 piece of key gear he uses.
on Nov 30, 2015
Matt Brocking, bassist for the Raleigh, NC melodic death metal fivesome, Necrocosm, helped us to better understand some of the gear used on the band's 10-track debut album, Damnation Doctrine.
on Nov 27, 2015
ORCumentary, which is a solo project of Orc Adams, recently released the album Destroy the Dwarves via Orc Rock Records. Check out Adams' Roland Juno GI synthesizer!
on Nov 09, 2015
Recently Jon Howell, guitarist for the San Francisco, CA-based band Kowloon Walled City, shared with us some of the gear he uses in order to help create the band's unique sounds.
on Oct 26, 2015
We caught up with Nicolas Delestrade, bassist for the French modern progressive metal quintet, Novelists, to understand some of the key gear used in the new album, Souvenirs.
on Oct 22, 2015
We chatted with Canyon Gargon, lead guitarist for the pop-punk group Post Season, about some of his key gear.
on Oct 01, 2015
We chatted with bassist Tim Ångström of the Swedish fuzz rock/doom band, Skraeckoedlan, about the gear he used to get his sound on the album Sagor.
on Sep 26, 2015
We spoke with Jamie King, guitarist of Kentucky rockers XXI, about some of the gear he uses (including guitar, pickups, pedals and more) to help lead the band's new sound.
on Sep 14, 2015
We spoke with Branden Kreider (guitar, vox) and Garrett Russell (bass) of From Ashes to New about some of the key gear that helps them hone in on their unique sound.
on Sep 06, 2015
Long Beach, CA-based alternative rock/metal fivesome, Sunflower Dead, recently released their blasting new song "Dance With Death." We gabbed abotu gear with lead singer Michael Del Pizzo.
on Sep 04, 2015
Such A Mess is set to release their forthcoming 7" split with Post Season, Greetings From, so we chatted with guitarists Mark Reynolds and Dave Solis about gear!
on Aug 18, 2015
We checked in with SOS frontman Mike SOS to chat a bit about gear. Here's what he had to say about his Sovtek MIG 100 Tube guitar head.
on Aug 01, 2015
We caught up with Adam Waito, bassist and vocalist for the Montreal, Canada punk/garage rock trio, Nancy Pants, to talk about the band's sound and more!
on Jul 20, 2015
Check out one of the KEY pieces of gear that The Temperance Movement guitarist Paul Sayer used to get his sweet tone on the band's debut, The Temperance Movement.
on Jul 04, 2015
I recently sat down to chat with Chris Wyse, front man and bass player of the hard rock band Owl, about some of his favorite gear including his Ampeg Classic VR1.
on Jun 29, 2015
We recently had the opportunity to chat with Geoff Bub, guitarist of Wisconsin-based death metal act Jungle Rot, about the gear he uses to achieve his signature tone.
on Jun 16, 2015
We recently had a chance to sit and chat with Frankie Poullain, bassist of The Darkness, about his favorite piece of gear, a Gibson Thunderbird guitar.
on Jun 08, 2015
The Chicago-based hard rock quartet, A.D.D., recently released Core, arguably their best work to date. Guitarist Dave Adams told us about his fave piece of gear!
on Jun 01, 2015
We grabbed some with time with Kicking Harold lead vocalist and guitarist, Tim David Kelly, to see what gear he used for the band's latest recording, Red Light District.
on May 18, 2015


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