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Witchcryer's debut record, Cry Witch, brings you doom just how you like it - laced with riffs, riffs, and more riffs.
on Jan 22, 2018
Xenosis mixes a good amount of smarts with a healthy dose of heart and applies a touch of brutal heaviness to finish things off nicely with Devour and Birth.
on Jan 21, 2018
Eldamar craft a beautiful exercise in melancholic atmospheres on A Dark Forgotten Past.
on Jan 21, 2018
Almost like the score to a TV series or movie, the music feels and flows exactly like the moments it is portraying.
on Jan 21, 2018
Think of Walking Papers as a gift, and this excellent follow up album WP2 makes Walking Papers a gift that keeps on giving.
on Jan 16, 2018
Swiss post-hardcore band Oregon Trail's second album H/aven is a brooding, cathartic balance between nihilism and the will to live.
on Jan 15, 2018
Californian four-piece emo act Citysick are able to emote and be introspective while still keeping stylistic distance from somber or melodrama.
on Jan 14, 2018
Zakk Wylde, the virtuoso deliverer of guitar-laden doom, hits every damn song out of the park on this killer album - my new personal favourite of Zakk's entire discography.
on Jan 11, 2018
Underworld sees Aussie alt-rockers Tonight Alive return to form with an absolutely stunning record. Read our review here...
on Jan 09, 2018
Originally self-released in mid-2017 for the digital realm, At The Announcement and The Communion are examples of how this band’s determination and moxie has paid off.
on Jan 08, 2018
Under The Church's latest for Pulverised Records, is a breath of fresh air for crust/punk/old-school death metal fans who can't get enough of the style.
on Jan 08, 2018
Swedish hatemongers Watain stay true to their roots with their latest offering for Century Media. Check out our review here...
on Jan 08, 2018
The Nika Riots toy with a sound that’s not as raw as the gristly and patch-strewn side of the hardcore scene would prefer, but do an admirable job of connecting the dots between the darker, minor key moods with major keys painted in day-glo colours.
on Jan 05, 2018
The unquenchable thirst of these sudsy German thrashers isn’t the only curiosity that has propelled their 35 year career.
on Jan 05, 2018
Louisiana’s Cane Hill is a band that writes music that flirts with both sides of the fence and, depending on your perspective, is dancing on a fine line. So, how does this album hold up?
on Jan 04, 2018
As Luminous Eyes takes us on a good old epic metal ride, T. W. Church's new solo project in Haunt seeks to possess our modern metal hearts.
on Jan 03, 2018
France’s Bind Torture Kill, a three-piece that sounds infinitely larger than their bass-less line-up presents.
on Jan 03, 2018
If there’s a glaring weakness to this band’s debut full-length, it’s the skittish and perpetual search for an identity that never gets resolved.
on Jan 02, 2018
Extermination Process is a disgustingly brutal album, full of crushing riffs and rage-imbued lyrics, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to impress.
on Dec 29, 2017
Blind to Reality is a competent enough death metal record, but it does nothing to stand out from the crowd.
on Dec 24, 2017


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