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After 3 years and a quiet revamping of personnel, California dark rock charmers Ides Of Gemini flourish with their latest entitled opus (and homage to) in Women'
on May 01, 2017
The inexplicable feeling of eternal sadness and the quest for meaning, the euphoria of existence: Ghost Bath gives up way more than just fanfare on their Nuclear Blast debut.
on May 01, 2017
The original lycanthropunks have returned to deliver their ninth full-length, a blistering delivery of ten tracks that will have you howling at the moon. Check out the details inside.
on Apr 30, 2017
Toronto-based indie rockers Fast Romantics’ latest album, American Love, combines deceptively effortless vocals with simple beats to create a catalogue of political love songs.
on Apr 30, 2017
No, not the celebrity rag: it's the Austin-based quartet with their first full-length for your listening pleasure. Check out how their snotty art noise stacks up.
on Apr 30, 2017
In celebration of their 25-year anniversary, the hit 90s band is back with a brand new album featuring acoustic and orchestral re-recordings of ten of their biggest hits, as well as three new tracks.
on Apr 29, 2017
Want to know if a band can pull off a classic feel and sound, while feeling totally current or new at the same time? Then let me tell you about Sweden's Vampire and their latest in 'With Primeval Force'.
on Apr 28, 2017
Mina Caputo and Life Of Agony turn in a dark, emotional performance for their latest effort A Place Where There's No More Pain. Read our review here...
on Apr 28, 2017
The Gospel Truth, the new album from punks The King Blues, sees the band shift direction this time around. Does it hit the mark though? Read our review here...
on Apr 28, 2017
He Is Legend have returned with their fifth full-length, few, a nod to the fans who have stuck with them over the years. Does it deliver? We definitely think so, read why here...
on Apr 27, 2017
Part Chimaira, part Fear Factory, 110% mosh, the new EP from Nottingham bruisers The Five Hundred hints at big things for the band. Read our review here...
on Apr 26, 2017
The lost sons of Classic British Heavy Metal royalty return to prowl, as Tygers of Pan Tang strike with their self-titled!
on Apr 25, 2017
Max's Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond is more than just a history lesson, it's a gluttony of great music.
on Apr 25, 2017
Nine albums down the line and one of the pop-punk originals New Found Glory return with more of the same upbeat, catchy songs they've done since day one. Read our thoughts here...
on Apr 24, 2017
UK outfit Creeper's reputation is gaining momentum with every day but... are they worth the praise? Read our review of Eternity, In Your Arms here...
on Apr 24, 2017
Been about four years, but Isolator should give Hamden's hard rocking soulful crew Curse The Son all the juice they need to conquer the road.
on Apr 23, 2017
We shudder from the mystique and powerful pieces on Zeal & Ardor's dark release Devil Is Fine, and attempt to describe it's brilliance.
on Apr 22, 2017
Highly rated UK metallers While She Sleeps return with their all-important third album. Read our thoughts on You Are We inside...
on Apr 21, 2017
Dimmu Borgir have been at the top of the symphonic black metal league for years now. This live package demonstrates exactly why. Read our review here...
on Apr 20, 2017
The perpetual noise machine Mantar looks to keep you in sway and check, with their latest three-punch combo The Spell. Here's what we're feeling about it.
on Apr 19, 2017


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