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New York, NY: 6:30 in the morning we arrived outside the venue in New York City to ensure we wouldn't have to fight for parking. Being that it was so early in the morning we parked the van and the most of us went right to sleep. We woke up to find that the spot we had parked in was a no-standing zone, and as no one was in our driver's seat for a period of time we had received a ticket, and had to relocate. It was likely around noon at this point, thus making the disruption of our much needed rest, and our early trek in to the city for naught.
on Apr 28, 2012
Australian metal band Lynchmada recently released their full-length album, To The Earth, on Truth Inc. Records. In an effort to help fans better understand the releases' riveting new songs, guitarists Simon Connors and Cameron Wallace were kind enough to offer PureGrainAudio a track-by-track analysis of each tune. Read on to get the inside scoop on the music featured on To The Earth.
on Apr 25, 2012
Cleveland, OH: Packed club this night, and it was probably the smallest place we've hit on the tour, so it made for a whole lot of squeezing our way through the crowd. Leading up to the set was a slow haze of mundane tasks, going back and forth between stage and van.
Opting to take a bit of time to ourselves for relaxation after the weeks of go, go, go, a good number of us spent our pre-show time lounging in the green room. We all casually went about our own pre-show rituals, and enjoyed a lightly humorous air of camaraderie. When we got the call to head towards the stage, we pushed our way through the throng, and made the night's initial address.
on Apr 23, 2012
What kind of name is Freak Kitchen anyway? Who are these people? Just how crazy is their music? The Swedish heavy metal/hard rock trio consisting of Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Christer Ortefors and Bjorn Fryklund, has been performing together as Freak Kitchen since 1992. Until recently their music has been rare in North America, except for the lucky few who have been able to track it down. In May Freak Kitchen will release a new album, Land of the Freaks, rendering their music much more available and accessible to us on the other side of the pond.
on Apr 18, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake City is honestly a bit of a haze in memory, as it was preceded by a day long drive, and so much of the time was spent catching up on sleep. I (David) recalled waking just in time for sound check. Normally I find it best to allow myself at least 3 hours to wake up before doing any singing, as it can take the body a while to "reboot", if you will, and be able to perform properly. No worries, I had thought, as there would surely be another hour or so before doors — not the case.
on Apr 13, 2012
Some bands never got what they deserved during their time. In the '80s, when the thrash metal movement was spreading its hard-livin', no-fucks-given ideology all over the world from America, one European country in particular was especially enticed by it: Germany. Spawning what would eventually be known as "Teutonic Thrash Metal", Germany was the next go-to country for rabid thrash metal fans; with the unholy trio of Destruction, Kreator and Sodom being to German thrashers what the Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer) were to Americans.
on Apr 10, 2012
Albuquerque, NM: This night we played on a giant gilded-theatre style stage, like as if we were part of some elaborate prog opera. Our old friend the crowd-barricade made it's return, and was coupled with a high stage, so keeping strong eye contact and engaging banter kept the energy levels up.
on Apr 05, 2012
Hello people; thanks for stopping in. We're currently stoked to be on our first tour in the United States of America, alongside our friends in Protest The Hero, Periphery, The Jeff Loomis Band, and The Safety Fire — talk about best foot forward, huh? All these guys are great, and make our evenings consistently entertaining. Here's what's happened so far in…
on Apr 02, 2012
Phoenix, AZ thrash/death metal band Hemoptysis released released their full length debut, Misanthropic Slaughter, independently (Rock It Up Records in Europe). Vocalist Masaki Murashita and drummer Travis Thune recently offered PureGrainAudio their track-by-track for each song from this album. Read on to get the inside scoop for each of these heavy hitters.
on Feb 21, 2012
Let’s say it plain and simple: Virginia’s The Day of The Beast is one of the fiercest metal machines you will find in North America nowadays. And with their second album, Relentless Demonic Intrusion, about to be released by Canonical Hours Records, the world will have the opportunity to take notice of the band’s undeniable potential.
