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Geared Up: Get Busy Living Frontman Chase Petersen and Bassist Jeffrey Hilty Discuss Some of Their Musical Weaponry
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Apr 01, 2016
We chatted gear with guitarist Chase Petersen and bassist Jeffrey Hilty of Kansas City, MO pop punkers, Get Busy Living.
Interview with Snake Eyes Seven; Founding Member and Guitarist Cole "The Madman" Stevens Discusses New Album 'Medicine Man' and More!
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 29, 2016
Scored a chat with Cole "The Madman" Stevens, founding member and guitarist for the Canadian HighVolMusic metal mench, Snake Eyes Seven. Not to mention a premiere of their new video for "Can You Hear Me Calling".
Geared Up: Drayter Founder and Guitarist Cole Schwartz Discusses His Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty Guitar
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 24, 2016
Recently we connected with Cole Schwartz, founder and guitarist of the high-energy Dallas, Texas-based pop/rock band, Drayter, who talked to us about some of his key gear!
Pumping Metal: Walls Of Jericho Lead Singer Candace Kucsulain Discusses Health and Fitness including Boxing, CrossFit, and Powerlifting
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 21, 2016
With a new album due on March 25, 2016 via Napalm Records, we chatted about health and fitness with Candace Kucsulain, lead singer for Detroit, MI-based hardcore band, Walls Of Jericho.
Interview with Heiress; Frontman John Pettibone (ex-Himsa & Undertow) Discusses the Band's New Record 'Made Wrong'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Mar 21, 2016
Former Himsa and Undertow frontman, John Pettibone, discusses his band Heiress' newest release, Made Wrong.
Tattoo Talk: Daemona Lead Singer Nina "The Cuntess" Pain Discusses Tattoo Removal and the Seal of Lucifer
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Curtis Dewar on Mar 17, 2016
Tattoo Talk interview with Nina "The Cuntess" Pain, vocalist for UK death metal band Daemona.
Interview with Mudface; Vocalist Chris Dinsmore and Drummer Tim Davis Talk Writing, Recording, and New Album 'The Bane Of Existence'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 15, 2016
Interview with Bay Area metal band Mudface wherein in lead singer Chris Dinsmore and drummer Tim Davis discuss their forthcoming new album, The Bane Of Existence.
Geared Up: Ferium Guitarist Elram Boxer Discusses His Rig and MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Mar 11, 2016
Elram Boxer, guitarist for the Israeli metal band Ferium, chats about his MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier and the tones/sounds on the group's new album, Behind the Black Eyes.
Interview with Harley Flanagan; Legendary Underground Hardcore Artist Discusses New Album 'Cro-Mags' and Legal Troubles
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Mar 08, 2016
If you know underground hardcore then you probably know former Cro-Mags frontman, Harley Flanagan. We recently asked Flanagan about his new album Cro-Mags, legal troubles, and his writing/recording process.
Interview with Anthrax; Bassist Frank Bello Discusses 'For All Kings', 35 Years of Anthrax, and the Passion that Fuels the Band
Comments Artist Chats » by: Charlie Steffens on Mar 07, 2016
From their new album For All Kings, to their 35 year anniversary, to the passion that fuels this legendary thrash metal band, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello shares his excitement for what's ahead.
Geared Up: Intensive Square Guitarist Joe Harvatt Discusses His Daemoness Guitars and Engl E530 Rack Preamp
Comments Geared Up » by: Curtis Dewar on Mar 01, 2016
Interview with guitarist Joe Harvatt of British tech-death metal band Intensive Square about the gear he used to help get the right sound on the group's new album ...Anything That Moves via Black Bow Records.
Interview with Kindler; Guitarist Nick Wiley Discusses His Band's Formation, Writing Process and New Album 'Cosmic Revelations'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Feb 29, 2016
Interview with Nick Wiley, guitarist of Asheboro, NC three piece, Kindler. Wiley was kind enough to talk about his band, and their forthcoming debut full-length, Cosmic Revelations, out March 11th, 2016.
Tattoo Talk: Asheira fromtwoman Ashley "Asheira" Pereira Shares Stories Behind Some of Her Favourite Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Christopher Gonda on Feb 22, 2016
We checked in with musician and actress Ashley "Asheira" Pereira, frontwoman for East Nashville, TN-based rockers Asheira, and she was kind enough to help us understand the stories behind some of her ink.
Interview with Bizzythowed; Urban Hard Rocker Discusses His New Record 'Blank Check, Volume I' and More
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Feb 17, 2016
To help support his new record Blank Check, Volume I, we spoke to metal/hip hop artist Bizzythowed about his new record and musical career.
Interview with Twitching Tongues; Vocalist Colin Young Discusses Horror Movies, FSU, and People Who Think the Earth is Flat
Comments Artist Chats » by: Lance Marwood on Feb 09, 2016
We caught up with Twitching Tongues vocalist Colin Young on the last date of their tour with Terror and Wisdom In Chains. Check out his thoughts on horror movies, FSU, and people who think the earth is flat.
