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So when it comes to music, everyone thinks they're professional critics, like me, and a cool thing to do in the metalcore/post-hardcore scene is to put down aspiring bands, while the bands push really hard to create music and the critics jerk off to anime and take selfies of their pre-pubescent bodies that make Maury shake his head.
on Jun 12, 2014
There are few things in life better than a well-timed breakdown, and Within The Ruins knows all about that. Check out the lyric video (see below) for their new track "Gods Amongst Men." It comes complete with exhilarating solos, vigorous riffing and a breakdown that every metalcore fan will be obligated to throw the fuck down to. The band's new album, Phenomena, will be available on July 22nd via E1 Music /Good Fight Music and let's just say that this girl can't hardly wait!
on Jun 11, 2014
Avengers rejoice! The band has officially released their third single, "This Means War," off their sixth studio recording, Hail to the King. Considering the album debuted at number uno in the US, it comes as no surprise that this track, like the majority of the Hail to the King, is another gem.
on May 07, 2014
"Get Out! Get Out!", the latest single from the UK-based alt-metal act Kill The Silence is a
catchy, punchy affair that is as raw and heavy as it is infectious. With vocals alternating between sweet and growly soaring over the top of thundering, hypnotic driving rhythms that propel this song along at a mid-tempo speed, I would definitely categorize Kill The Silence more along the lines of heavy, hard rock rather than metal.
on May 01, 2014
These two songs are "teasers" of what's to come on the as-yet-untitled, Autumn 2014 debut release from The Skull. When I read the bio I knew right away I was going to dig this disc; the band, comprised of ex members of Trouble and Sacred Dawn, lay down two of the strongest, doomiest tracks I have heard in quite some time.
on Apr 25, 2014
The Henry Maneuver – if you haven’t heard of him already, well, you need to pay attention. This guy is certainly one musician to look out for. The first time I saw Henry in the flesh was with his previous band in a tiny venue in Baltimore. I was just blown away by his sheer musical prowess - it's enough to make you question how many instruments does one have to master before it becomes too much.
on Apr 22, 2014
"Never Thought This Would Happen" is the first single from the upcoming new record (due out in Summer of 2014) by Canadian rockers Arkells. Upon first play I was immediately caught up in the hypnotic, driving baseline and couldn't help but move to the beat.
on Apr 12, 2014
The first thought that popped into my mind as "The Gold Room" sparked into life was how similar vocalist Robin Graves was to Sempiternal-era Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon). That's where the similarities end though because Red Seas Fire are much more about bludgeoning you with crushing, juddering riffs, if "The Gold Room" is any indication.
on Apr 11, 2014
Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth have been knocking around the scene for almost six years now and their full-length debut, Red Light Fix, certainly brought them to the attention of the UK rock scene. Moreover, it resulted in them twice being personally invited onto the Download Festival bill at the request of Download head honcho Andy Copping. Well, we're now into 2014 and "Alive" is the first taste of their forthcoming album Gold Dust and what a way to start the ball rolling on a massive year for the band.
on Apr 10, 2014
Teen Agers' full-length I Hate It is an album of temperate pop-punk anthems lost between the genre's generations of relevance, whose punch neither regains that 90's bubblegum swagger or the crunch of the recent attempts at a reprise. Yet there are moments of consummation on one track, and while it won't redefine an album, it certainly helps define Teen Agers' sound.
on Mar 21, 2014
"Got It Memorized", the first song on Mothertone's new 6-song EP simply titled IV, opens with a delightfully doomy, Black Sabbath-inspired riff and builds from there into a rather solid mid-tempo hard rocking tune.
on Mar 20, 2014
"No Model", the debut single from Tunbridge Wells rockers Ugly Love sees them smash together a cocktail of pop, punk and rock to create a rather fun four minutes. With a hook the size of an elephant, their sound is one that will instantly get your foot tapping or, should you catch them live, have you nodding along with your pint.
on Mar 20, 2014
Fans of Linkin Park are in for a treat with the group's brand new single "Guilty All The Same". Featuring rapper Rakim, the song is the first to drop from the band's upcoming sixth studio album. Clocking in at almost six minutes, the song is a little unconventional from what we've come to expect over the years from Linkin Park. It begins with a huge epic intro, before the familiar vocals of lead singer Chester Bennington come in about a minute and a half in.
on Mar 10, 2014
Old-school metal heads are going to be salivating like mad when they get a hold of this gem of a tune from UK metalers Neuronspoiler. "Take The Stage", off the album Emergence, is classic metal at its best with driving rhythms, killer riffs, and unbelievable vocal acrobatics that reminded me a lot of bands like Armored Saint, Iron Maiden, and even Judas Priest.
on Mar 04, 2014
"Execution", the first single off the upcoming release, Wretched, by San Jose-based metalers, Desecrator, is an unbelievably heavy, molten slab of metal. The bone-crushing riffs and steady groove provide the perfect canvass for Sid Frankosky's guttural, at times shrieking, vocals resulting in a tune that is akin to taking a battering ram upside the head.
on Feb 27, 2014
I must admit that when I heard the name Hemoptysis (which I discover, after a quick visit to Google, means coughing up blood), I expected a bit of an old school, Cannibal Corpse-inspired death metal. Instead, I find myself listening to a bit of razor sharp old school, traditional thrash.
on Feb 26, 2014
"Goddamn" is the first single to be released from the upcoming album Do It! by Canadian hard rockers Crow Town. This tune has a noisy, extremely raw sort of garage band vibe to it that quite honestly, at least for me as a production purist, is too much.
on Feb 18, 2014
"Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü" is the newest single from the Canadian rock trio, The Dirty Nil, and clocking in at only 2:33 minutes in length, it has a raw, dirty garage band feel to it that I just totally dig. It is catchy, not too heavy and most importantly begs to be played at super high volumes!
on Jan 28, 2014
"Themes Amongst Thieves" is the latest single from the Southampton, UK-based alternative rock act Circle Of Reason. Bottom line, I found this song to be quite the enjoyable listen. I don't know much about the band, nor their catalog, but this track has a unique, energetic alternative rock sound that at times also combines elements of metal and indie rock into once surprisingly good package.
on Jan 22, 2014
"Usurper" is the first single off of Decimatus' forthcoming full-length disc and if the rest of the album is anything like this track, I am fairly certain we will be hearing a lot more about these Australian metal heads in the near future!
on Jan 17, 2014


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