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KEVIN FLETCHER of Uh Huh Baby Yeah Reveals New Band SUMMER YOUTH and New Single

- Apr 21, 2017 at 10:45AM
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Kevin Fletcher, ex-singer of the now defunct pop/rock band Uh Huh Baby Yeah has started a new band called Summer Youth. The band features Kevin Fletcher (vocals), Chris Doty (drums), Bones Armstrong (bass), Chris Goins (guitar). The group is heavily influenced by bands such as Glassjaw, letlive., Saosin, and Incubus. Early 2000s post-hardcore bands such as Lorene Drive and Emanuel are also noticeable in their sound.

"UHBY was an enormous part of my life for over a decade," Fletcher reflects. "So it was a bittersweet moment bringing it to an end; but, this is in my blood. It’s what I was born to do." When asked why he chose to reunite with founding member and UHBY-alum Armstrong, Kevin said, "foundation was laid with Doty, Goins, and me. Once we realized this was going to be a thing, we only wanted the best guy for the job. It took some time, but Bones was it. No question."

Check out the band's first single called "Chaos Magick."

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