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American heavy metal band Trivium was absolutely one of my favourite sets to shoot at Heavy MTL.
on Sep 10, 2012
One of the most insane sets of this year's Heavy MTL had to be given by The Dillinger Escape Plan. They gave an absolutely energetic performance, and even preformed in the pit and right in the crowd! They absolutely killed it, craziest set at Heavy, hands down.
on Sep 09, 2012
The Cult rolled into Montreal's Le Métropolis on September 1st, 2012 and though I never was a fan of the band, the faithful seemed delighted with the night's performance. I personally enjoyed the band playing song after song while skipping the ubiquitous yet unnecessary drum solo and the pee break inducing guitar solo. Fans pay to hear songs and The Cult delivered in spades on that count. Well done!
on Sep 07, 2012
Heavy TO... the bands were all fantastic, but the crowd might have been, at times, equally as interesting. From plenty of hot rocker women to mud men making the best of the weather, these pictures reflect the event's true soul. Dressing to represent and braving the nasty elements that mother nature dished out those two days, these fans were more than willing to share their love of the music in front of my camera. These pictures are stills taken from a forthcoming video titled "Welcome to Heavy TO", coming here soon. If you missed this event, you missed a coming together of all sorts of people with one common goal... to rock hard and support great music. And that they did!
on Sep 01, 2012
French heavy metal band Gojira put on an insane show on the afternoon of August 12th, the second day of Heavy MTL. They were without a doubt a crowd favourite - it was my first time seeing them, but I will say that they put on a wicked show!
on Aug 30, 2012
It may have been my 9th or 10th time seeing Protest the Hero, but they kill it every time and this performance was no exception. What a great way to start off the second day of Heavy MTL!
on Aug 29, 2012
Between The Buried And Me performed on the afternoon of August 11th, and probably put on one of the most insane shows of the festival. The crowd got so into their set that security had to bust out the giant hose to bring the intensity down! High energy and amazing performance, what a great way to start Heavy MTL!
on Aug 28, 2012
I was absolutely blown away by Periphery's set. Myself being a huge fan of Protest the Hero and Today I Caught the Plague (both of whom have recently returned from a U.S. tour with Periphery), I knew I had to check these guys out. And I have to say that I am hooked, they have an incredible sound and put on an amazing set, I can guarantee that this won't be my last time seeing them!
on Aug 27, 2012
Quebec rock n' rollers Dance Laury Dance were the first band to perform on the second day of Heavy MTL, and did they ever put on a killer show. Their set was energetic, entertaining and all in all, totally insane! As we would say in French, "C'etait totallement metal!".
on Aug 25, 2012
American Death Metal band Cannibal Corpse performed on the evening of the first day of Heavy MTL, August 11th. They perfored to a huge crowd of dedicated fans who were very obviously stoked to see their set. Insane show!
on Aug 24, 2012
Kill Devil Hill rolled into Montreal's Underground on a cool Summer Saturday evening (Aug 18, 2012) and delivered a punishing set from their eponymous debut album. The band continues their tour later this year in the US and have already started work on a second album.
on Aug 22, 2012
Foreigner brought their hits and classic rock sensibilities to Montreal's newest venue, Maddie's Place on August 11th 2012. Torrential rains lit up the skies before the band hit the stage, but despite puddles and mud Foreigner delivered an high-energy show wrapped around years of classic songs. Say what you will, but the true test of any band's worth are songs... timeless songs.
on Aug 21, 2012
This was by no means my first time seeing Toronto's own Cancer Bats (this was probably my 4th or 5th time), but as usual, they did not disappoint. Lead by vocalist Liam Cormier, they put on a show full of energy and really got the crowd going! They were the last band I got the opportunity to photograph at Heavy MTL and they will always be one of my favourite bands to shoot.
on Aug 20, 2012
The only heavy rain we got hit with over the 2 day festival was during Killswitch Engage's set... but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time!
on Aug 17, 2012
Slipknot headlined the second night of this year's Heavy MTL festival. The band delivered a much expected, high-energy show and even though it was my fourth or fifth time seeing them, they never cease to amaze.
on Aug 15, 2012
Overkill were part of this year's Heavy MTL festival. They played the second night (August 12th 2012) and tore it up! Last time, I saw the band was right after 9/11 at the NYC Steel Show benefitting NY's finest.
on Aug 14, 2012
If any band knows how to put on a show and start a party, it's without a doubt Down With Webster. They performed one of the most energetic and intense sets of Bluesfest 2012, and the crowd was just as wild. A great time was had by all during their performance that's for sure!
on Aug 12, 2012
Canadian indie rock band The Wooden Sky performed on the Claridge Stage on the evening of July 8th. They played to a huge crowd, and it was obvious that everyone enjoyed the show!
on Aug 11, 2012
Monster Truck performed an early evening set on July 7th, opening for Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. They may have performed outdoors on one of the hottest days of the Summer, but that didn't stop them from playing a killer set! Awesome performance.
on Aug 10, 2012
Ottawa was lucky to have Canadian band The Sheepdogs perform at Bluesfest for the second year in a row! This time they performed an evening set and headlined on July 12th alongside Sam Roberts. They played to a huge crowd and put on a great show!
on Aug 09, 2012


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