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Interview with DH Project; Solo Artist Daniel Hernandez Talks About the DH Project and His Writing Process
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bobbi Kyle on May 31, 2015
We spoke at length with solo artist Daniel Hernandez about his musical project (DH Project), debut EP The Resurrection, and writing process.
Interview with Scott Weiland; Scott talks about the grunge era, drugs and the death of close friend Jeremy Brown
Comments Artist Chats » by: Graham Finney on May 26, 2015
Rock legend Scott Weiland talks to Pure Grain Audio about his new album, Blaster, his memories of the grunge era and the tragic death of his close friend Jeremy Brown.
Interview with Danko Jones; Danko Talks About New Album 'Fire Music' and Upcoming UK Tour Dates
Comments Artist Chats » by: Graham Finney on May 22, 2015
Ahead of his first full UK tour in seven years, Pure Grain Audio had a quick chat to Danko Jones to talk about his new album and those upcoming dates.
Gear Review: Kicking Harold Lead Singer and Guitarist Tim David Kelly on His 1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on May 18, 2015
We grabbed some with time with Kicking Harold lead vocalist and guitarist, Tim David Kelly, to see what gear he used for the band's latest recording, Red Light District.
Gear Review: Fashion Week Guitarist and Vocalist Joshua Lozano Discuses His High Gain P-90 Guitar Pickups
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on May 17, 2015
We recently chatted with Joshua Lozano, guitarist and vocalist for New York-based noise rock/metal band, Fashion Week, about some of the gear he used on Prêt-à-Porter.
Interview with Wendy Dio; Reveals Details About the Upcoming Ronnie James Dio "5th Year Remembrance" Event
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on May 14, 2015
For the upcoming weekend of May 15-17 (coinciding with the 5th anniversary of Dio's passing), Wendy has prepared an unparalleled series of events christened as "A Celebration of the Life and Music of RONNIE JAMES DIO - The 5th Year Remembrance."
Interview with Klone; Lead Singer Yann Ligner Discusses France's Metal Scene, Writing, and New Album 'Here Comes The Sun'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on May 08, 2015
French progressive rock/metal group Klone released their fifth full-length album, Here Comes The Sun, on March and we recently had a nice chat with lead singer Yann Ligner.
Interview with Doyle; Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Discusses Hot Sauce, Newest Album 'Abominator,' and Hatred for Cellphones at Shows [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on May 06, 2015
We recently had a chance to sit and chat with the legendary Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein about his band's current tour, his latest record Abominator, his passion for hot sauce, and displeasure for cellphones at shows.
Gear Review: One Ton Project Guitarist Joe Munoz on His Custom Handmade "Korina Partscaster" Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on May 04, 2015
We chatted with guitarist Joe Munoz of the Las Vegas, NV-based rock band, One Ton Project, about some of his fave gear, and how it impacts the group's sound.
Gear Review: Smile And Burn Bassist Chris Brauer on His Dunlop MXR M80 Bass d.i.+
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on May 02, 2015
We spoke with Chris Brauer, bassist for the Berlin, Germany-based Punk Rock quintet Smile And Burn, about his Dunlop MXR M80 Bass d.i.+ pedal.
Interview with Ascot Royals; Keyboardist Ben Chauveau Discusses Forthcoming EP and Performance at WTFest Music Festival 2015
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on May 01, 2015
We chatted with Ascot Royals keyboardist Ben Chauveau about their new EP, upcoming slot at the WTFest Music Festival, and how they persevered when faced with the disaster of having their gear stolen on a Canadian tour.
190 Proof Interview: Outre Bassist and Whiskey Connoisseur Marcin Radecki on Chivas Regal, Drinking Games, and Gay Bars
Comments Artist Chats » by: Daniella Kohan on Apr 29, 2015
If you get a chance to see Outre live, we hope you share a tall glass of Chivas Regal with Marcin Radecki, a fine bassist and whiskey connoisseur!
Interview with Raven; Frontman John Gallagher Discusses Band's Creative Process, 41 Year Career, and New Album 'Extermination' [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Apr 27, 2015
Raven bassist and vocalist, John Gallagher, spoke to us about the band's new record, Extermination, their creative process, and long-lasting, 41 year career.
Purely Provocative: Victorian Halls Bassist Jordan Dismuke on Playing Wasted, Living Amongst Wolves, and Drowning in the Ocean
Comments Purely Provocative » by: Chris Gonda on Apr 27, 2015
Jordan Dismuke, bassist for the Victory Records band Victorian Halls, was down to have some fun and answered a slew of our Purely Provocative questions.
Interview with Harbour; Frontman Jamie Mittendorf Discusses Band's New Album and Overseas Record Deal, Plus WTFest Music Festival 2015
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Apr 22, 2015
Jamie Mittendorf, frontman for the Brantford, Ontario pop-punk outfit Harbour, told us all about the group's new album Grade School Summer, Japan's Bullion Records, and WTFest Music Festival.
