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The Grayces are a three-piece rock band from Nashville, Tennessee who, on October 14, 2014, released their latest full-length album titled, Westing. Featuring 12 gritty, Southern-tinged rock songs, the new recording demonstrates members Iz Stone (vocals, guitar), Patrick Ward (bass), and Chas Cantrell (drums), hitting their stride and laying down some memorable music. We recently chatted gear with the entire band, check it out!
on Oct 20, 2014
Gothenburg, Sweden's Sister Sin are dropping their newest heavy metal masterpiece, Black Lotus, on October 28, 2014 via Victory Records. The follow up to 2012's Now and Forever, and their fifth studio album to date, skillfully injects elements of classic, metal-tinged hard rock while remaining contemporary, fresh and pushing heavy metal to wider audiences. In promoting these 9 new attitude-heavy tracks we spoke with bassist Strandh about, of all things, his tattoos!
on Oct 16, 2014
Rabbits... cuddly woodland creatures or loud, ear-piercing rockers from Portland, OR? Technically both are accurate, but we only really care about the latter. This pulverising trio of metal/punk/hardcore/noise musicians released their latest offering, Untoward, on August 12, 2014. The 6-song album was tracked live to tape in Portland at Type Foundry and is balls-out loud. So as to get a better idea where these noisemakers get their sound, we spoke with vocalist and guitarist Joshua Hughes (ex-VSS, Angel Hair) about some of his gear.
on Oct 10, 2014
Oecist is a band that the vast majority of you haven't heard of before today. Not your fault though, the post-metal solo project is quite underground and only the true savants know of Oecist. At least, until now. Founded by San Antonio, Texas-based multinstrumentalist BJ Dierkes, Oecist is a solo project of epic proportions. Read on below to see what gear BJ uses and to learn more about the pending September 1, 2014 release of the debut album XVIII LIII (Crowquill Records).
on Sep 29, 2014
I recently sat down with guitarist Andrew Murphy, of the metal act Islander, to discuss the one piece of gear he just can't live without; the piece of gear that gives the band their signature sound as found on their latest album, Violence & Destruction (released July 8, 2014 on Victory Records). Here is how the conversation went.
on Sep 29, 2014
Signed to Windmark Records, the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based band A Bad Think, are fresh off the June 17, 2014 release of their album, Sleep. Loaded with alternative and progressive rock, we wanted to delve into the recording's sound and as such posed some questions to front man (drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, lead vocals) Michael Marquart. This is what he had to day.
on Sep 09, 2014
Ancst released their 13-song album, In Turmoil, on August 13th, 2014. The new disc, as the band notes on their Bandcamp page is a "compilation of...out of print tape releases from 2012 - 2014. It contains all [their] songs from The Humane Condition EP, the splits with Hiveburner and Smuteční Slavnost, [their] first demo and one unreleased new track. All songs have been remastered." Loaded with some brutal, anti-fascist blackened death metal, we checked in with guitarist "Tom is the Bastard" to talk gear.
on Sep 05, 2014
Texan's Giant of the Mountain recently unleashed their new album, Moon Worship, upon the masses. Calling themselves "Blackened Progressive Sludge Death Metal," the band's music will appeal to a broad spectrum of metal fans. While you can check out a stream of the album's epic title track below, you can also check out a cool chat with front man Cody Daniels wherein he discusses his Marshall DSL100H Tube Head.
on Sep 03, 2014
Australian hard rockers, Airbourne, release their rip-roaring album, Black Dog Barking, worldwide on May 21, 2013. Now, over a year into the touring and promotion cycle thereof, the band continue to wow audiences with their raging brand of rock. Recently, we nabbed some time with guitarist David Roads who in turn, gave us the low down on, among other things, his Wizard Modern Classic amplifier.
on Aug 27, 2014
The Bay Area, San Francisco, California two man noise machine known as Black Cobra released their Southern Lord Recordings offering, Invernal, on October 11, 2011. The 8-song offering is loaded with the band's signature brand of doom and sludge metal, metal that seems impossibly thick and loud to be coming from just two men. Black Cobra have their tricks though, as many bands do, so we asked vocalist and guitarist, Jason Landrian, about the secret to his sound found on the recent Kurt Ballou-produced (God City Studio) album.
