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One of the best performances of the day came from The Orwells, also on the Rise Stage. Mario Cuomo, his signature long blond hair now cut short and slicked back, along with his bandmates Dominic Corso, Grant Brinner, Henry Brinner and Matt O'Keefe owned this stage today, oozing their kinetic energy onto the crowd through every song they played.
on Oct 19, 2017
A year ago, Drake showed us what happens at 4pm in Calabasas. This year, across the Atlantic, Stormzy wants to talk about what is going down at 4pm in London.
on Oct 03, 2017
An incident occurred last year in March, when a reported attempted suicide occurred. Partynextdoor accompanied Kehlani to the hospital, and clearly has not forgotten about it.
on Sep 18, 2017
Sentenced to jail multiple times in the past, "Conditioned" is a way of expressing himself. An interesting track from Kodak, although it is arguably, not the best work we have seen from him.
on Sep 06, 2017
The track serves up a pretty diligent grunge revival recipe, albeit this time around straying into more post-grunge territory which is uncharacteristic for the band.
on Aug 28, 2017
If you are in dire need of a great Sunday drive but have nothing interesting to listen to, "Lonely Together" is your solution.
on Aug 23, 2017
The latest single from Ontario duo Deathsticks revs into sludgy, psyched-out-of-the-mind grunge, slamming into life like parachuting two grams of MDMA and walking down the street waiting for the kick.
on Aug 05, 2017
Both a rare treat and one for the records as a class collaboration of two of death metal's finer vocalists, Memoriam proudly present The Hellfire Demos III.
on Jul 28, 2017
"Internally Yours" is a must-listen track from the up-and-coming star.
on Jul 26, 2017
Damsky's sound has potential, but they’ll need to clean up their act if they want to gain wider popularity.
on Jul 03, 2017
“Risk Taker”, the latest single by Brooklyn duo The Golden Pony, is the kind of song that’s perfect for a road trip but doesn't really stand out.
on Jul 02, 2017
"That Far" is a solid new release; a good indicator of what’s to come for 6lack, and a reminder to keep him top of mind. An artist this consistent is sure to keep impressing us.
on Jun 28, 2017
“Are You Out There” is a strong debut that certainly solidifies Rilian's stance as an artist to keep on the radar.
on Jun 22, 2017
Ultimately, the single provides a solid teaser for the album to follow (hopefully soon!) but isn’t a standalone success.
on Jun 11, 2017
Although the opening chords and background beat are catchy, for the most part, this song is pretty banal.
on Jun 05, 2017
“Where Did All The Love Go?”, a single from Los Angeles trio The Rebel Light, is a poppy elegy to the good old days and the way things used to be.
on May 24, 2017
New York-based Castle Black get their L7-inspired grunge on in this track "Blind Curtain". Read our thoughts on it here...
on May 15, 2017
Paramore return with a new track and finally shed their pop-punk cutie status for that of a fully-fledged pop machine. Read our thoughts on "Hard Times" inside...
on Apr 25, 2017
Overall, "Meditation" is a catchy, buoyant track; a perfect addition to a summer playlist. Read our review of this catchy track here...
on Apr 19, 2017
"HEAVN," the latest release by French electronic duo Medusa In My Knickers, is the kind of song you’d expect to hear as you walk in the door of a haunted house.
on Mar 21, 2017


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