Purely Provocative with Ze Gran Zeft; Lead Vocalist Mathieu Boots Di Pilla Discusses Arrests, Sonic Diarrhea, and Pet Peeves
Comments Purely Provocative » by: Chris Gonda on Apr 21, 2015
France's alternative band Ze Gran Zeft, are promoting the release of their debut album, JOI, so we asked lead vocalist Mathieu Boots Di Pilla some provocative questions....
Interview with Everclear; Vocalist and Guitarist Art Alexakis Discusses Rock 'N' Roll, Loud Music, Summerland Tour, and 'Black Is The New Black' [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Apr 20, 2015
We recently sat down with Art Alexakis, vocalist/guitarist of the platinum selling, Grammy Nominated rock act Everclear, to get the scoop on the band's new recording, Black Is The New Black.
Interview with Jeff Hughell; the Six Feet Under Bassist Discusses His New Solo Album 'Chaos Labyrinth'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Apr 17, 2015
Bassist extraordinaire, Jeff Hughell, known for his work with death metal giants Six Feet Under, strikes out on his own in stellar fashion on Chaos Labyrinth, his brand new solo effort.
Interview with Sons Of Revelry; Drummer Sean Boyle Discusses the Band's Sound and Forthcoming Slot at WTFest 2015
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Apr 14, 2015
We caught up with Sean Boyle, drummer for the rock band Sons Of Revelry, to discus the new EP Born with a Bigga Goal, plus their forthcoming performance at the WTFest Music Festival in Brantford, Ontario on June 13th alongside Big Wreck, I Mother Ear…
...And Justice For Art: Five Up-And-Coming Metal Visual Artists Featuring Luis Sendon, Rafael Tavarez, Nikos Markogiannakis, Ink4rt, and Christian Giuseppe
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on Apr 10, 2015
In this edition of And Justice For Art, we proudly present some of today's youngest and more promising visual artists.
Quick & Dirty: Immortal Machinery Vocalist Steph K on Scotch, Pandas, Sandwiches, and Whitesnake
Comments Artist Chats » by: Curtis Dewar on Apr 07, 2015
UK hard rockers, Immortal Machinery recently released At the End of Time which features a guest spot from Glen Drover (Ex-Megadeth). We did a "Quick and Dirty" with vocalist Steph K.
Interview with Domino.fm founder Jett Wells; Discusses Inspiration for, Creation and Future of the Streaming Music Mobile Web App
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Apr 05, 2015
We recently spoke with Jett Wells, founder of Domino.fm, about his inspiration for creating the music mobile web app, plus the products origins and future!
Gear Review: Seek Irony Guitarist Alex Campbell on His Boss GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Apr 03, 2015
Alex Campbell, guitarist for the Austin, TX-based modern rock band Seek Irony, recently chatted with us about his Boss GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor.
Interview with Three Days Grace; Bassist Brad Walst Discusses Globetrotting, Organic Writing, and New Album 'Human' [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Apr 01, 2015
Three Days Grace bassist, Brad Walst, took a moment out of his busy press schedule to speak with us about the band and their new release, Human.
Tattoo Talk: December In Red Bassist Colbey Schnelle Discusses His Shop Timeless Tattoo, Sentimental Sleeve, and Nikola Tesla Portrait
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Chris Gonda on Mar 31, 2015
We chatted with Colbey Schnelle, bass player for the hard rock/metal band December in Red, about his own shop in Monroe, WA, Timeless Tattoo, and much more.
Interview with NoMara; Guitarist John LeCompt and Vocalist Kelly Burdge Discuss the Band's Origins and New "Tesla" Music Video
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Mar 30, 2015
We chatted with John LeCompt and lead vocalist Kelly Burdge of Columbus, Ohio hard rockers NoMara, about the band's origins and the influences behind their brand new music video for the song "Tesla," which we're delighted to help premiere.
190 Proof Interview with Bridge To Grace; Lead Singer David Garcia Discusses Fireball Whiskey, Beer Pong, and Whiskey Dick
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Mar 26, 2015
We recently caught up with David Garcia, lead singer for the Atlanta, Georgia-based hard rock quartet, Bridge To Grace, to have some fun with our alcohol-fueled interview "190 Proof."
Tattoo Talk: Lancer Vocalist Isak Stenvall Discusses Some of His First, Favourite, and Regretted Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Chris Gonda on Mar 25, 2015
Recently, we spoke with Isak Stenvall, vocalist for the Karlstad, Sweden-based metal quintet Lancer, about some of his favourite tattoos, artists, and more.
Interview with Gift Giver; Vocalist Justin Johnson Introduces His Nu Metal Band and Their Century Media Debut Album 'SHITLIFE'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Mar 19, 2015
We grabbed some time with Justin Johnson, lead singer of Detroit, MI-based Nu-Metal quintet Gift Giver, to learn about this budding band.
Interview with In Flames; Vocalist Anders Fridén Discusses His Passion for and Collection of Whiskey, and New Album 'Siren Charms' [w/ Audio]
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Mar 18, 2015
Anders Fridén, vocalist for the Swedish death metal band In Flames, spoke with us about the group's new album Siren Charms and his obsession with fine spirits!