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NOCTURNAL TORMENT Stream Title Track "They Come At Night" Online

- Feb 09, 2012 at 09:43AM
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An exclusive stream of the title track from Nocturnal Torment's, 'They Come At Night' has hit the internet. To quote Gun Shy Assassin's own Chris Harris, "Fuck, man - if you don't like this, there is nothing I can do to help you. Clearly, you just don't know a fucking thing." Get yourself educated and visit this location to hear the tune.

Deathgasm Records, in conjunction with Orchestrated Misery Recordings, is proud to announce the release of the debut full-length recording from Indiana's Nocturnal Torment on February 9th. 'They Come At Night' is a nine track-exercise in old school death metal that isn't afraid to show its thrash roots. Comparisons to old death metal stalwarts Pestilence and Monstrosity, as well as thrash legends like Sadus, Kreator, and Dark Angel have been made, but with a much heavier sound!

'They Come At Night' Track Listing:

01. Vile Affliction
02. Alternative Reality
03. Cycle of Life
04. Fresh Flesh Fetish
05. Bleeding
06. Sweet Decay
07. Forever Eternal Darkness
08. They Come at Night
09. Primordial Existence

For more information, please visit: www.myspace.com/eternalnocturnaltorment.
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