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Interview with The Alien Blakk; Joshua Craig and Johnny Kelly Discuss Their New Album 'Begrudgingly Yours'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Aug 20, 2016
While deeply immersed in the recording process for their upcoming record Begrudgingly Yours, we connected with Joshua Craig and Johnny Kelly about the in depth recording process.
Interview with One Less Reason; Lead Singer Cris Brown Discusses the Band and New Album 'The Memories Uninvited'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 19, 2016
We got some interview time with Cris Brown, founder and lead singer for Memphis, TN modern rock band One Less Reason, and asked about the new music, band's history, tattoos, and much more!
Tattoo Talk: Red Sun Rising Members Discuss Their First, Fave, Most Painful and Meaningful Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 03, 2016
We caught up via email with Akron, Ohio-based Razor & Tie rockers Red Sun Rising to talk tattoos! Check what Mike Protich (vocals, guitar) and Dave McGarry (guitar) had to say about some of their fave ink.
Geared Up: Bong Mountain Guitarist Alex Wolf on His 1966 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Aug 03, 2016
A double whammy of Bong Mountain! Check out the exclusive stream of their track "Shit Talk Brigade" as well as an interview about guitarist Alex Wolf's gear!
Pumping Metal: Message to the Masses Vocalist Matt Diana on Weight Lifting, Anytime Fitness, Meal Prep and 1-Mile Sprints
Comments Pumping Metal » by: Christopher Gonda on Jul 25, 2016
Recently, we checked in with Matt Diana, vocalist for the Tucson, Arizona metalcore men in Message to the Masses, to chat about all things Health and Fitness!
Five Points of the Pentagram: An interview with Marianas Trench Lead Guitarist Matt Webb
Comments The Pentagram » by: Nikos Mixas on Jul 22, 2016
We decided to chuck a Pentagram at Marianas Trench lead guitarist, Matt Webb, to find out what they think about their band name, Donald Trump and turning into fat, old rockers. Why? Because it’s what we do!
Geared Up: ORBS Guitarist and Bassist Dan Briggs on His Boss PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Jul 15, 2016
Darker and moodier than before, we spoke with guitarist and bassist Dan Briggs about the gear he used for the new ORBS album, Past Life Regression.
Interview with Prophets of Rage; Bassist Tim Commerford Talks NEW Music, Police Brutality, and "Make America Rage Again" Tour
Comments Artist Chats » by: Graham Finney on Jul 13, 2016
Ahead of their upcoming "Make America Rage Again" North American tour dates, Tim Commerford from Prophets Of Rage took the time to talk about new music, the upcoming Presidential election, your vote and police brutality.
Interview with Perturbator; the Band's Artistic Director and Artist Ariel Zucker-Brull Discusses 'The Uncanny Valley' Cover Arwork
Comments Artist Chats » by: Aaron Willschick on Jul 11, 2016
Perturbator's artistic director, Ariel Zucker-Brull, discusses the creation of the art for the latest Perturbator album, The Uncanny Valley.
Interview with NAILS; Vocalist and Guitarist Todd Jones on Slayer, Nardcore, Touring and Their "Album of The Year" [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Nikos Mixas on Jun 28, 2016
Southern California-based hardcore metal-punks, NAILS, are killing it! We were recently afforded the opportunity to speak with NAILS vocalist/guitarist, Todd Jones, and found him to be both articulate and a real down-to-Earth person.
Interview with Austin John Winkler; Former Hinder Frontman on His New Musical Direction, 'Love Sick Radio' EP, and Kanye West
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Jun 16, 2016
Former Hinder led singer, Austin John Winkler, speaks about his new solo EP, Love Sick Radio, leaving Hinder, influences behind the new sound, Kanye West and more.
Interview with Surgical Meth Machine; Frontman Al Jourgensen Discusses Medical Marijuana, Ministry and Donald Trump [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Jun 09, 2016
We recently connected with Ministry's Al Jourgensen via phone to discuss his new Nuclear Blast band and album Surgical Meth Machine, medicinal marijuana, politics and of course, Donald Trump.
Interview with Five Alarm Funk; Drummer Tayo Branston on the Band's Upcoming Tour, Pledge Music Campaign, and History
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Jun 07, 2016
We spoke with Tayo Branston, powerhouse drummer of Vancouver, Canada's nine-piece band Five Alarm Funk, regarding their upcoming tour, Pledge Music campaign, and band history.
Tattoo Talk: MINDSCAR Guitarist and Vocalist Richie Brown (ex-Trivium) Shows off Some Seriously Impressive Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Curtis Dewar on Jun 06, 2016
Guitarist and vocalist Richie Brown (ex-Trivium), of Orlando tech-death masters MINDSCAR, took time out of his busy schedule to discuss with us his many awesome tattoos.
Pumping Metal: Like Rats Guitarist Todd Nief Discusses CrossFit and His Own Chicago-based Gym, South Loop Strength & Conditioning
Comments Pumping Metal » by: Christopher Gonda on Jun 03, 2016
So, just how do the Southern Lord Records metallars Like Rats throw down in the world of health and fitness? Guitarist Todd Nief was kind enough to elaborate....
Interview with Shai Hulud; Guitarist and Founding Member Matt Fox on Touring and His Band's Impact on Hardcore
Comments Artist Chats » by: Lance Marwood on Jun 02, 2016
Lance Marwood arrived early to share some words of wisdom (and general misanthropy) with Matt Fox, Shai Hulud's guitarist, vocalist, and sole remaining founding member.
