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THE TATTOO COLLECTIVE Holds First Ever Event In London This Week

- Feb 15, 2017 at 06:37AM
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The Tattoo Collective, a brand new very exclusive event showcasing the absolute best of British and Irish studios, alongside inspirational art exhibitions and the chicest artist-driven alternative merchandise and clothing stalls, will be taking place at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane over the weekend of February 17/18/19.

Presented by the Tattoo Life Magazine team behind The International London Tattoo Convention, widely regarded as the best convention in the world with over 400 attending artists flying in from all corners of the globe to participate each year, The Tattoo Collective is the upshot of its sister event’s tumultuous success.

With the demand from the world-wide tattoo elite to work at The International London Tattoo Convention now so high that there is a 3 year + waiting list, this limits the number of spaces available for the best of UK and Irish studios so Tattoo Life Magazine, the organisers of the International London Tattoo Convention, decided to select 150 of the most innovative and accomplished tattoo artists working across the country to launch The Tattoo Collective.

The most pioneering, biggest names in the UK and Irish industry, along with the most talented up and comers, all handpicked for their exceptional skills, will be on view practising their art in public over the weekend.

For more information, visit http://thetattoocollective.co.uk/.

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