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Fresh off the release of their latest record Hail Destroyer, the Cancer Bats embarked on an extensive Canadian tour to bring the heavy to the masses. I was able to catch up with frontman Liam Cormier at a charming burrito joint in Hamilton’s Hess Village. The weather was beautiful, and talking music with an enthusiastic and kind dude was as relaxing as can be. We had the chance to talk about the new record, some of the people…
on May 16, 2008
Testament have overcome all sorts of adversity to become one of the most respected and heralded metal bands today. After dealing with cancer, record label woes and membership issues, the band has returned with their best album in years, The Formation of Damnation. After over a decade of exiting the Bay Area band, original lead guitarist, Alex Skolnick rejoined the fold and added his trademark solos to the album.
on May 13, 2008
Defined in their bio as a brand of high-energy post-hardcore, Christian Rockers Take It Back are preparing to take their music and their message to the masses. Having recently signed to Facedown Records the band is hard at work on their debut record which is due out sometime this summer. They are also scheduled to play the Facedown Fest this spring with other artists such as Inked in Blood and Impending Doom.
on May 08, 2008
For over a decade now the Swiss band Cataract have been kicking ass and with the release of their newest self-titled CD, they are preparing to continue the worldwide assault. After a line up change that includes a new bass player and a new guitarist, the band has crafted its finest work yet. Brutal and full of aggression Cataract does not disappoint. With the summer festival season in full swing Cataract are preparing…
on May 05, 2008
It’s tough to believe that nearly a decade ago, Dustin Kensrue et al. began a Warped Tour-friendly punk band in sunny Orange County.
on May 01, 2008
Alpha Galates is a Toronto-based prog metal outfit who’ve recently been making waves and catching some important ears. Originally forming as The Hollow out in Western Canada, the group was since rerooted to Ontario, released a trilogy of independent albums, added some new members, and united under a new moniker. Prior to my interview with Alpha Galates vocalist/drummer Matthew Von Wagner, the band’s…
on Apr 29, 2008
In rock and roll music, we sometimes find individuals who seem to be able to do it all. They sing, they play guitar, they’re in a band (sometimes more than one), they do solo material, they produce for other artists. One of these individuals is Marc Rizzo, currently the guitarist for the band Soulfly, but also solo artist, member of Cavalera Conspiracy, former member of Ill Nino and…
on Apr 27, 2008
Heavy, Thunderous, Fast and in your face; Metal Blade recording act Fate is preparing to unleash their fury on the world. Their debut CD Vultures is set to be released on April 29th and is sure to have the industry buzzing. Well written songs, a brilliant production, and a ferocious attack that doesn’t stop; Vultures will leave fans begging for more. Each track assaults the listener with a unique brand of in your face…
on Apr 24, 2008
Some bands like to claim that they’ve been through it all but they might reconsider that feeling if they knew what the band Soilent Green has been through. Originally from a suburb of New Orleans, this band has had their van roll over several times in a horrific car accident in 2001, had their bass player die in a murder-suicide by his roommate in 2004 and had their former lead singer killed in of all things…
on Apr 08, 2008
If you’ve been following the metal scene for the past few years, there is no doubt that you are familiar with the 80’s thrash renaissance. Legions of young bands from one side of the world to the other have pledged their allegiance to the groups who ruled the underground circa 1988. These new bands have more in common with Flotsam & Jetsam and Death Angel than they do with Disturbed or even, Every Time I Die.
on Mar 29, 2008
I was able to catch up with Silverstein guitarist Josh Bradford just prior to the band getting onstage for their headlining date at a sold-out Kool Haus in Toronto, ON. In fact, the entire Canadian leg of the tour featuring Protest the Hero, illScarlett, and The Devil Wears Prada had capacity crowds. We talk in the band’s tour room while illScarlett plays to a seemingly hyped crowd. Josh is very welcoming, and all smiles. Thanks go to him, the band’s tour manager Shawn, and my homie Shelby at Victory Records for their hospitality. Read my thoughts on the night here.
on Mar 25, 2008
This is how the band Psyopus’s bio describes their brand of music. Let me tell you this is one very different record. From the very first song the listener is assaulted by in your face guitars and vocals that are just... unbelievable and possibly indescribable. This is a record you just have to hear to appreciate, nothing can accurately describe what awaits the listener when they first hear the bands newest offering…
on Mar 17, 2008
Minnesota six piece, Epicurean incorporate the best elements of symphonic, prog, death and thrash metal into an original sound that has caught quite the buzz in the underground as of late. The hard-working band has been consistently gigging throughout the Midwest for last few years, selling thousands of copies of their demos in the process. Legendary label, Metal Blade Records signed the band in 2007 and…
on Mar 13, 2008
Although they’ve been together for a few years now, the members of Fate are barely of legal drinking age (at least in Canada) and have already garnered a significant following and a recording contract with Metal Blade Records. The group has been steadily developing their sound and musical maturity to the point that they are just set to release their debut album on Metal Blade titled Vultures.
on Mar 11, 2008
Anyone listening Bloodsimple’s Red Harvest for the first time and expecting a run of the mill heavy metal record is about to be hit with a bombshell. With the release of their sophomore effort this Long Island, NY based quintet, which formed out of the ashes of metalcore pioneers Vision of Disorder, has crafted their most musically ambitious album to date. From eerie...
on Mar 10, 2008
With the release of their sixth studio album Day and Night Driving, the band have solidified their status as true storytellers. While the musical approach is a bit different from previous releases such as the platinum American Standard, the songwriting remains strong. Each track is a story in itself, expertly crafted to draw the listener in. Day and Night Driving is well-produced and very well-written and will be a record that…
on Feb 25, 2008
The Atlanta, Georgia quintet, Collective Soul, was (and continues to be) not only a great band, but also one of the most successful rock acts of the last fifteen years.
on Feb 19, 2008
With the Re-release of their album Black Roses on Nashville based Severe Records, Painkiller Hotel are looking to take their music to a greater audience. Pure Rock and Roll with no gimmicks, these guys prove they can rock with the best of them. Catchy melodies with rock sensibilities are what these guys are all about. Painkiller Hotel know how to rock! Guitarist/vocalist Kevin Presbrey spoke with me about the band…
on Feb 04, 2008
The Toronto scene always has new bands popping up and coming through for a visit. Sons & Lovers, though not a new band, are starting to make a name for themselves in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Many things are soon to come for this North Ontario band, some of which I herein discussed with bassist Josh Hogan. If you haven't heard them yet, check 'em out and read the interview.
on Jan 30, 2008
Following up their critically acclaimed 2005 release Aeolian, The Ocean have released an unprecedented dual disc set on Metal Blade Records entitled Precambrian. This is not your typical Metal release though; it is an epic both musically and thematically. On the music side of things Precambrian encompasses orchestras, electronic and instrumentation as well as grinding guitars and thundering drums.
on Jan 28, 2008


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