Our Finest Hour

- Aug 10, 2006 at 01:40PM
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Rating: 8.0 out of 10
I’ve heard many 5-track demos in my time (yes I’m that old), and I think I just might add this one to my faves list. Right off the bat musically this band has it. The vocals are there, they are good, and I just don’t think this demo completely shows them off as they should be.

When you take a look at the CD, hair is everywhere, and blood is splattered with a hand and what looks like to be the wrapping of a cupcake. Death by a cup cake? Nah it’s a Kleenex. On the back of the CD a woman’s torso with blood creeping up from the crotch area. Meh, whatever the significance there is I won’t question it.

If you’re planning on looking them up on Myspace have fun, there are a few bands with the same band name.

Back to the music, because it’s always about the music! 3 out of the 5 tracks are pegged as “screamo, post hardcore tracks” the other 2 have intros that can be pegged otherwise. But in the end, it is indeed a post hardcore/screamo/emo CD.

In the last track “A Call to Arms” chants of “run away, run away run away” are very similar to 30 Seconds from Mars’ “Attack.” That was the only thing I can find that resembles anyone else’s music. With that said, these guys are off to a great start, very creative and original. Sure the pattern of sing-scream-sing comes into play, but musically I think they’ve got what it takes to create a great sounding CD.

It will take some time to polish it up, and I do hope whoever is running the vocal productions does a better job. The vox is good, but can sound so much better and not so distant from the song.

With a few dates slated for July and one in August, this band is slowly getting their feet off the ground. 8 cup cakes out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Scars of Desire
02. In The Eyes of a Killer
03. Struggling In Your Absence
04. Breaking The Fall
05. A Call To Arms

Run Time: 19:04
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