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Tattoo Talk: 18th & Addison Lead Vocalist and Guitarist Kait DiBenedetto Talks Pending, Painful and Regretful Ink; Plus Pat Sheridan from Fit For An Autopsy
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Chris Gonda on Jan 28, 2015
DiBenedetto and bandmate Tom Kunzman formed 18th & Addison in November of 2013 and released their debut album Little Parasites on January 20th, 2015.
Gear Review: Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltán Báthory Discusses His Custom Diamond Amplifiers and New Signature Halcyon ZB Guitars [Exclusive]
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 26, 2015
We got some exclusive insight from guitarist extraordinaire, Zoltan Bathory, founder and one of the main songwriters of Five Finger Death Punch, into his sick new gear while he was at NAMM 2015 with Jeff Diamant of Diamond Guitars and Amplification.
Interview with Enter Shikari; Bassist and Vocalist Chris Batten Discusses New Album 'The Mindsweep' and More
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 22, 2015
Chris Batten, bassist for the UK-based electronicore/post-hardcore band, Enter Shikari, took a moment out of his hectic schedule to speak with me about the group's brand new release, The Mindsweep (be sure to read our album review).
Gear Review: Cowards Guitarist Adrien L Discusses His Gibson '83 Tobacco Sunburst LP Custom Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Jan 21, 2015
We chatted with Adrien L, guitarist for the Parisian metallic hardcore/sludge quintet Cowards, to discern just how he's able to get his sound so dark!
Gear Review: L.A. Calling Mastermind David Corral Discusses His Roland Sequencer-Keyboard
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 20, 2015
I recently had the opportunity to speak with David Corral, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who performs under the moniker of L.A. Calling, about his favorite piece of gear.
Gear Review: Tiger Flowers Guitarist Dean Landry on His 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 19, 2015
Dean Landry, guitarist for the New York-based hardcore/progressive metal band Tiger Flowers, spoke to me about the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar that he uses to achieve his unique tone.
Gear Review: Patrick Hemer Discusses His Marshall Amplification System with JMP-1 Preamp, 5100 Power Amp, and 1960 Cabinets
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 18, 2015
Patrick Hemer is one of the most respected guitarists in the world of hard rock. He has toured the globe, performed with many well-known artists, both on stage and in the studio, and is perhaps best known for his work with the German metal band, Hori…
Interview with Lou Gramm; the "Multi-Platinum Survivor" Discusses His Incredible Rock and Roll Memoir "Juke Box Hero"
Comments Artist Chats » by: Charlie Steffens on Jan 18, 2015
"Juke Box Hero," Gramm's rock and roll memoir, named after Foreigner's venerated hit, is a chronicle of the singer's fifty years in rock.
Gear Review: Miss May I Bassist Ryan Neff Discusses His Darkglass Electronics Effects Pedals
Comments Gear Review » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 16, 2015
Ryan Neff, bassist for the powerhouse metal band Miss May I, recently took a moment out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer a few questions about his gear setup.
Interview with Vision Of Disorder; Bassist Mike Fleischmann on 'Still' Reissue, New Recording, and 20th Anniversary
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 15, 2015
We spoke with Mike Fleischmann, bassist for the New York-based hardcore/metal bruisers, Vision Of Disorder, about the re-release of their EP Still, a new record, and more.
Interview with Comeback Kid; Vocalist Andrew Neufeld Talks "Die Knowing," Touring, and Staying Relevant
Comments Artist Chats » by: Brooke Taylor on Jan 14, 2015
Die Knowing is the first record Comeback Kid has put out in a few years, yet they remain as relevant to my hardcore playlists as they did 10 years ago.
Gear Review: Abstracter Guitarist Robin Kahn on His Red Bear MK 120, Les Paul, and Black Russian Big Muff
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Jan 14, 2015
Abstracter are getting ready to unleash their new album February 10, 2015. We wanted to learn about Wound Empire's dark sound and as such talked gear with guitarist Robin Kahn.
Interview with Tear Out The Heart; Vocalist Tyler Konersman Discusses Latest Victory Records Release 'Dead, Everywhere'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Jan 13, 2015
Tear Out The Heart vocalist, Tyler Konersman, sat down to discuss his St. Louis-based metalcore band's second full-length disc, Dead, Everywhere, which is due out on January 27th via Victory Records.
Interview with Motion City Soundtrack; Vocalist and Guitarist Justin Pierre Discusses 'Commit This To Memory', Songwriting and the Shortest Lifetime Ever
Comments Artist Chats » by: Justin Franco on Jan 12, 2015
Produced by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Commit This To Memory went on to become Motion City Soundtrack's breakthrough effort, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart and becoming their highest-selling album to date.
Interview with Animals As Leaders; Guitarist Javier Reyes Discusses Touring and Latest Album 'The Joy Of Motion'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Carmen Monoxide on Jan 11, 2015
Virtuoso trio Animals As Leaders recently dropped their latest record, The Joy Of Motion, and man, is it an explosion of an album! I caught up with guitarist Javier Reyes while the band was on tour, which debuted songs from the brand spanking new rec…
Tattoo Talk: Cognizance Bassist Philip Archbold Talks Castles, Bong Moths, and His Future Ink
Comments Tattoo Talk » by: Chris Gonda on Jan 07, 2015
We spoke about tattoos, via email, with Philip Archbold, bassist for the up-and-coming Yorkshire, England-based metal band, Cognizance.