Six Points of the Fleur-de-Lis: An interview with Heaven's Cry Guitarist Eric Jarrin
Comments The Pentagram » by: Nikos Mixas on May 31, 2016
Haphazardly we ran out of Pentagrams, so we found the perfect replacement for the Montreal-based Prosthetic Records progressive metal band, Heaven's Cry… the six-pointed Fleur-de-Lis. This is what guitarist Eric Jarrin had to say.
Pumping Metal: EVERYBODY PANIC! Vocalist Tyson Gay on Martial Arts, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and the Rock Jitsu Movement
Comments Pumping Metal » by: Christopher Gonda on May 25, 2016
We spoke with Tyson Gay, lead singer of the industrial rock/metal quartet Everybody Panic!, about health, fitness and how his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu impacts not only his music, but also that of many other artists.
Five Points of the Pentagram: An interview with Hollow Leg Guitarist Brent Lynch
Comments The Pentagram » by: Nikos Mixas on May 24, 2016
We recently passed the pentagram to Florida's doom, sludge and heavy metal band Hollow Leg and this is what Brent Lynch (guitars/backing vox) threw back at us. Arrr matey!
Geared Up: Interview with Allfather Guitarist Alan Cordner on His Gibson SG Guitar "The Wife", BKP Warpig Pickup and More!
Comments Geared Up » by: Curtis Dewar on May 23, 2016
Allfather's guitarist, Alan Cordner, recently spoke with us about both his gear and the band's sound on their new sludge-infused hardcore album, Bless the Earth with Fire.
...And Justice For Art: A Guide to (some of) the Best Metal Album Covers of 2016 (Part 1) - Feat. Sourvein, Incite, Ihsahn & More
Comments And Justice For Art » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on May 20, 2016
2016 has brought plenty of new Metal music and of course, plenty of awesome album covers. And Justice For Art continues its exploration of some of the most interesting artworks adorning recordings released this year!
Tattoo Talk: All Hail The Yeti Frontman Connor Garrity Discusses His Love of Ink and Own Shop Timeless Tattoo
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Aaron Willschick on May 19, 2016
Connor Garrity, frontman for All Hail The Yeti, talks tattoos, his own tattoo parlor Timeless Tattoo and his favorite tattoo of all.
Quick & Dirty: Interview with MANTAR Frontman Hanno on Guilty Pleasures, Pizza Toppings, AC/DC, Donkeys and Hitler
Comments Artist Chats » by: Christopher Gonda on May 13, 2016
Interview with Hanno, frontman for Northern Germany's Black Metal Doom Punks, Mantar, about more or less everything except for their new 10-track Nuclear Blast Records album, Ode To The Flame. #Metal
Five Points of the Pentagram: An Interview with War Curse Guitarist Justin Roth
Comments The Pentagram » by: Nikos Mixas on May 12, 2016
We recently reached out Static Tension Recordings Thrash Metal band War Curse to be the sacrificial lamb for our new interview series entitled "Five Points of the Pentagram". Let’s get this mosh pit started!
Geared Up: The Virginmarys Discuss Gear Used on New Album 'Divides' including Guitars, Basses and Amps!
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on May 03, 2016
In order to better know the sound on their Wind-up Records / Spinefarm Records release Divides (due May 6th, 2016), The Virginmarys frontman Ally Dickaty and bassist Matt Rose talked to us about their gear!
Interview with Candlebox; Frontman Kevin Martin Discusses New Album 'Disappearing in Airports', Social Media, and Gun Control
Comments Artist Chats » by: Benny Henderson Jr. on Apr 23, 2016
Interview with Kevin Martin, frontman for Seattle-based rock band Candlebox, wherein he discusses new release Disappearing in Airports, the music industry, the impact of social media, politics and more.
Pumping Metal: THERE IS NO US Guitarist Andy Gerold Discusses Personal Trainers, Free Weights, Supplements and More
Comments Pumping Metal » by: Christopher Gonda on Apr 16, 2016
We emailed with Andy Gerold (ex-Marilyn Manson, Ashes Divide, Rock of Ages) of Las Vegas, NV metal act There Is No Us to find out how health and fitness factor into his music.
Geared Up: Solo Musician and Producer Danimal Cannon Discusses His 1989 Nintendo Game Boy... No, Really!
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Apr 14, 2016
We chatted with solo producer/musician Danimal Cannon about his latest album Lunaria and his very unique Game Boy-processed progressive electronic metal.
Geared Up: Gypsy Chief Goliath Frontman Al "The Yeti" Bones Discusses His Peavey Windsor Amp Heads
Comments Geared Up » by: Christopher Gonda on Apr 13, 2016
We connected with Gypsy Chief Goliath vocalist/guitarist Al "The Yeti" Bones to learn more about some of his key gear and how it impacted the sound on his new Pitch Black Records album, Citizens Of Nowhere.
Pumping Metal: Midnight Mob Bassist and Fitness Guru Carly Quinn Discusses Diet, Exercise Routines and NASM Certification
Comments Pumping Metal » by: Christopher Gonda on Apr 12, 2016
Recently, we emailed with Carly Quinn, bassist for New York-based rockers Midnight Mob, to discern how health and fitness factors into her musical lifestyle!