Geared Up: Black Shape Of Nexus Vocalist Malte Seidel Discusses His Vocal Rig Including the Shure SM58 Mic
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Feb 05, 2016
Black Shape Of Nexus vocalist Malte Seidel was kind enough to answer some gear-related questions offering us fans some insight into the sound on their forthcoming Exile On Mainstream release, Carrier
Interview with Patrick Walford; We Chat with the Canadian Radio Host, Journalist and TV Personality About His Career and More
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Jan 24, 2016
Patrick Walford is a young Canadian radio host, journalist, TV personality and technical producer who answered questions via email about his crazy life and how it has all come about.
Geared Up: Novallo Lead Guitarist and Producer Gino Bambino Discusses His Ernie Ball JPXI and Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Preamp Processor
Comments Geared Up » by: Daniella Kohan on Dec 29, 2015
Novallo’s lead guitarist and producer, Gino Bambino, recently took the time to answer a few questions about some of the band’s key gear.
Interview with Sygnal To Noise; Lead Vocalist and Guitarist Mark "Coopa" Discusses His Band and New Album 'Under Construction'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Dec 23, 2015
Mark "Coopa", lead vocalist and guitarist for melodic hard rock quartet Sygnal To Noise, answered questions via email and shed light on him, his band, and their newest album, Under Construction.
...And Justice For Art: A Guide to (some of) the Best Metal Album Covers of 2015 (Part 3) - Feat. Baroness, Ahab, Ghost, Slayer and More!
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on Dec 21, 2015
On this third and final chapter of And Justice For Art's guide to some of the BEST album covers of 2015, we continue to explore some of the graphics that have since become part of Metal's visual legacy. Directly from the artists themselves, let's see…
Interview with HUDSON; Guitarist and Producer Chris Llewellyn on Rock n' Roll, Songwriting, and New Album 'Cast Out''
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Dec 19, 2015
HUDSON are a quartet that offer up some dirty, bluesy, swagger-infused rock and roll that's as artistically crafted as it is addictive. Guitarist and producer Chris Llewellyn helped us to better understand this talented group and their music.
Interview with SWMRS; Frontman Cole Becker and Drummer Joey Armstrong on Touring, Star Wars and a Plasticine Battle to the Death [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Damian FitzGerald on Dec 18, 2015
We chatted with Bay Area punk/rock quartet SWMRS about their experience touring with Rise Against, Star Wars, causes that are close to their hearts, and their reasons for changing the name of the band.
Geared Up: Lift the Medium Bassist Justin Kennedy on His Nordstrand Pickups, MusicMan Stingray 5 Bass and More
Comments Geared Up » by: Curtis Dewar on Dec 15, 2015
In anticipation of the re-release of their album Mastermind, we asked Justin Kennedy, bassist with the Ohio heavy rock/metal band Lift the Medium, to talk to us about his key gear.
Geared Up: Dutch Drummer Koen Herfst Discusses His TAMA Starphonic Aluminium Snare Drum
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Dec 09, 2015
With his debut solo effort, Back to Balance, out as of October 23rd, we were fortunate to grab some time with Dutch drummer Koen Herfst who, in turn, shared some thoughts on his TAMA Starphonic aluminium snare drum.
Geared Up: Die Choking Guitarist Jeffrey Daniels Discusses His Rig and Ibanez Universe 7-String Guitar
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Dec 08, 2015
We connected with Jeffrey Daniels, guitarist for the Philadelphia, PA Grind/Punk/Metal trio, Die Choking, in order to better understand the sound on their The Compound Records full-length affair, III.
Interview with All Them Witches; Drummer Robby Staebler Discusses Writing, Recording, Drug Trips and a Golden Eagle?
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Dec 07, 2015
Recently we grabbed some time with Robby Staebler, drummer for the Nashville-based delta-psych quartet, All Them Witches, to chat about the band and their music.
Interview with Feign; Guitarist Trevor Phillips Discusses the Band and New Album 'The New World Order'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Dec 04, 2015
We caught up with guitarist Trevor Phillips to better acquaint ourselves with the down-tempo, super heavy hardcore on the new album, The New World Order, from Houston, TX's Feign!
Geared Up: Culture Killer Guitarist Collin Townsend on His ENGL Savage 120 Watt Guitar Head
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 30, 2015
We connected with Collin Townsend, guitarist for Metal Blade Records' Daytona Beach, FL-based 5-piece metal band, Culture Killer, who told us about that 1 piece of key gear he uses.
Geared Up: Necrocosm Bassist Matt Brocking Discusses His Custom-made Acrylic Body Bass Guitar
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 27, 2015
Matt Brocking, bassist for the Raleigh, NC melodic death metal fivesome, Necrocosm, helped us to better understand some of the gear used on the band's 10-track debut album, Damnation Doctrine.
Interview with Ritual; Vocalist Matt Ryan Tobin Discusses the Band, Future Plans, and New Self-Titled Album
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Nov 25, 2015
We spoke with Matt Ryan Tobin, former Dead and Divine vocalist and mastermind of new Canadian metal band Ritual, who released their debut self-titled album on November 18, 2015.