Interview with Sylosis; Vocalist and Lead Guitarist Josh Middleton Discusses New Album 'Dormant Heart'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Nathan Harlow on Jan 06, 2015
I recently spoke to Sylosis vocalist and lead guitarist, Josh Middleton, about the new album's influences, the recording process, and how the group's sound has progressed.
Gear Review: Dimesland Guitarist Drew Cook on His Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amplifier
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Jan 05, 2015
Oakland, CA-based Dimesland released the 8-track album Psychogenic Atrophy on December 9, 2014 and it's loaded with some furiously-played abstract metal.
Purely Provocative: The Golers Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, Charlie Goler, Discusses AIDS, Fear, Marijuana, and Pet Peeves
Comments Purely Provocative » by: Curtis Dewar on Jan 04, 2015
We recently streamed their track "Quickshit McGraw" (hear it below) and as a result decided to ask Golers frontman Charlie Goler to answer some purely provocative questions.
Interview with Wretched; Vocalist Adam Cody and Guitarist Joel Moore on Tour Life, Dating Sites, and 'Cannibal'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Daniella Kohan on Dec 29, 2014
We chatted with Wretched vocalist Adam Cody and guitarist Joel Moore during their New Jersey show at our favorite little rock venue, Dingbatz on Saturday December 27th.
Interview with Holy Mount; Bassist Brandon McKenzie and Guitarist/Vocalist Danijel Losic Discuss Vinyl and Gear
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Dec 27, 2014
Danijel Losic (guitar, vocals) and Brandon McKenzie (bass) provided some insight into the importance of album aesthetics and the live atmosphere that Holy Mount likes to create for its audience.
Interview with Restorations; Bassist Dan Zimmerman talks 'LP 3', Festivals, and Sunburns feat. Guitarist Ben Pierce
Comments Artist Chats » by: Brooke Taylor on Dec 22, 2014
A very sunburned Dan Zimmerman, bassist for Restorations, sat down (in the shade) and talked about the band, festivals, sunscreen, and dogs.
Interview with Emmure; Vocalist Frankie Palmeri Talks About People who Hate him, Metal Injection, Breakfast, and Touring
Comments Artist Chats » by: Brooke Taylor on Dec 19, 2014
In the back of the tour bus that reeks of the ghosts of many joints smoked, Palmeri gets deep about fans, touring, and shit-talks Metal Injection. All in good fun, of course.
...And Justice For Art: A Guide to (some of) the Best Metal Album Covers of 2014... so far (Part 5) - Feat. At The Gates, Illdisposed, Siberian, Satan, Wizard Rifle
Comments Artist Chats » by: Ramon Martos Garcia on Dec 18, 2014
On this fifth and last episode of And Justice For Art's guide to some of 2014's best album covers, we continue to explore some of these fine graphics and how they were created. Let's find out what the bands and visual artists involved had to say.
Interview with Hearts Like Lions; Drummer Nick Sturz Discusses the Band's Origins and New EP 'These Hands'
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Dec 17, 2014
Nick Sturz gives us some insight into the journey towards the creation of "These Hands" and discusses how the difference between their debut album and the new EP is "day and night."
Gear Review: Sisters Of... Guitarist and Bassist Chris Clark on His Orange Rockerverb 100 MKI Amp
Comments Gear Review » by: Curtis Dewar on Dec 17, 2014
After premiering a brand new Sisters Of... song (see below), we decided to catch up with guitarist and bassist Chris Clark and find out a little bit more about his gear.
Gear Review: Gale Guitarist Wilson Hensleigh on His Peavey Mace VT Head
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Dec 16, 2014
We checked in with Gale guitarist and vocalist, Wilson Hensleigh, who talked to us about some of his gear.
Interview with Shyy; Bassist Kevin Nock Discusses the Band's Origins and Value of Live Music
Comments Artist Chats » by: Yumna Leghari on Dec 10, 2014
Shyy bassist, Kevin Nock, recently took some time to provide insight into the vision and creativity behind Shyy, and discussed the value of live music.
Quick & Dirty: Johnny Wore Black Songwriter and Vocalist "Jay" on Corey Taylor, Beethoven, Goodfellas, and More
Comments Artist Chats » by: Bruce Moore on Dec 09, 2014
For this edition of the Quick & Dirty, we chatted with "Jay" of Johnny Wore Black. The songwriter and vocalist released his latest offering, Walking Underwater, Pt. 2 this past November.
Gear Review: Miggs Frontman Don Miggs on His 1959 Fender Jazzmaster Guitar
Comments Gear Review » by: Chris Gonda on Dec 08, 2014
Miggs frontman and lead songwriter, Don Miggs, chats with us about his 1959 Fender Jazzmaster guitar and how it works into his band Miggs' music, and their latest single "Walls Come Down."