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The video portion is outstanding in both quality and content. Not only does it include some killer live performances, but also a super-informative, well-directed, comprehensive documentary of the band.
on Nov 30, 2015
Capturing the sweat, the ringing ears and the raw rock n' roll of a Black Stone Cherry show, this Blu-ray sets things up nicely for their 2016 arena tour.
on Nov 23, 2015
Filmed live on June 6th, 2010 at London's Finsbury Park, this disc more than successfully captures the sheer energy and passion of a Rage Against The Machine performance.
on Nov 17, 2015
Whether you're a diehard BVB fan or just have a casual interest, Alive And Kicking captures the hard rock favourites' live show in stunning quality.
on Oct 10, 2015
Soaked In Bleach is both incredibly informative and very well done. It makes a compelling case that Cobain's death may not have been a suicide as originally reported.
on Aug 15, 2015
Filmed in 5.1 Surround Sound in a candlelit room at The Union Chapel in London, England, Katatonia's Sanctitude is a feast for the senses in every sense of the word.
on May 07, 2015
This is more than just a live concert, there is something really cool and unique about the mixing of the two genres that makes it a hauntingly heavy, almost theatrical experience.
on Apr 15, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed Metalhead. The cinematography is stunning and the soundtrack is a terrific mix of '80s and '90s metal. If you can get by with subtitles, this is a fantastic move that will appeal to metalheads everywhere.
on Feb 20, 2015
As you might expect from the title, "Metal Down Under: A History Of Australian Heavy Metal" takes a comprehensive look at the Heavy Metal scene in Australia.
on Jan 16, 2015
As I mentioned in a previous article, I have been a fan of Anthrax since the beginning, and as such was quite excited to receive this Blu-ray disc for review. I have seen the band live countless times and have always enjoyed myself immensely at their shows.
on Sep 09, 2014
A while back I had heard that Scott Ian was doing spoken word tours, and sadly, I was not able to make it to any of the dates. As a fan of Anthrax from the very beginning I was curious to see what Scott had to say, so when the opportunity came up to review this DVD, I was totally stoked. The setup is similar to a stand-up comedy show, but instead of telling jokes for 2 hours, Ian mixes things up with humor, real life stories, and towards the end, a no-holds-barred Q&A period.
on Sep 04, 2014
Filmed live on December 12th, 1993 this Blu-ray disc captures the heart and soul of one of hard rock/heavy metal's absolute legends. As a huge fan of Dio's catalog of work, the set list on this disc could not have been better and includes not only his classic hits ("Rainbow In The Dark," "Last In Line"), but also songs from his time spent in Rainbow ("Man On A Silver Mountain") and even iconic songs from his days in Black Sabbath ("Heaven And Hell," "The Mob Rules"). This disc covers the highlights of his career and fans of Dio are going to absolutely want to get their hands on this ASAP!
on Jul 28, 2014
Fans of both Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society are going to totally dig this Blu-ray disc which features 17 kick-ass tracks performed live in a rather intimate setting. For this performance the band are seated at the front of the venue and the focus is on the killer, hard-edged, bluesy tunes and unbelievable playing of Zakk Wylde and the band, rather than on a energetic and theatrical show.
on Jul 28, 2014
Dubbed the first-ever "doc opera," Super Duper Alice Cooper is the story of Vincent Furnier, the slight, docile, son of a preacher man who found release from normalcy through rock and roll and his alter-ego, Alice.
on Apr 29, 2014
Filmed on November 14, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan this concert extravaganza features some of the best players in the business performing together onstage for one magical night. With drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs) bassist Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth), guitarist Tony MacAlpine and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Billy Idol) all playing in unison, the amount of talent on the stage is just utterly ridiculous.
on Feb 24, 2014
Zombie movies are a dime a dozen nowadays but fans just can't seem to get enough of them. I will admit I enjoy a good zombie movie as well, but I think the market is so flooded that it is difficult to find a good, original story line.
on Feb 20, 2014
"As The Palaces Burn" was originally a movie meant to document the increasing popularity of the extreme metal genre that Lamb Of God has helped define. But the direction of the movie took a much different twist when the front man for the band, Randy Blythe, was arrested and charged with manslaughter of a fan in the Czech Republic. Viewers of the movie will find themselves in the middle of a high tension, nail biting court case that spans continents and rivals any courtroom drama you may have previously seen on the big screen.
on Feb 13, 2014
Bath Salt Zombies is yet another horror film from the prolific B movie producer Dustin Mills. I have been a fan of his work since I saw the Puppet Monster Massacre a few years back; it is quite amazing what he is able to do with so little in the way of finances... I only wonder what he would be capable of if he had a typical Hollywood budget. Alas that is not the case.
on Jan 12, 2014
Rock For The Rising Sun was filmed at various locations throughout Japan shortly after the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown devastated the country. Ignoring warnings to not make the trip, Aerosmith used their music in an effort to help the people of Japan.
on Aug 08, 2013
I've been looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Maiden England '88 for some time now. The concert was previously released in VHS format (and later CD) back in 1989, but never available on DVD until now. While I have heard most of Maiden's past live albums, Maiden England '88 has always been spoke of in reverential tones by those who have seen it, so I was curious to see what it was actually like.
on Mar 31, 2013


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