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Canadian Cult Classic FUBAR to Get Eight Episode TV Series on Viceland

- Feb 12, 2017 at 07:58PM
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It was confirmed this week by VICE that a small screen series adaptation of the now-legendary, Canadian cult classic film, Fubar, will be coming to Viceland later this year.

Your favorite west coast, Pilsner-chugging metal heads, Deaner and Terry, aka David Lawrence and Paul Spence, return and venture back to their home of Calgary Alberta, escaping from Fort McMurray (where the movie Fubar 2 left off).

Filming is currently underway in Montreal and long-time director Michael Dowse is also on board to keep with the tradition of the franchise. Apparently in the show, Terry tries to become a social media expert and Deaner attempts to record a triple concept album with his band. It's so ridiculous we're already laughing.

The show will consist of eight half hour episodes and air on Viceland later in the year.

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