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Underrated F*cking Albums is a series we're running on, well, albums we think are fucking underrated. Check this stuff from: Korn, Jane's Addiction and The White Stripes.
on Jun 08, 2016
The New Dock Hall in Leeds place host to the colourful world of tattooing this weekend as the 3rd Leeds International Tattoo Expo comes to town. Find out more inside.
on Jun 02, 2016
Danny P. shows us how to impress our friends with knowledge of plant seasons. Whip up a batch of these "Prince's Purple Rain" blueberry and lavender muffins for your post-brunch get together.
on May 30, 2016
Welcome to Part 2! We’ve got 5 more all-female and female-fronted bands who are certainly shaking things up in varying genres of rock. Female badassery didn’t die in the 70’s, it’s still alive and well, you just need to know where to look.
on May 30, 2016
Watch as Lance Marwood attempts to describe an entire subgenre of heavy music using less than 300 words. There’s a bonus playlist of essential artists and releases! This time around... CRUST!
on May 24, 2016
Slam Dunk returns this Bank Holiday weekend and with a whole host of great bands playing across multiple stages we thought we'd give you a helping hand with five bands we think you should check out if you get the chance.
on May 24, 2016
Don't miss out on the best shows rock happening this summer in Toronto!
on May 18, 2016
UK indie rockers, The Heavy, brought their brand of raucous to Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom on May 2, 2016.
on May 09, 2016
It’s important that the world celebrate the females who are not only holding it up, but also annihilate with their rock. Here is a slew of female-fronted and all-girl bands that are kicking so much ass, you need to be listening to them right now.
on Apr 27, 2016
Here are some stellar rock songs to help you nurse your broken heart back to health.
on Apr 26, 2016
On April 21st, 2016 the universe lost a phenomenal artist. We take a brief look back on the life and accomplishments of the enigmatic artistic legend that is Prince Rogers Nelson.
on Apr 25, 2016
Beautifully rich and chocolaty, spiced up with cinnamon and paprika, Danny P. shows us how to make some gnarly "Ritchie Blackmore" Spiced Walnut Brownies.
on Apr 20, 2016
In this post Lance Marwood helps us to highlight five Toronto and Montreal, Canada bands that, while still underground, absolutely deserve your attention. So, without further ado... LISTEN UP!
on Apr 18, 2016
A guide to some of the best places to find Punk vinyl on Record Store Day 2016 in Vancouver, BC.
on Apr 15, 2016
Toronto, Canada chef, Danny P., introduces his new series "Baker's Dozen" and gets us started off with a how-to on both Cannabutter and Cannaoil.
on Apr 14, 2016
In this article we feature five Lone Star State groups that, while not national acts, have the talent to be headliners. These are five must-hear underground Rock and Metal bands from East Texas!
on Apr 11, 2016
When it comes to cheesiness in music, more often that not, Glam Metal takes home the gold. Yet somehow they rocked. Without further ado, we give you some of the cheesiest Glam Metal videos ever made.
on Apr 06, 2016
Watch as Lance Marwood attempts to describe an entire subgenre of heavy music using less than 300 words (or, the equivalent of three breaths). This time around... GRINDCORE!
on Apr 01, 2016
Music, it can bring out all sorts of emotions. Here are thirteen music videos that, for whatever reason, are creepy-as-hell!
on Mar 30, 2016
For the past 8 years, Lance Marwood has lived in the Toronto punk and hardcore scenes - and now he's left it all behind for the UK. In Part 4, Lance travels to see Alex G., Tigers Jaw, and Basement at London's KOKO club.
on Mar 09, 2016


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