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Musical insanity aside, this will have a home with many who worship at the altar of ‘post-Human’ Death, Ulcerate, Artificial Brain, Immolation and others of supreme extreme excellence.
on Jun 21, 2017
Jonathan Wolfe, frontman for new Seattle rock group Vespera, and known for his work with Slaves and Falling In Reverse, shares his TOP 10 favourite animes.
on Jun 21, 2017
I'm sitting across from a man dressed as Ned Flanders at Hard Luck in Toronto, holding a joint in his face. He laughs and takes the bait, feeding me the line I was waiting for: "They told me the devil would be attractive."
on Jun 21, 2017
!!! have been quietly and successfully sharing their music for over 20 years. Never a headliner but never a waste, they've recently released their 7th studio album entitled "Shake The Shudder".
on Jun 19, 2017
Just a week after releasing their superb 5-track EP Bloom, Seasonal hit the stage to a virtually empty room with a surprisingly refreshing enthusiasm.
on Jun 18, 2017
The five-piece hardcore band Moments shared a killer list of the TOP 10 hardcore hangouts in their hometown of Belgium!
on Jun 13, 2017
For fans new and old, Rise Against has, once again, given us the perfect material for sticking it to the man.
on Jun 08, 2017
Field Trip's fifth anniversary felt like a celebration despite the unseasonably cool temperatures
on Jun 07, 2017
Franz Ferdinand at the Danforth on a Friday night—could there be a better way to start the weekend? After last week’s show, it’s hard to think of one.
on Jun 06, 2017
Supporting the release of the new album Two Parts Viper from Atlanta, GA's heavy rock duo ’68, we linked up with Josh Scogin to get this exclusive track-by-track.
on Jun 05, 2017
Slime And Punishment is, on the whole, a consistent and solid Municipal Waste album.
on Jun 05, 2017
Although the opening chords and background beat are catchy, for the most part, this song is pretty banal.
on Jun 05, 2017
Crippled Earn is an adrenaline shot of quality hardcore punk.
on Jun 04, 2017
Revelation doesn't do much to add to deathcore's sound, but does it need to?
on Jun 04, 2017
Wonder Woman is a big, bold, and beautiful film bursting with both graceful light and intense darkness, but it is that duality that creates the never-ending battle between good and evil!
on Jun 03, 2017
With their 9th album (and first with Cadence Records), the Headstones have gradually solidified themselves as a permanent presence in the Canadian rock music landscape.
on Jun 03, 2017
Serious business for the bunch known as Moonbow, as their latest War Bear comes at you for both the good times and the summertime blues.
on May 31, 2017
In our preview ahead of this year's Download Festival, we look at twelve bands you need to check out on the Dogtooth and Avalanche stages if you fancy discovering your new favourite band.
on May 30, 2017
After several days of torrential rain in Toronto, CBC Music Festival enjoyed a sunny, albeit cool day to kick off the summer music festival season.
on May 29, 2017
Field Trip's Day Camp will once again offer a variety of programming perfectly suited to little ones that will also give their parents a chance to take a break from the 26 acts that will perform on two stages.
on May 29, 2017


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