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Ottawa Pop Punks BEARINGS List Their TOP 10 Things to Do While Stuck in the Van on Tour [Exclusive]

- Jan 30, 2017 at 02:28PM
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Bearings are a pop punk/emo fivesome from Ottawa, Ontario who released their "Home is..." single on January 19, 2017 - it can be purchased via Bandcamp and/or iTunes. Recently, we checked in with the guys to talk music and instead got this hilarious TOP 10 list of the things they do when stuck in their van while touring.

TOP 10 Things Bearing do while stuck in the van on tour:

10. Over-do ongoing jokes until we can’t handle them anymore.
09. Drink A LOT of coffee.
08. Explore cool spots, if we have the time.
07. Play "would you rather" until it goes too far.
06. Try to find a place to sleep that upcoming night.

05. Overplay albums constantly (we have no aux cord option).
04. Play "odds". If you know, you know.
03. Pick up Tim Hortons at every single stop we make.
02. Argue over which blink-182 album is the best.
01. Discuss absolutely everything about St. Anger by Metallica and how it came to be.

Check out the song "North Hansen"

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