on Feb 13, 2012
The Fallen Divine’s style of progressive and extreme metal is a sick listen. Sailing guitar riffs combined with Magnus Kvist’s raspy voice made me fall in love with them instantly. Their single, "Dissention," smoothly changes between styles of metal showcasing the band's creativity and skill. One second you're hearing soft melodies and the next the polar opposite; changing from a soft melodic style to death metal and even to gothic, etc…
on Jan 24, 2012
Arsonists Get All The Girls have had a great 2011 releasing their fourth studio album Motherland on Century Media Records, playing some festivals and hitting the road on some sweet tours. Guitarist Jaeson Bardoni recently took some time out of his busy holiday scheduale to exclusively tell PureGrainAudio what he considers to be the 10 albums of 2011. Check it out below.
on Dec 25, 2011
Josh Hogan is a crazy busy guy and an important figure in the Canadian East Coast metal scene. He performs vocals for the band Orchid's Curse and also runs his own record label, Diminished Fifth Records (Last Call Chernobyl, Death Valley Driver, The Daisy Anthesis). He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to exclusively tell PureGrainAudio what he considers to be the 10 albums of 2011. Read below to see what releases could potentially influence a future Orchid's Curse album.
on Dec 17, 2011
I don't smoke pot and I don't drink, but from time to time, I like to consider myself a "Part Time Grinder." As of late, there is a rash of new and younger bands stepping up to the shred plate and trying to profess their love for grindcore, the blunt, power violence, and the occasional cocktail.
on Dec 12, 2011
You're standing in a dimly lit club, in the middle of a tightly packed crowd, and everyone is focusing on the stage with hushed anticipation. A projector behind you screens light and pattern in dizzying flashes, adding to your growing paranoia and disorientation. Without any notice or spectacle made of it, two men dressed in black take the stage. One seats himself behind a drum set, and the other positions himself behind a mic in the front and grabs a 12-string Vox guitar.
on Dec 12, 2011
Busker Bros is a three man band from Whitby, Ontario. With Chris Panacci on guitar and vocals, Sean Panacci on guitar and Dan Leduc on drums, this group stimulates my ears in the best way possible. With influences like Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand, Busker Bros has a varied transience that finds an easy place in the mind, and then dresses to impress. The psychedelic tone of this band breaks down into rhythmic guitar riffs and strong insistent vocals.
on Dec 02, 2011
An open letter to Wilkinson High School, Principal’s Office. Dear Madam Potts, Hello, I am writing to inform you about my decision to transfer my son to the Spineyard Institute of the Caustic Kadence (SICK), a music school specializing in contemporary music education. His name is Daniel Seatomb-Matilda, and he is in Wilkinson High’s first year.
on Nov 17, 2011
We made it to the eastern tip of Canada and back to southern Ontario with few problems other than the occasional horde of raving zombies that needed to be slaughtered. Little did we know that the near vehicular miss we had suffered in Montreal (see Facebook page for pictures of the car that drove up the side of our car and flipped itself but only damaged our car in a very minor way) was actually a hit; the rear axle of our touring vehicle had been cracked in the accident but didn't break all the way until we were driving…
on Oct 20, 2011
Winnipeg, MB: Round Two…FIGHT! Our second time through on the "No No Kata" tour and first major all ages show in the Peg was a blast! (The only other AA show we played in the Peg was at the Mon Dragon entry way for the High Five Drive and a meager handful of others. Not a very ) The Park Theatre is a fine and reputable establishment, boasting a delicious beer and sangie menu. The stage was HUGE in comparison to some of the closets we frequent on our little jaunts, so many big jumps and wide reckless spin kicks got the blood triad pumped.
on Oct 19, 2011
What do you get when you put a Miami Dolphins offensive tackle, a Miami Dolphins guard, a former Pro Bowl guard for the Dallas Cowboys, and a non-football, proverbial guitar hero together? Well… weighing in at over half a ton, and standing at an average height of 6’3, you get a band called Free Reign, which literally puts the "Heavy" in Metal.
on Oct 07, 2011


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