ALL Geared Up

Baltimore, Maryland death metal miscreants, Misery Index, dropped their latest slab of beefy beats dubbed, The Killing Gods, on May 23rd via Season of Mist Records. Reviews have been pouring in and praise remains high for this quartet's newest slew of tracks. Recently, we were able to email some questions to guitarist and vocalist, Mark Kloeppel, in order to get better visibility into what gear he considers to be key, and how it was used during the recording of The Killing Gods.
on Jun 06, 2014
Call them progressive rock, experimental metal, post-metal, it doesn't really matter. What does matter; however, is that regardless of how one classifies the Keyport, NJ-based quintet, Seth Rheam (drums), Matt Lupo (guitar, vox), Greg Kuter (guitar, vox), Chris Alfano (bass, vox), and Ray Suhy (guitar) all came together to form some killer music, as perfectly evidenced by their October 29, 2013 10-song release, Redaction Artifacts. The album is a stunning display of both musicianship and songwriting, and fortunately for us, so as to better appreciate the album, Matt Lupo spent some time talking about some of his gear key.
on Jun 06, 2014
Composed of four talented musicians - Zach Allen (vocals), Harrison Marcello (guitars), Zak Gross (bass), and Jimmi Kane (drums) - the New York-based rock group, Tempt, like their music like their women... dirty! OK, well we have NO idea how they like their women, but when it comes to their brand of rock and roll, Tempt take things back to a time when glam ruled the airwaves and everyone and their mother was headbanging to songs JUST like these! With their new single, "Under My Skin," turning heads Tempt is a band that will light up many a solid, backward party this Summer. We caught up with guitarist Harrison Marcello to learn about his key gear and how it impacted the band's new album.
on Jun 05, 2014
Led in large by the fret board wizardry of lead guitarist Chris Green, the modern, melodic hard rock/metal band that is Rubicon Cross are currently touring in support of their latest, self-titled recording. Released on May 19, 2014, Rubicon Cross features 10 brand new songs each unique and jammed with pure rock-metal power! So as to learn more about the album, Green chatted with us in detail about some of the key gear he used while recording.
on May 30, 2014
Released via Agonia Records on April 15, 2014, the 9-song skull-smasher of a disc entitled Sovereigns, is the latest and greatest from Brussels, Belgium-based black metal band, Enthroned. Loaded with jarring moments, we decided to toss some gear questions at bassist Phorgath who in turn hooked up some cool responses in order to help us all better understand the sound behind Sovereigns. Check it out.
on May 08, 2014
Hailing from Chickasha, OK, the five-piece hard rock/metal band Anti-Mortem are getting all hot and bothered with the pending release of their 12 track album, New Southern. Due out on April 29th in North America via Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the new recording features some air-guitar worthy songwriting and tons of shreddable and memorable moments (see the track "100% Pure American Rage" below for an instant and obvious example). Recently we caught up with guitarist Zain Smith to talk gear and he in turn told us all about his Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier solo amp head.
on Apr 22, 2014
Pedro "Perico" Arguello plays bass (and handles backing vocals) for the Latin American rock quartet, Prime Ministers. The band formed in 2007 and since its inception has been slowly wowing audiences and critics alike with their brand of catchy, modern rock. Enter 2014 and the group are set to break out unlike they've ever done before, thanks in large to their hot new single "Take It Back". The track comes from their sophomore full-length album, NOW, which is due out this Spring. Check out this gear review wherein Arguello talks about his 63 Precision Bass guitar.
on Apr 14, 2014
Francesco Artusato is quite the accomplished shredder known for his work in All Shall Perish, The Francesco Artusato Project, and now, the Howard Jones-fronted metal band, Devil You Know. Together with John Sankey (drums), Ryan Wombacher (bass), and Roy Lev-Ari (guitar), the fast-growing group is set to release their debut offering, The Beauty of Destruction, in North America on April 29th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. In an effort to learn more about the powerful sound behind this debut, we sent some gear-related questions to Artusato. Here's what he had to say.
on Apr 09, 2014
Brandon Wootten, guitarist for the alternative rock band Framing Hanley, recently sat and chatted with me about his favorite piece of gear. The band is currently prepping for their third release, The Sum Of Who We Are, due out on April 29th - their first CD in 4 years on their new label, Imagen Records. Here is what Wootten had to say about his Hughes & Kettner amp.
on Apr 09, 2014
Led by the twin guitar attack of shredders Rory Heikkila and Jon Liedtke, the Milwaukee, WI-based black metal band Shroud of Despondency are one heck of a pummeling powerhouse of percussive loud music. Released on February 12th of 2014, the group's new album, Tied To A Dying Animal, features 2 parts and 17 tracks, all of which come at you with a dizzying amount of either velocity or intricacy. Recently we grabbed time with the axemen to learn more about their key gear.
