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Gear Review: Dimesland Guitarist Drew Cook on His Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amplifier
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Jan 05, 2015
Oakland, CA-based Dimesland released the 8-track album Psychogenic Atrophy on December 9, 2014 and it's loaded with some furiously-played abstract metal.
Purely Provocative: The Golers Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, Charlie Goler, Discusses AIDS, Fear, Marijuana, and Pet Peeves
Comments Purely Provocative » by: Curtis Dewar on Jan 04, 2015
We recently streamed their track "Quickshit McGraw" (hear it below) and as a result decided to ask Golers frontman Charlie Goler to answer some purely provocative questions.
Interview with Wretched; Vocalist Adam Cody and Guitarist Joel Moore on Tour Life, Dating Sites, and 'Cannibal'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Daniella Kohan on Dec 29, 2014
We chatted with Wretched vocalist Adam Cody and guitarist Joel Moore during their New Jersey show at our favorite little rock venue, Dingbatz on Saturday December 27th.
Interview with Holy Mount; Bassist Brandon McKenzie and Guitarist/Vocalist Danijel Losic Discuss Vinyl and Gear
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Dec 27, 2014
Danijel Losic (guitar, vocals) and Brandon McKenzie (bass) provided some insight into the importance of album aesthetics and the live atmosphere that Holy Mount likes to create for its audience.
Interview with Restorations; Bassist Dan Zimmerman talks 'LP 3', Festivals, and Sunburns feat. Guitarist Ben Pierce
Comments Artist Chats » by: Brooke Taylor on Dec 22, 2014
A very sunburned Dan Zimmerman, bassist for Restorations, sat down (in the shade) and talked about the band, festivals, sunscreen, and dogs.
Interview with Emmure; Vocalist Frankie Palmeri Talks About People who Hate him, Metal Injection, Breakfast, and Touring
Comments Artist Chats » by: Brooke Taylor on Dec 19, 2014
In the back of the tour bus that reeks of the ghosts of many joints smoked, Palmeri gets deep about fans, touring, and shit-talks Metal Injection. All in good fun, of course.
...And Justice For Art: A Guide to (some of) the Best Metal Album Covers of 2014... so far (Part 5) - Feat. At The Gates, Illdisposed, Siberian, Satan, Wizard Rifle
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on Dec 18, 2014
On this fifth and last episode of And Justice For Art's guide to some of 2014's best album covers, we continue to explore some of these fine graphics and how they were created. Let's find out what the bands and visual artists involved had to say.
Interview with Hearts Like Lions; Drummer Nick Sturz Discusses the Band's Origins and New EP 'These Hands'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Dec 17, 2014
Nick Sturz gives us some insight into the journey towards the creation of "These Hands" and discusses how the difference between their debut album and the new EP is "day and night."
Gear Review: Sisters Of... Guitarist and Bassist Chris Clark on His Orange Rockerverb 100 MKI Amp
Comments Gear Review » by: Curtis Dewar on Dec 17, 2014
After premiering a brand new Sisters Of... song (see below), we decided to catch up with guitarist and bassist Chris Clark and find out a little bit more about his gear.
Gear Review: Gale Guitarist Wilson Hensleigh on His Peavey Mace VT Head
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Dec 16, 2014
We checked in with Gale guitarist and vocalist, Wilson Hensleigh, who talked to us about some of his gear.
Interview with Shyy; Bassist Kevin Nock Discusses the Band's Origins and Value of Live Music
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Dec 10, 2014
Shyy bassist, Kevin Nock, recently took some time to provide insight into the vision and creativity behind Shyy, and discussed the value of live music.
Quick & Dirty: Johnny Wore Black Songwriter and Vocalist "Jay" on Corey Taylor, Beethoven, Goodfellas, and More
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Dec 09, 2014
For this edition of the Quick & Dirty, we chatted with "Jay" of Johnny Wore Black. The songwriter and vocalist released his latest offering, Walking Underwater, Pt. 2 this past November.
Gear Review: Miggs Frontman Don Miggs on His 1959 Fender Jazzmaster Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Dec 08, 2014
Miggs frontman and lead songwriter, Don Miggs, chats with us about his 1959 Fender Jazzmaster guitar and how it works into his band Miggs' music, and their latest single "Walls Come Down."
Quick & Dirty: Puerto Rican Musician Kingnaldo Opens Up About Some of His Favourite Things
Comments Artist Chats » by: Chris Gonda on Dec 04, 2014
Kingnaldo currently resides in the U.S. but hails from Las Marias, Puerto Rico. This talented musician started his love affair with music when he was 10 years old and since then has never slowed, not one bit. Now, with his third LP, Memorandum, relea…
Quick & Dirty: Upon A Burning Body Lead Singer Danny Leal Discusses Booze, Sweet Tea, Hair Gel and Much More!
