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ANNA ROSE Helps Your Commute with Her TOP 10 Artists to Listen to While Driving [Exclusive]

- Aug 22, 2016 at 02:58PM
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Anna Rose is a supremely-talented musician from New York, NY whose carefully crafted blend of rock, alternative, blues, pop and folk is turning heads. Her new album, the 6-song Strays In the Cut EP, was released on June 17, 2016 (purchase your copy here) via Noble Steed Music and is a stunning listen from top to bottom. We highly recommend tossing it on for your next lengthy drive. And, that being said, Anna was kind enough to share with us her TOP 10 list of artists to listen to while driving.

10. Joni Mitchell<
- Because she never lies to me.

09. The Doors
- If you're ever driving through the desert, listen to The Doors. You'll feel profound...or just cool as hell.

08. Missy Elliott
- Have you been driving for a little while? Are your eyes getting heavy? Is the next coffee shop at least 20 miles away on a very flat highway in the middle of Iowa? Put on Missy Elliott. You're welcome.

07. Radiohead
- Driving while listening to The Bends somehow makes time move faster. True story. Try it on a long drive.

06. Paul Simon
- Graceland has saved me from a boring drive at least a dozen times in my life. Besides that, I can listen to his music over and over again and always find new meaning in his lyrics.

05. Jimi Hendrix
- If I feel like drooling and driving, I listen to Jimi. Favorite albums for this endeavor - Are You Experienced? and People, Hell and Angels (a collection of his demos, rarities, alternate versions that I always come back to).

04. Prince
- Because...Prince. Prince needs no explanation.

03. Fleetwood Mac
- Plenty of harmonies to go around for your friends/bandmates/family. Fair warning if you're in the car with me, I am ALWAYS Stevie. Blame it on my wild heart, bitches (solo Stevie Nicks reference).

02. The Beatles
- Timeless melodies, incredible harmonies...they've got a song for every driving mood! You can't go wrong with The Beatles.

01. Led Zeppelin
- Nothing is more awesome than turning that key, hitting the gas and pressing play on "Ramble On". Or "Whole Lotta Love". Or "Immigrant Song". OR ANYTHING THEY'VE EVER DONE. Also, on a personal note, I like to test the boundaries of my voice while driving alone in my car and I get to do that when singing along with Robert Plant.

Check out the song "Start A War"

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