ALL Song Review

Jamey Jasta's new walkout music for UFC fighter Matt "The Immortal" Brown is a thumping, pounding, anthemic number guaranteed to get both the UFC crowd and metal crowd on their feet.
on Mar 14, 2015
"I.O.U. Nothing" has EVERYTHING a classic Coal Chamber song should have, but also something else: It has a maturity, sophistication, and even cleanliness about it that takes their music to a new level.
on Mar 06, 2015
If you're prone to impromptu dancing, you need to add this song to your playlist immediately! Dance away my little freaks, dance away!
on Feb 02, 2015
"Alone," the first single from The Dreaming's forthcoming disc, Rise Again, much like old Stabbing Westward material, has a driving electro-groove vibe going on that is infectious-as-hell and immediately gets under your skin.
on Jan 07, 2015
New single "Kid" off the debut EP of the same name, via St. Catherines, Ontario punk-rock band Standards is the kind of song you blare in your bedroom, loud enough to hope that your parents consider that maybe you aren't a kid anymore.
on Dec 07, 2014
With a brand new album, death metal supergroup These Are They are once again unleashing their ferocious sound. At the Feast of Seven Funerals is based on Lucius Mortimer, a hell-bent 1800's gun-wielding killer who celebrates death and revels in greed.
on Oct 27, 2014
Off their highly anticipated new album, Obedience, comes the single "Foresworn"—a guttural, gruesome and unbelievably technical example of the genius and talent behind the modern death metal unit, Bloodtruth.
on Oct 20, 2014
The chugging, guitar-fueled intro of "Between Heaven & Hell" (featuring Escape The Fate's Craig Mabbitt) gives way to a raw bluesy, mid-tempo rocker that caught me by surprise.
on Oct 20, 2014
You may know Affiance for their hilariously genius music video, "Call To The Warrior," or for their epic cover of "The Final Countdown," but rest assured their brilliance does not end there. These Cleveland rockers are doing metalcore right, and are bringing their massive sound to the masses via their new full-length album, Blackout.
on Oct 10, 2014
From the ashes of legendary doom metal band, Cathedral, rises Gaz Jenning's latest undertaking: Death Penalty. The group is slated to release their self-titled debut on September 16, featuring the track "Children of the Night"—an eerie, sludgy, and hauntingly heavy composition that essentially encompasses the ingenuity that Jenning's new band defines.
on Sep 09, 2014
Candy Darling's "Money" is the perfect song to strut to, whether you're strutting with pure unadulterated rage, or with utter confidence, put this song on repeat and go, go strut your stuff. Sometimes binge drinking can lead to great things, like the start of Candy Darling. Emily Breeze's vocals are that ex you keep going back to, they're mean as hell, but it is just so right, and so good.
on Sep 03, 2014
I was a fan of the band in the late '90's and can honestly say that after hearing "Selfish" I will be anxiously awaiting the release of their full-length, Bloodmoney.
on Sep 03, 2014
If a band chooses to write a song exceeding five minutes in length, not only should it immediately catch the listener's attention, but also hold it there. Unfortunately for With Our Arms To The Sun, their technical writing skills and musicianship can feel repetitive and the track "Tessellation" (taken from A Far Away Wonder, out September 23, 2014) loses the listener in the first two minutes.
on Aug 28, 2014
Norwegian band, Shevils, dropped their single "Shivers" on August 21st, 2014. The 4-piece hardcore group packs a lot of shredding and smashing into "Shivers," with gnarly riffs, thrashing drums, and gang vocals taking over the chorus. Shevils isn't kidding around with this one, try listening to this song without singing along to the gang vocals, I dare you.
on Aug 22, 2014
"Won't turn Back," the brand new single from Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace, is a bit of a departure from what I've come to expect from the band. This 3 minute song is a slick, catchy pop-infused tune that seems to me as if it was written exclusively for radio.
on Jul 28, 2014
Waterbodies' new single, "What the French Call 'Les Incompétents'", is clearly inspired by Home Alone and fuelled by old school pizza chains. The Canadian trio had the option to make Macaulay Culkin proud with a The Pizza Underground-styled song, but luckily for us, they took it in the other direction and produced a solid, modern tune that's a must-add to your Summer playlist.
on Jun 29, 2014
Nevada Rose is taking metalcore to a whole new level by adding a super-heavy dose of electronica. Super charge your Summer music collection with the track "Meet Me At Midnight" off their new album, Paint Me In Light.
on Jun 27, 2014
If you're looking for a Summer song to play on repeat and sing/shout along to with your friends, this might just be it. Off of Fever Charm's Sound of Summer EP (released June 6, 2014), "Still Have You" has most of the mixings that make a great song. "Still Have You" boasts a catchy chorus, a solid bass line, tight drumming, and perfectly timed, Summery, guitar solos.
on Jun 18, 2014
Anathema is certain to take any music fan who gives them a chance on a spiraling, emotional roller coaster with the title track off of their upcoming album, Distant Satellites.
on Jun 12, 2014
So when it comes to music, everyone thinks they're professional critics, like me, and a cool thing to do in the metalcore/post-hardcore scene is to put down aspiring bands, while the bands push really hard to create music and the critics jerk off to anime and take selfies of their pre-pubescent bodies that make Maury shake his head.
on Jun 12, 2014


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