on Aug 25, 2014
Rockville, Maryland-based Avant-garde/alternative metal group, Dog Fashion Disco, formally disbanded in 2007 and, after scattered reunions, returned to form in 2013. Armed with a brand new album, the band would release their 13-song album titled, Sweet Nothings, on July 22, 2014. The disc runs just shy of an hour in length and is packed to the brim with DFD's signature metal. Recently we were able to chat with lead guitarist Jasan Stepp about some of the gear he used when writing and recording this new release.
on Aug 22, 2014
Jordan Turnbell, Guitarist for the Toronto, ON-based metal band Where Giants Once Stood, recently took a moment to answer a few questions about his favorite piece of gear. The group recently completed work on their sophomore release, Live Above, which will be released on September 2nd.
on Aug 20, 2014
With some gnarly photos thanks to Luke Mouradian, we managed to chat with Enabler vocalist and guitarist, Jeffrey Lohrber, about not only the band's latest album, La Fin Absolue Du Monde (released May 27, 2014), and show off what gear he holds dear! Melding metal, hardcore, punk, and crust, this Ohio-based 3-piece is loud as hell and ready to rip ya a new one!
on Aug 19, 2014
The industrial-tinged, female-led indie, alt-rock band Stroamata, is making vaves in and around their hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Always busy writing and recording new music, the quartet recently released their new song "Get You Good". We chatted recently with the band's drummer, Alexander Markowitz, about some of the key gear they use when making their music.
on Aug 18, 2014
If you thought you knew heavy music and you're not yet familiar with Anagnorisis, then you just may have to alter your definition thereof. This is an unsigned Louisville, KY-based Black/Death Metal quartet that pushes sonic boundaries in every way. Their latest album, 2013's Beyond All Light, boasts music akin to the recording's title, dark as shit. We caught up with lead and rhythm guitarist Zak Denham in order to get a better idea of how the band's sound comes to be.
on Aug 15, 2014
Call them progressive rock, experimental metal, post-metal, it doesn't really matter. What does matter; however, is that regardless of how one classifies the Keyport, NJ-based quintet, Seth Rheam (drums), Matt Lupo (guitar, vox), Greg Kuter (guitar, vox), Chris Alfano (bass, vox), and Ray Suhy (guitar) all came together to form some killer music, as perfectly evidenced by their October 29, 2013 10-song release, Redaction Artifacts. The album is a stunning display of both musicianship and songwriting, and fortunately for us, so as to better appreciate the album, Chris Alfano (who is also in Argonauts, and runs took a moment to shed some light on his key gear and how it impacted the recording.
on Aug 13, 2014
The Los Angeles, California trio Kyng is doing nothing but making waves with their new tunes. We recently scored a bit of time with Eddie Veliz to chat in brief about some of his key gear.
on Jul 31, 2014
Simply called Self-Titled, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based trio Secret Cutter (guitarist Evan Morey, drummer Jared Stimpfl, and vocalist Ekim), released their 10-song slab of dirty-ass metal on February 10, 2014. Loaded with a lethal concoction of sludge, doom, grind, and more, Self-Titled has an incredibly rich sound considering this is the work of a three piece band. As such, we hit up Evan Morey to better understand how these guys conjure up their wicked, thick tones and music.
on Jul 19, 2014
Columbus, OH-based cinematic rock band, Starset, teamed up with Razor & Tie to release their debut album, Transmissions, on June 3, 2014 and ever since, have never looked back. The 14 track recording is loaded with powerful, sweeping rock and features the hit singles "My Demons" and "Carnivore", which have been tearing up active rock radio.
on Jul 11, 2014
When he's not busy writing a sick track ("Meth Lab Zoso Sticker") for a Martin Scorsese blockbuster like The Wolf of Wall Street, guitar virtuoso Joie Calio is tearing up stages with his musical partner Phil Leavitt in the rock band 7Horse. While Calio also provides backing vocals to Leavitt, it's his fret work that truly allows him to shine. Just how does he get those crazy tones and bad-ass rhythms you ask? Dude, he has SO much gear that he'll have to tell you himself!
on Jul 03, 2014


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