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ANDREW BOSS Booted from ALTER BRIDGE's Winter 2017 Tour for Swearing Too Much

- Feb 16, 2017 at 01:13PM
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Andrew Boss has confirmed that his band has been kicked off the current Alter Bridge tour due to the fact that his music has too much swearing. See a video example below. The band will still play their upcoming shows with Nonpoint. New album drops on May 19th!

Andrew Boss commented on the news: "We had been approved for 2 months after submitting live videos and a couple of songs from the new album. Been promoting it and press releases. The day of the show we get noticed that we had been booted off the dates, because the band members had watched our video "Let Me Hear You" which was not a song we were going to play on the tour. We had actually rearranged our set to fit in better with the shows. We were all really blown away. Nobody reached out to us to ask us not to play the song or tone it down for the set or anything. They just cancelled us and took my name off of everything."

Show Dates (w/ Nonpoint):

02/23 - Spokane WA - The Pin
02/24 - Billings MT - Pub Station

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