The Lounge Kittens @ The 100 Club (London, UK) on October 27, 2016 [Show Review]

- Nov 15, 2016 at 01:53AM
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Following the release of their debut album, Sequins and C Bombs, The Lounge Kittens embarked on their biggest tour to date. Now, The Lounge Kittens, in my opinion, are unlikely to ever sell out the likes of bigger venues given their relatively niche style, but for me that is a great thing as it means I will continue to see them at small and intimate venues in the future. Despite this, the Kittens are no strangers to the larger stage having played with the likes of Steel Panther to adoring fans earning themselves a loving and loyal fan base.

Playing no material that is exclusively theirs, the Kittens open the show with their rendition of Andrew WK’s "Party Hard" getting the audience in the mood for the fun times ahead and setting the mood for a stroll down a musical memory lane, but with a twist. Following next the Kittens invite the audience to bounce with a flawless version of System of a Down’s "Bounce" before moving on the an ingenious medley of pop-punk mixing in the likes of Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 and The Offspring.

The medley’s these ladies create are a mark of pure genius! Eventually the Kittens slow the mood (if lounge style songs can be slowed down) with the wonderfully romantic cover of Toto’s "Africa" at which point it becomes apparent who in the audience are in couples. Of course it wouldn’t be complete unless the Kittens gave the audience exactly what they wanted, three beautiful ladies singing about their dicks sucked at a gloryhole on Paris with a tremendous rendition of Steel Panther’s "Gloryhole". The energy is high, and the entire club is dancing and the feeling is ecstatic.

I only discovered The Lounge Kittens a few months back and for me was one of the best discoveries of 2016. Now all that’s left for these talented young ladies is to conquer the good old US of A and for all my friends across the pond, I will simply say, you are in for a treat.

Check out the song "Bounce" (System of a Down cover)

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