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KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Announce New Album 'Prevail I' and Stream Lead Single "Gotham"

- Feb 17, 2017 at 10:58AM
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Canada's hard rock/meta band, Kobra and the Lotus, just confirmed a May 12th, 2017 release of their Napalm Records debut, Prevail I, and are streaming the lead single "Gotham".

The band's frontwoman, Kobra Paige, commented on the album's story: "When we are born, we are innocent, pure, and unshaped. This mandala signifies a human at the beginning of it’s journey. Unscathed and beautiful, the mandala is each and every one of us. As this album unfolds, you will notice it’s more than just music. Prevail I is a story of visceral truth and I believe, if we’re really being honest with ourselves, everyone will find their story within it. After all, the battles may differ, but we all started as the same mandala and we are more relatable than we’d like to admit. Our only wish is that you may enjoy the freaking crap out of this album and find comfort in realizing you’re not alone."

Prevail I Track Listing:

01. Gotham
02. TriggerPulse
03. You Don’t Know
04. Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)
05. Light Me Up
06. Manifest Destiny
07. Victim
08. Check The Phyrg
09. Hell On Earth
10. Prevail

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