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The Dears have always seemed to hover around a certain point; bright, slightly melodramatic rock that’s steady, but never quite phenomenal; always solid, but rarely exceptional. Their early years developed a dark and moody sound, which matured into their acclaimed second album No Cities Left. The third record was nearing brilliance, but fell just short of perfection, while the fourth was essentially only one amazing track. That’s a reductive summary, but it’s accurate.
on Jan 05, 2011
"Black Mass" is the opening track to Electric Wizard's 7th album, Black Masses. Dirty, grungy and repetitive, it epitomizes the hallucinogenic doom metal style that Electric Wizard are infamous for.
on Dec 14, 2010
I don’t know about this one, Billy. I mean, isn’t it time to stop already? And please, quit calling yourself The Smashing Pumpkins – you’re the only one left! Corgan’s got this new thing going on where he’s releasing 44 songs – individually, and over eleven EPs - under the god-awful title of Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. And after dutifully trying to ignore it for months, I decided to finally just man-up and give it a listen.
on Nov 30, 2010
With its atmospheric layered sounds and haunting twangly guitars, the opening track, "Return of the Son of Fog Rider" off Del Rey's latest album Immemorial is an intriguing and ambitious effort. Clocking in at just over 11 minutes, it's a strangely wistful and progressive song that blends the energy of the band's five members; and although it's purely instrumental, the musicianship and song crafting is lyrical in itself, telling its own wordless story.
on Nov 26, 2010
Streaming now on the Epitaph website, "Machine Gun Blues" is the first single from Social Distortion's upcoming Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes album.
on Nov 25, 2010
Half call-to-arms, half celebration, "I Still Believe" is a song for anyone and everyone that loves music. The first single from Frank Turner’s up-coming Rock & Roll EP, this song blends folk and rock elements together in an incredibly unique way.
on Nov 25, 2010
Yay! A new Tigers Jaw song! (I figure since it’s probably aimed at teenage girls, I’ll at least write like one... and yes, I’m comfortable with that). It’s called "smile" which is, you know, all warm and fuzzy and shit. Ever since I came across these Scrantoners – that can’t be right, Scrantonites(?) – I’ve pretty much been hooked. It’s emo, and it’s poppy, but it’s also punk and honest while still being kind of fun.
on Nov 17, 2010
"Down By The Water" is the lead single from The Decemberists' forthcoming album The King Is Dead. And despite a promising start (who doesn't love a good harmonica introduction?) the song descends quickly into a fairly boring and repetitive three minutes and forty one seconds.
on Nov 12, 2010
Some of you may have forgotten about Ceremony after they released their debut long play Rocket Fire in April this year. So I'm here to remind you of their brilliance. "Someday" hit the music waves on January 26th, but despite it's relative modernity you could find yourself taken back to the eighties. New Order's much over-looked debut album Movement is the work that comes to mind when listening to "Someday".
on Nov 01, 2010
One of the newest and fast-rising bands in the metal scene, is Miss May I, an incredibly talented group from Troy, Ohio. In 2008, they signed to Rise Records, and in 2009 their first full length album, Apologies Are For The Weak, was released. The record was a huge hit, even landing a track, "Forgive and Forget," on the 'Saw VI' soundtrack. Ever since, Miss May I has made promising success, touring with bands such as Carnifex, The Devil Wears Prada and more.
on Oct 25, 2010
When I talked to Mary And The Black Lamb vocalist Lindz Riot she explained to me that "Emily" was about a friend who passed away a few years ago. She had a problem with depression and that’s what the story was about. This song has a deep meaning for Lindz both musically and lyrically.
on Oct 06, 2010
On August 3rd, 2010 Secondhand Serenade offered the world their third studio album Hear Me Now. The 11 song album was mostly produced by Aaron Johnson who has previously worked with The Fray along with vocalist John Vesely and drummer Tom Breyfogle. The album was produced at the Swing House studios located in Los Angeles and at Vesely’s home.
on Aug 12, 2010
From the ashes of SNOT comes the band TONS. As is instantly recognizable, the band's name is simply SNOT mirrored. As I am part of their fan base, I found this track a few months ago. I keep returning to their MySpace in hopes that something new will surface. Alas nothing yet, but one can continue to hope we will, no?
on Jun 25, 2010
If you hang around Toronto, Ontario there will be a few independent acts that have their names circulating all around the music scene. One of these bands is A Primitive Evolution. They recently released an album called A.P.E. and one song that really stands out on this release is their hit jam “Beyond True”.
on May 25, 2010
After Deftones bass player Chi Cheng was seriously injured in a car accident on November 4th, 2008, many fans were left wondering what would become of one of their favorite bands. The Deftones' answer to that question for many may come in the form of their up and coming album, Diamond Eyes. Their seventh album will feature the title track of the same name.
on Apr 19, 2010
I am both fascinated and repulsed by death metal. Repulsed by the overuse of grotesque imagery both on the band's album covers and their songs, tracks that wish all kinds of bloody, fiery despair on the people of the world. Fascinated in wondering how much of this is a put on by the people that write these songs and…
on Mar 31, 2010
In his new song and lead single, "In My Head", Richy Nix delivers the punch that his older songs didin't have. The track showcases the best of his musical talents which intersect to create one fierce sound. Heavy guitar riffs combined with singing and rapping showcase a wide range of talents while the lyrics portray a delightful combination of…
on Mar 18, 2010
Who’s one of the greatest hip hop groups ever? Cypress Hill really requires no introduction since everyone and their grandmother recognizes the phrase “insane in the membrane.” It’s hard to believe but Cypress Hill has been together now for over twenty years and has sold nearly twenty million records in that time.
on Mar 17, 2010
“Rock N' Roll ain't dead. It’s Alive!” Indeed it is. It’s Alive are a four-piece rock band from Lake Mary, Florida and their latest single "Pieces" should do little more than completely blow you away. The song was released digitally at the beginning of this month and will no doubt be a resounding success.
on Mar 16, 2010
Quebec has recently been offspringing copious amounts of deathcore bands. From the ashes of Tears From The Sky and Camilla Rhodes comes a new band named President. Using the fan base they had from their previous works, they have been growing in fame at a rapid pace. They also use past experiences to create their perfect blend of deathcore.
on Mar 15, 2010


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