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Breathe Electric is the brainchild of Chicago, Illinois native Grant Harris. A mix of electronic, rock, pop, and a touch of hip hop, Harris’ music is sure to make fans get up and dance. Although Harris writes and records the music himself, for live performances he enlists the assistance of Kyle Fasel on bass and Aaron Eberly on guitar, ensuring that Breathe Electric’s performance is anything but your average DJ set.
on Apr 02, 2010
"Supergroup" has become one of the hoariest of adjectives to toss upon any band. Sure, you may have heard of some of the bands that this new group was in previously, but does that really fit the textbook definition of what a "supergroup" is? In the case of Barren Earth, it surely does.
on Mar 31, 2010
Jungle Rot, diseased skin tissue, death metal rock band or both? If you answered both then give yourself a pat on the back. Jungle Rot is a four piece American death metal band hailing from Kenosha, Wisconsin that has been making ears bleed now for over a decade and a half. After releasing a couple of demos, the group released its debut record Skin the Living in 1996. Slowly but surely, the band toured extensively and…
on Mar 26, 2010
With their experimental, post-hardcore-esque sound, DD/MM/YYYY (read: Day Month Year) is one of only two Toronto-area bands acknowledged by Alternative Press magazine as one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know in 2010”.
on Mar 24, 2010
While researching for an interview I came across a band with a hilarious name, Ape Rape Escape. With a name like that, you know I'm already on the page listening. Ape Rape Escape is a "shirt-and-tie" Post-Hardcore band from Sweden. Personally, I love when bands class it up and wear ties on stage, but that's not what makes their live performance stand out.
on Mar 20, 2010
It’s a peculiar fact that some bands are hugely popular in certain parts of the world and fairly unknown in others. One of the best North American examples of this strange phenomenon is how The Tragically Hip is one of the most popular musical acts in all of Canada yet south of the border they’re lucky to attract a few hundred fans to a concert. Mumiy Troll is a Russian rock band that is...
on Mar 19, 2010
The Skinny: A Hardcore Punk band hailing from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (aka The Land of Kings as they so proudly call it), Wisdom In Chains is often dubbed "Hardcore Street Punk" due to their lyrics which speak of both the hard life and growing up in the ghetto. They’ve been around for a few years now and originally featured members from both Europe and America; the distance however would lead…
on Mar 18, 2010
Gore, death, torture, cannibalism, zombies. These are some of the more predominant lyrical themes used by the most BRUTAL band in the world. American death metal group Cannibal Corpse tackles these dissonant topics with a certain level of sophistication that renders them both simultaneously disgusting and acceptable. Originally from Buffalo, New York and formed in 1988, the group would eventually relocate south to sunny Tampa, Florida.
on Mar 17, 2010
Simply put, The Black Keys are blues rock at its best (at least if we’re talking about the 2000s and not the early 1970s). The band, which is actually a duo, formed about nine years ago in Akron, Ohio and features vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney. Amazingly, the duo has already released five studio records and two EPs since getting together, their debut being 2002’s The Big Come Up.
on Mar 16, 2010
If you like death metal then it’s a good bet that you’ll like Preternatural. Preternatural is an unsigned, five member metal band that hails from Latvia. The roots of the group date back to the late ‘90s when vocalist Serg and guitarist Volod met at school in Latvia and embarked on a mission to start a band. The two friends began taking guitar lessons and soon met bass player Den and drummer Gin who at the time were in another…
on Mar 15, 2010
On Burning Shores bring you an epic, arena worthy sound and stage presence and if you ever catch a live set, you will be rocking-the-fuck-out with everybody else in the room. These guys are going somewhere and are going there fast. If you like Killswitch Engage, or anything heavy for that matter, check these guys out. Heavy beatdowns that make you want to destroy something and hooks that will leave your neck in pain from…
on Mar 12, 2010
This band really requires no introduction with how much mainstream media coverage they have received over the last year and a half. They’re an alternative rock band from Tennessee made up of three brothers and a cousin all with the same last name and all in their mid-20s.
on Mar 11, 2010
When Alexisonfire first released their album Watch Out! I read a review that said something about how they reminded the writer of an emotive hardcore (emo) band from the '90s called Quicksand. Being a fan of Alexisonfire, at the time, and wanting to know more about where my comb-over hairstyle came from, I investigated and found a band that would quickly make it onto the list of my favourite bands. Quicksand was around…
on Mar 10, 2010
Welcome one, welcome all, to Hollywood. A place where dreams come true, and lives are turned around. In this case we are referencing the southern hardcore band He Is Legend. Anybody who pops this Wilmington, North Carolina band's music into their CD player, iTunes or MP3 thingy will be immediately blown away... figuratively speaking.
on Mar 09, 2010
For some strange reason I seem to have found a couple of bands who I am absolutely in love with from the three varying CSI television series. I don’t usually watch them, but when they’re on, the soundtrack sometimes catches me. During a recent airing of CSI:NY, I discovered the sounds of The Faint, specifically the track “The Geeks Were Right”. I checked out this indie rock band, formed in 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska, and they…
on Mar 06, 2010
The Brains are a killer, seven year old psychobilly punk band from Montreal, Canada. It's truly quite amazing how such a crazy sound can come out of just three instruments: the bass, guitar and drums. Though often classified as straight up psychobilly or rockabilly, The Brains are really more at the hardcore end of the rockabilly music scale; it’s like punk with a serious twist.
on Mar 05, 2010
It’s Wednesday night and I’ve been working on projects for school all day. The Bootleg Glory has invited me to come check out their new material before they play a show I’m hosting on behalf of my clothing line, Poor Boy Clothing, on the following Tuesday.
on Mar 04, 2010
Originally from the Durham Region, Ontario, the fivesome known as The Bootleg Glory, has recently moved to Toronto to further their careers as musicians. They've found much success in this move seeing as various labels have been trying to pick them up and deter them from their current label, Verve Music Group. These guys have the drive and determination to take their band…
on Mar 03, 2010
Have any of you ever gone to a local hardcore show, only to be disappointed by the band you went to see? Well with Cedardale, that is never the case. They always deliver pure Canadian hardcore; full force! By combining various styles such as ambiance, swing, metal, and hardcore this hardcore-at-heart band claims to have created a new style called swingcore.
on Mar 02, 2010
Produced by multi-talented, Sugar Ray, drummer Stan Frazier, and Steve Fox (producer of Ashlee Simpson) The Dirty Heads' self-released CD, Any Port In A Storm features a wide array of guest musicians, from legendary keyboardist Billy Preston to Nine Inch Nails and Korn drummer Josh Freese. Melding reggae, rock, punk, soul and hip-hop, The Dirty Heads have constructed a brilliant sounding CD that…
on Mar 01, 2010


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