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The magic of Moonlight is that there isn’t one member of the cast that doesn’t deliver a standout performance that plays against type.
on Feb 27, 2017
Once in a blue moon, a film comes along that not only captures the spirit and vitality of youth, but it dives into the true nature of what it means to grow up.
on Feb 26, 2017
Manchester by the Sea is a refreshing film for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that it’s incredibly rare to see movies about PEOPLE anymore.
on Jan 27, 2017
La La Land solidifies Chazelle as one of the most interesting and visionary voices emerging in modern Hollywood cinema.
on Jan 25, 2017
The film divides the Fat Wreck Chords' history into four generations of bands: 1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2006-2011, and 2012-2015. When it’s over, the film feels like a series of missed opportunities shrouded in self-congratulatory anecdotes.
on Nov 29, 2016
I don’t really know these guys personally, and they are not related to me, but I can tell you that when the group finished their last rendition of "Home Sweet Home", and the tears were welling up, I too felt it.
on Sep 14, 2016
Live in Hyde Park was filmed in September of 2014 in front of a crowd of more than 50,000 and is nothing short of dazzling.
on Apr 23, 2016
Alone in North America is a short documentary film that follows Australian indie rock band The Morning After Girls on a journey across America.
on Apr 13, 2016
The Battle Cry DVD is a must-have for any fan of Judas Priest or metal in general.
on Apr 10, 2016
Forever And A Day is a treasure trove of footage for both the hardcore Scorpions fan and those new to the band..
on Apr 06, 2016
For both hardcore fans of the genre and interested outsiders, Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-1990) offers good insight into the influential punk scene of the '80s and '90s.
on Feb 09, 2016
This DVD captures one of America's biggest rock bands in all their glory in front of a packed crowd at Donington Park, England. Read our review here.
on Dec 30, 2015
Richie Kotzen's first official live offering reminds us what an underrated singer and musician he is. If you're a fan, you'll love this.
on Nov 30, 2015
The video portion is outstanding in both quality and content. Not only does it include some killer live performances, but also a super-informative, well-directed, comprehensive documentary of the band.
on Nov 30, 2015
Capturing the sweat, the ringing ears and the raw rock n' roll of a Black Stone Cherry show, this Blu-ray sets things up nicely for their 2016 arena tour.
on Nov 23, 2015
Filmed live on June 6th, 2010 at London's Finsbury Park, this disc more than successfully captures the sheer energy and passion of a Rage Against The Machine performance.
on Nov 17, 2015
Whether you're a diehard BVB fan or just have a casual interest, Alive And Kicking captures the hard rock favourites' live show in stunning quality.
on Oct 10, 2015
Soaked In Bleach is both incredibly informative and very well done. It makes a compelling case that Cobain's death may not have been a suicide as originally reported.
on Aug 15, 2015
Filmed in 5.1 Surround Sound in a candlelit room at The Union Chapel in London, England, Katatonia's Sanctitude is a feast for the senses in every sense of the word.
on May 07, 2015
This is more than just a live concert, there is something really cool and unique about the mixing of the two genres that makes it a hauntingly heavy, almost theatrical experience.
on Apr 15, 2015


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