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Danish Guitarist QUIST Set to Release New Album 'Trigger' April 28th

- Apr 20, 2017 at 08:07AM
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Danish guitar virtuoso Quist (aka Jacob Quistgaard) has announced the details of his new instrumental album Trigger which will be released on April 28th through Fretmonkey Records. The album will be the first instrumental record by Quist who has etched out a career for himself as the lead guitarist for UK rock legend Bryan Ferry. He is also the one behind the QuistJam YouTube channel which has amassed over 40 million views.

Trigger will feature an all-star cast of musicians contributing, including Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson), Dave De Rose (Mark Ronson), and English composer Magnus Fiennes (Shakira, Pulp, Tom Jones). The lead single is called "She #Zen" which will have a video released for it soon.

Quist commented, "The album started coming together as I was touring the world performing with Valerie June, and then Bryan Ferry. Those gigs had happened as a result of making a conscious decision to embrace my inner guitar geek and totally focus on the instrument that started it all for me. That decision started a huge wave of change in my life. A wave that moved me from London to Los Angeles, gave me an audience on YouTube, sent me touring more than ever, opened up new doors, enabled killer contributions from the musicians I was touring with, and – most importantly – made me realize the strength in allowing yourself to be YOU. 'Trigger' represents a monumental personal and musical journey for me, a thirst for exploring, and a brand new chapter. I hope you enjoy the music."

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