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Quebec Hard Rockers WHITENAILS to Release Debut Album 'First Trip' May 26th

- Apr 20, 2017 at 04:31PM
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Quebec hard rock band WhiteNails is pleased to announce that they have signed with New York-based independent rock label Magnetic Eye Records (Ghastly Sound, Summoner). The six-piece amped-up rock n' roll band unleash massive riffs and vintage swagger in their music and they'll be putting it all on the line with the release of their debut album First Trip on May 26th.

WhiteNails formed in 2015 when guitarist Taylor Johnson (ex-Atomis) relocated to Quebec and met local tattoo artist Danahé Cote. Within only six months, the band was opening up for The Sword and Royal Thunder and showing an undeniable musical chemistry together. First Trip delivers a satisfyingly heavy sound that rides fuzzed-out riffs and thick-as-hell grooves straight into the sonic void. The album contains a guest appearance from fellow Canadian musician Gabrielle Shonk who lends her standout voice to the track "Dead In Time."

"Whitenails is extremely excited to sign with Magnetic Eye records who has a reputation for thinking big, working extremely hard, and putting out quality record after quality record," says Johnson. "First Trip is a debut full of energetic, big riffs and an attention to songwriting that we feel separates Whitenails from the pack. We look forward to what the future brings."

First Trip Track listing:

01. Shanghaied
02. Done and Gone
03. Dead in Time (feat. Gabrielle Shonk)
04. In My Blood
05. Damn Judas
06. Silver Linings
07. Brazen Bull
08. The Crooked Lake

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