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GRIM REAPER Vocalist STEVE GRIMMETT Remains Hospitalized in South America with Life-Threatening Infection

- Jan 23, 2017 at 02:33PM
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Grim Reaper lead singer, Steve Grimmett, is being held in a South American hospital after the airline of the flight for which he was scheduled to board on Saturday refused him entrance. For a week the vocalist has continued to battle a life-threatening condition which struck him during a tour of the band's newest offering, Walking In The Shadows.

Said Amelia Grimmett, Grimmett’s wife, recently, "Last Saturday, whilst doing a gig in Ecuador, Steve was taken very ill. He finished the gig sitting down but was transported to a local hospital immediately after the performance where they operated to remove an infection."

Ms. Grimmett elaborated further on a recent interview with The Metal Voice: "The band was only ten days into a South American tour when Steve began to feel ill. He took some tablets thinking it was maybe altitude sickness. However during the early part of the band’s performance, Steve’s health went downhill quickly. He was taken to hospital and rushed into surgery to attempt to remove a growing infection on his foot. The following morning, they scanned him and confirmed the infection had spread. He was rushed back in to surgery and was told he would at minimum loose a few toes, worse-case scenario his foot. Additional tests were conducted and the infection had again spread. On Wednesday, a decision was made for a third operation; one that resulted in doctors removing Steve’s right leg below the knee in order to stop the infection that could, if allowed to spread, take his life."

Grimmet is expected to return to England on Friday. "Steve is booked on a plane to fly home this week," notes Amelia and adds, "the rest of the band has now flown back so Steve will be on his own in the hospital but he says he’s ok. The embassy has promised they will look after him and get him back to the UK safely."
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