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With debut album Glitter and Spit looking set to propel them into the spotlight, we sat down with London-based rock duo The Pearl Harts for April’s “190 Proof” artist of the month feature.
on Apr 25, 2018
Ruff Majik, a proto-funk-meets-sludge outfit from Pretoria, South Africa, is possibly the best live act you've never seen!
on Mar 29, 2018
Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics are the greatest stadium rock band you’ve never heard of. Well, they will be.
on Feb 23, 2018
Hawkeyes are a musical treasure. Their live shows are not a regular occurrence - which makes them a thing of celebration amongst their converts, many of whom tend to show up repeatedly when they play.
on Feb 02, 2018
Vicious. remain determined to bring their brand of bitter to stages around the world!
on Dec 22, 2017
All told, Speaker is gearing up to show us some of the most abrasive metallic hardcore to come out of Toronto in recent years.
on Nov 08, 2017


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