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KREYSKULL Take Flight with New Album 'The Bird of Bad Weather'

- Mar 17, 2017 at 06:59AM
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Sliptrick Records have announced the new release from Kreyskull, titled The Bird of Bad Weather. This will be the third full-length record from the Karhula-based, psychedelic doom band. The new album is an exciting listening experience, bringing together various styles such as the heaviness of doom, some experimental groove metal, some more relaxed rock and even a psychedelic intermission with "The All-Seeing Wathchers." Kreyskull are not afraid to change up their style which is why you'll hear keyboards, saxophone and violin adding extra layers to the cosmic sound.

The Bird of Bad Weather is a very organic sounding album that is both raw and heavy. You may say this is for fans of Witchcraft and Cathedral, but the record has a wide appeal that will be pleasing to most any listener.

The Bird of Bad Weather Track Listing:

01. Cosmic Scavenger
02. Lord Of The Zorg
03. Flying God Machine
04. Return Of The Witch
05. The All-Seeing Watchers
06. Chemical Wizard
07. 7th Chamber
08. Spirit Train
09. Planet Zorg

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