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Somerset Metalcore Newcomers FROM RUST Reveal the Inspiration Behind Their 'Lost Sense Of Life' EP [Exclusive]

- Nov 21, 2016 at 07:20AM
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Ahead of the release of their debut EP, Lost Sense Of Life, this coming Friday, emerging South West metalcore unit From Rust, reveal the inspiration behind the five tracks that make up the EP.

01. "Whispers"
- "Whispers" is our current single and talks depression and how it can drag people down into the darkest of places, as well as dealing with the loss of someone close to you. We have written this song in a style where people can make their own interpretation of the lyrics. The track is filled with bouncy metalcore breakdowns with a hint of death core and impactful melodies.

02. "Inside Out"
- The next track on the EP is "Inside Out", which is all about cutting someone out of your life, that you were once close to after they fill your head with doubt and say spiteful things to bring you down. This song represents being eaten alive from the inside out by the spiteful things people say. This is a more hardcore styled song that mixes with metalcore to match the aggressive styled lyrics.

03. "Predictable Pain"
- The song "Predictable Pain" is about being betrayed and constantly lied to. This track talks about the hatred people gain from constant lies and how all these lies are killing them on the inside. This song highlights that people can spread as many lies as they like but they will become miserable in the end. It mixes metalcore and death core to emphasize the impact that lies can have on someone’s life.

04. "Grey World"
- "Grey World" is about hate and how it can be carried through you because of two-faced people and hypocrisy. The song is about making two-faced people who doubt you realise that you have no emotion to their words and they can pull you down as much as they like but it’ll never hold you back. "Grey World" is also about how the same people are too cowardly to say their opinion to your face so instead they voice it to others behind your back.

05. "Gone Forever"
- The last track on the record is called "Gone Forever" and it represents the emotion and grief that has been endured after losing a bond once had with someone and how you deal with resentment within yourself. This song shows the process of pulling yourself through an extremely hard time and that some questions you have might never be answered or laid to rest.

Check out the song "Whispers"

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