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Iowa City-based indie rockers Halfloves’ new single “Wrong Songs” starts off sexy and a little eerie. If the rest of their next album is this solid, I can’t wait to hear it.
on Mar 12, 2017
Overall, "Who’s That Girl?" is a fun, upbeat party song. Not the most profound of Jammz’s material, but sure to be played on repeat for days on end.
on Mar 11, 2017
Nickelback released the first single off their forthcoming album Feed the Machine and it's amazing.
on Mar 11, 2017
Urban poet Joey Bada$$ has done it again; his new song "Land of the Free" is beautiful, heart-wrenching, and highly relevant to today's tumultuous political climate.
on Mar 09, 2017
The Giant & The Tailor definitely has some talent on their side, and I actually like the idea of incorporating spoken word into their performances. But in both lyrical content and emotional approach, they've desperately got to make some changes.
on Mar 05, 2017
Cadence Weapon is another up-and-comer from Canada’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, and his new single "My Crew (Woooo)" is a fun little bop.
on Mar 02, 2017
Just when LP was finally getting back in touch with their roots, they shart out a cookie-cutter pop song as musically complacent as it is lyrically vapid.
on Feb 22, 2017
"The Clarity" is an atypical Sleep song clocking in at around 10 minutes in length, consisting of 3 bar chords and hints that it was recorded at around 130 decibels, give or take.
on Feb 01, 2017
It's no surprise that this song rocks.Overall, this is a surprisingly melancholy, polished, and thoughtful song from a band that wants to focus on skate punk, and I mean that in a good way.
on Jan 26, 2017
While this type of mathrock/jazz fusion isn’t quite as technical, performance-wise, as one might hear from Animals as Leaders, for example, it’s still captivating, and I’d go so far as to say that it’s pretty catchy.
on Jan 23, 2017
If you’re feeling sickened by the state of the political world, I’m officially writing you a prescription for some Fat Heaven. Take one every six hours, and call me in the morning.
on Jan 21, 2017
THIS IS NOT A DRILL--Sonny Moore rejoins From First To Last in their new single, "Make War." Listen to the new jam from FFTL and read more here...
on Jan 18, 2017
The song "Fortuna Havana" has a killer groove and great cohesion between all instruments. Definitely a foot tapper.
on Jan 17, 2017
Who said Columbus was boring? Lo-Pan go against that particular grain with their new EP In Tensions...
on Jan 05, 2017
This is good driving-on-the-open-road music, it keeps your foot tapping and you can sing along to it. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of acoustic albums, but this wasn’t painful to listen to.
on Dec 12, 2016
"The Revenant" is a dark, disturbing short film with music that perfectly matches the cinematic visuals, drawing the viewer right smack into the middle of a twisted tale of rage, revenge, hatred, the dark arts, and an eternal curse.
on Dec 08, 2016
Toronto does many things well, and 80's inspired noise rock is just one more to add to the list with this new killer single from three-piece Lampshades. Check out our review for our review.
on Nov 30, 2016
Brooklyn-based outfit Super Capsule have released this single in advance of their EP coming out soon. Check out our review for our review of their single "Frost".
on Nov 28, 2016
It'll be worth it to catch some more from this group and soon, and you can certainly do that with their latest album Bible and Sword out now.
on Nov 15, 2016
Leeds-based five piece Fizzy Blood are currently on a meteoric rise, and this new single is only going to serve to push them ever upwards. Check out our drooling review inside.
on Nov 13, 2016


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