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The five-time Grammy Award-winning rock band has come back with a "Bang Bang".
on Aug 12, 2016
This is one intense track that, if you are a fan of classic Korn, will probably remind you of their debut self-titled album and Life Is Peachy days.
on Aug 03, 2016
This band has a large following, I’m just not one of them.
on Aug 02, 2016
Buffalo Crows making "Trog" the leadoff track was a wise choice because I wouldn’t just stop there, I’d check out the whole album.
on Jul 27, 2016
The riff starts, the synths come in, the guitars soar, the auto-tuned vocal refrain sails Daft Punk-like over the mix - this version is harder, faster and 'groovier' than the original.
on Jul 15, 2016
Guitar legend Jeff Beck returns with "Live In The Dark", a new track from his upcoming album Loud Hailer. Read our review here...
on Jul 04, 2016
Let your mind fade away and let the tales of The Night Watch take over.
on Jul 04, 2016
Toronto-based alt-rockers Modern Space release a new single from their Before Sunrise EP. Read our review here...
on Jun 24, 2016
While the "Afraid of Heights" single does not veer from the band's existing sound, it does retain their tradition of damn good punk-fused alternative rock.
on May 30, 2016
With "Tranny Takes a Trip", Salem’s Pot has left us with both a delicious and tantalizing treat, plus another reason to eagerly anticipate the summer release of Pronounce This!.
on May 27, 2016
Bay Area thrashers Death Angel are streaming another new track from their upcoming album The Evil Divide. Check out "Father Of Lies" here...
on May 21, 2016
Even though this is their virgin effort, Inert sound salty enough.
on May 19, 2016
"Revolution" is arguably one of the better Beatles songs and The Compulsions more than do it justice.
on May 17, 2016
Beautifully British vocals, meaningful lyrics, and tons of riffs. So much passion, anger, and angst in one song. One to truly not be missed!
on May 12, 2016
The song is a fresh, emotive and daring move for Young the Giant, and hopefully a foreshadowing of the rest of Home Of The Strange.
on May 10, 2016
If "Well of Despair" is any indication, Skeletonwitch’s upcoming EP is going to be outrageous!
on May 10, 2016
What really makes the song "Dark Necessities" work, like most good Chili Peppers tracks, is the funk.
on May 06, 2016
Verses Me, and this song in particular, is an easy sell for anyone who appreciates anything of the metalcore/post-hardcore variety.
on Apr 26, 2016
The five piece group from Perth, Australia - The Caballeros - get stuck in your head with gruff rock & blues.
on Apr 13, 2016
Grab a bottle from behind the bar, run out into the snow, and pass out with this fire in your ears!
on Apr 11, 2016


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