on Apr 06, 2014
For the uninitiated, Ethan Brosh is a supremely-talented rock guitar wizard who has long-since mastered epic shreddery yet somehow only continues to improve. The man has already toured and recorded with rock heavyweights such as Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, and Greg Howe (not to mention countless others) and on March 4th, 2014 released his new, epic solo album titled Live The Dream via Rocker Records. Recently we were able to send Brosh some of our gear questions to which he was kind enough to reply and divulge some info about his ISP Technologies Theta Preamp.
on Apr 05, 2014
Doom metal is a fast-growing genre complete with, as with most other genres, and over-saturation of cookie-cutter bands who at the end of the day will not amount to much. Thankfully the genre is also blessed with groups which are not only loaded with talent, but also produce some truly worthwhile headbanging anthems - and yes, Below is absolutely one of these such bands. Hailing from Sweden, the quintet are signed to Metal Blade records and gearing up to release their new eight track album, Across the Dark River, on April 15th. Recently we were able to send some questions to drummer Jens Vestergren so as to better understand how this up and coming act manages to get it's oh so juicy, crispy, powerful and doomy sound.
on Apr 03, 2014
Their new album titled Barefoot and Pregnant is out now via Arrested Youth Records and the alternative rock/punk duo of Kelly Ogden (vox, bass) and Luis Cabezas (guitar, vox) couldn't be happier. Based in Los Angeles, CA, this band has been at it for quite some time and Barefoot and Pregnant is their fifth studio release and eagrly anticipated follow-up to 2012's Self-Titled effort. So as to learn more about the intricacies of the band's sound and recording of the new album, we asked guitarist Luis Cabezas about some of his go-to gear.
on Apr 03, 2014
The Parisian five-piece sludgecore/metal band known as Colossus of Destiny dropped their 6 track EP In Lesser Brightness on October 31st of 2013. Fittingly released on Halloween, this new album is loaded with pummeling passages and some haunting melodies; these Frenchmen sure did create a gnarly recording. But how? Well we asked guitarist Julien L. to tell us about some of the gear he used when creating In Lesser Brightness. Check it out!
on Apr 02, 2014
The Raskins is an alternative rock band composed of twins Logan and Roger Raskin. Born and raised in New York City, the brothers began playing music at a very young age and now, on May 13th, 2014, are set to release their debut self-titled album via MIRAL Records/BDG/RED, LLC division of Sony Music Entertainment. We grabbed some time with guitarist Roger Raskin and asked some gear-related questions in order to learn more about his Custom GMP guitars and Marshall 900 Dual Channel amplifiers.
on Mar 31, 2014
Released on March 18th in the USA, the EP A New Life is the HOT new release from Mother, a fucking rad new alternative hard rock quartet from New York City. Loaded with grooves and wicked, hard-hitting riffs, this album is not one to miss. Recently we manage to catch some time via email with lead guitarist Mike Gowen and bassist Johnny to ask them about some of the key gear used on this release. Read on to find out more!
on Mar 31, 2014
Mushroomhead are preparing to release their newest offering, The Righteous & The Butterfly, on May 13, 2014. In order to delve into a more intimate understanding of this new recording, I caught up with drummer Skinny to discuss his favorite piece of gear. The band definitely has a unique sound and I was excited to learn how they go about obtaining it. Here is how the conversation went.
on Mar 27, 2014
Mile Marker Zero are a five-piece rock band from New Haven, Connecticut that are getting ready to drop their new slab of finely-crafted music on April 29th, 2014. Titled Young Rust the EP is the next offering and step forward for this progressive rock band and we're excited for everyone to hear it. Recently we were able to speak with guitarist John Tuohy who told us all about his Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II and how it was used on Young Rust. Check it out.
on Mar 25, 2014
The two-time Grammy nominated progressive metal band Dream Theater kicked off the next leg of their North American tour on March 20th in Canada.
on Mar 25, 2014
The much-hyped group Bloody Hammers has already begun some intense promotion in light of the pending June 10th North American release of their new album Under Satan's Sun (Napalm Records). Featuring 10 new tracks teeming with the band's signature concoction of heavy rock, which boasts everything from gothic and psychedelic rock to doom and stoner metal, this recording is already looking like it may come in as the band's best to date. We chatted via email with lead vocalist and bass player, Anders Manga, about the key gear he used to create the band's wickedly fuzzy sound on this new album.
on Mar 23, 2014