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Dec 03, 2014
Our Quick & Dirty interviews are a great way to get to know bands on a deeper level. We checked in with San Antonio, TX metal band Upon A Burning Body's lead singer, Danny Leal, amidst their current tour supporting their new recording, The World Is M…
Tattoo Talk: Wounds Guitarist James Coogan on His Near-Fatal Fall, Some Bad-Ass Scars, Marilyn Manson and Other Dope Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Chris Gonda on Dec 03, 2014
Wounds, a Dublin, Ireland-based hard rock quartet whose debut album, Die Young, was released on November 24, 2014 via Razor & Tie. While the band is currently touring North America we managed to check in with James Coogan. The band is heating up quic…
Gear Review: Guitarist Extraordinaire Andy Wood Discusses His Custom Prototype 24 Fret Suhr T Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Dec 01, 2014
I recently had a moment to sit and chat with guitarist extraordinaire Andy Wood, about the gear he uses to achieve his unique and signature sound. Wood has just competed and released a new double album, Caught Between The Truth and a Lie, that contai…
Quick & Dirty: Chico Cas Tha Chix, One Half of Smacktown, Talks Booze, Werewolves, Tech N9ne and Antonio Banderas
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 28, 2014
Chico Cas Tha Chix of the Australian-based hardcore/hip-hop duo Smacktown, recently sat down and answered some of PureGrainAudio's "Quick & Dirty" questions. Since 2007 the pair has been blurring the lines of hardcore and hip-hop creating high-energy…
Interview with Aversions Crown; Vocalist Colin Jeffs Discusses New Nuclear Blast Album 'Tyrant'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 27, 2014
We recently had the opportunity to speak with vocalist Colin Jeffs of the Australian metal act, Aversions Crown. The band has just completed work on their second full-length disc, Tyrant, and it will be released November 24th, 2014. Here is how our c…
Interview with Rise of the Northstar; Drummer Hokuto No Kev Discusses New Album 'Welcame'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 26, 2014
Rise of the Northstar is a Japanese-themed thrash metal act that blends many aspects of Japanese culture into their full-on neck snapping assault. The band has just released their new disc, Welcame, and I was able to catch up with drummer Hokuto No K…
Gear Review: LAE Guitarist Marc Lucas Ablasou on His 1962 Fender Jaguar Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Nov 26, 2014
Marc Lucas Ablasou is the principle songwriter and one of two guitarists for the Montreal-based band, LAE. Combining elements of post-hardcore, punk, noise, prog, indie, metal, stoner, sludge, and so on, LAE have created a unique and appealing sound…
Interview with Joe Perry; Aerosmith Guitarist and Co-Founder Discusses His New Book 'Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Charlie Steffens on Nov 24, 2014
Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has become a best-selling author, and for anyone who doesn't know about his backstory, Perry, just like his band mates, lived—or survived—a life of rock and roll excess. The well-publicized revival of Aerosmith in the mi…
Gear Review: American Heritage Guitarist Scott Shellhamer Discusses His Amps and Pedals in Detail
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Nov 23, 2014
Chicago's infamous American Heritage are set to release their latest piece of murderous metal, Prolapse, on November 24th via Solar Flare Records. The band's sixth full-length is whiplash-inducing and loaded with thundering tracks all ripe with guita…
...And Justice For Art: A Look at Dan Seagrave and Zbigniew M. Bielak's Latest Projects
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on Nov 21, 2014
Dan Seagrave and Zbigniew M. Bielak are two well-known artists that have noticeable generational, cultural and stylistic differences. Despite this, there's a common denominator between them: both have lent their talents to the world of Heavy Metal. A…
Gear Review: Usnea Guitarist and Vocalist Justin Cory on His 1972 Ampeg V4 and 1980 RAT Distortion Pedal
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Nov 20, 2014
Usnea recently unveiled the full details of their second full-length LP (and Relapse Records debut), Random Cosmic Violence, a four-song sonic masterpiece that was recorded and mixed by Jared "Fester" See at Haywire Studios (Stoneburner, Rabbits, Dru…
Gear Review: Burnt Belief Guitarist Jon Durant Overviews His Guitar, Amp, and Pedal Set-up
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 19, 2014
Guitarist/composer Jon Durant, of the band Burnt Belief, recently sat down to chat with me about his favorite pieces of gear. The instrumental progressive rock outfit has just completed work on their new album, Etymology, and it was released on Octob…
Interview with Pierce The Veil; Bassist Jaime Preciado Discusses New Album, Writing Process, and Touring
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 19, 2014
I recently had the chanced to sit and chat with Jaime Preciado, bassist of the San Diego-based rock act, Pierce The Veil. The band has just completed work on their to-be-released fourth studio album and is currently on the first leg of an extensive w…
Interview Sonata Arctica; Keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg Discusses the New 'Ecliptica - Revisited' (15th Anniversary Edition) Album
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 18, 2014
I recently had a chance to chat with Henrik Klingenberg, keyboardist with the Finnish power metal act Sonata Arctica, about the band's new project, a re-recording of their album Ecliptica - Revisited. More than fifteen years later the group has revis…
Purely Provocative: The Jazz June Frontman Andrew Low Discusses Fugazi, Lightning Strikes, the NRA, Bill O'Reilly, and German Fans
Comments Purely Provocative » by: Bruce Moore on Nov 16, 2014
Andrew Low, front man for the indie/punk act The Jazz June, took a brief moment out his schedule promoting the band's latest album, After The Earthquake (out November 11, 2014 via Topshelf Records), to answer some of our "Purely Provocative" question…
Interview with Flyleaf; Bassist Pat Seals Talks New Album, Kristen May's Transition, and Pastimes on Tour
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bobbi Kyle on Nov 16, 2014
At the beginning of September, Flyleaf released a brand new album featuring new singer Kristen May. Flyleaf fans had anxiously been awaiting the release of Between The Stars to hear how Flyleaf’s music was going to sound with the absence of founding…