Terre Haute, Indiana-based metal quintet From These Ruins share with us their TOP 10 must-have's on a road tour!
on Nov 02, 2017
Ahead of a busy few months, we spoke to Irish rockers Hermitage Green and asked them for their TOP 10 favourite albums of all time.
on Nov 01, 2017
Eero Heinonen, bassist for Helsinki, Finland's The Rasmus, kindly shared this TOP 10 list (in no particular order) of the best "Cinematic Sounds"!
on Oct 24, 2017
We're helping Portland, Oregon's rad rockers, LiquidLight, celebrate the recent release of their Wicked Radio recording with this TOP 10 list!
on Oct 18, 2017
We're celebrating the release of the new album Young Beauties and Fools by Kingston, Ontario-based rockers, The Glorious Sons, with a TOP 10 list of their favourite places to eat on tour!
on Oct 13, 2017
Nashville-based rock two-piece, Black Satellite, compiled a list of the TOP 10 strange Japanese foods that you need to try!
on Oct 09, 2017
San Francisco, CA-based artist John Dylan shares a list of some of his TOP 10 favourite dreamy psyche songs!
on Oct 04, 2017
In an effort to better know Texas-based hard rocking quintet, Sons Of Texas, we managed to score a list of the TOP 10 things you didn't know about this Razor & Tie act!
on Sep 28, 2017
Los Angeles, CA-based alt-folk two-piece, Freedom Fry, share a list of their TOP 10 favourite cover songs.
on Sep 27, 2017
Derby, UK's metal quintet Skies In Motion took the time to praise a bunch of independent music promoters. Here's the band's TOP 10 unsung heroes!
on Sep 10, 2017
Brisbane, Australia's punk rock trio, Satellites, are promote their upcoming Black Dog EP with a fun TOP 10 article about their former members.
on Sep 05, 2017
With nothing but hype and praise surrounding this talented musician, we were able to get a glimpse into what impacts his cinematic songwriting with this exclusive list of Boy Epic's TOP 10 favourite movies!
on Aug 24, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland pop punkers, Face Value, shared this kick-ass TOP 10 list of the best things to do in their hometown of Baltimore.
on Aug 19, 2017
PureGrainAudio is pleased to share our list of the TOP 10 must-see underdog bands at Psycho Las Vegas 2017!
on Aug 17, 2017
It might not your list, but this PureGrainAudio's guide to the TOP 10 must-see live acts at Psycho Las Vegas 2017!
on Aug 13, 2017
Sean Danielsen, also of Smile Empty Soul, is supporting his latest solo offering Mind Control To Steal The Soul and shared a kick-ass TOP 10 list of the Most Dope U.S. States!
on Jul 31, 2017
Jacksonville, FL's metal quartet Personalities shared a TOP 10 list of their favorite Horror Movies.
on Jul 27, 2017
Los Angeles-based rockers Future Villains' frontman Dusty Bones lists the best bars in their hometown.
on Jul 26, 2017
English tech-metal group Borders support their new four-track Diagnosed EP with a TOP 10 list of their favourite Van Bangers!
on Jul 12, 2017
Tallahassee, Florida-based singer/songwriter Lazarus Wilde shares an exclusive list of his TOP 10 favourite things to do in his hometown.
on Jul 03, 2017


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