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Our Love To Admire (2007)
on Oct 25, 2007
A common, albeit historically dangerous rock and roll career move over the last few decades has been the solo album. When I say solo album, I’m not talking about musicians who have always made their living as a solo artist a la Beck or Trent Reznor, but rather artists who have grown to superstardom as part of huge mainstream bands who...
on Oct 22, 2007
I’m a metal fan. While it’s not my primary genre of choice, there are certainly some metal records—from varying spokes under the umbrella—that I keep in heavy rotation for personal listening. Nothing is too heavy or too chaotic to turn me off without a trial. After that trial, though, it has to be good to win a position as anything…
on Oct 15, 2007
I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child (2007)
on Oct 13, 2007
"Because I'm stubborn," Tom Gabel openly and easily admits about half way through our conversation. We chatted about a number of topics mainly concerning his too-good-to-be-true 10 year old punk rock-'n-folk entity, Against Me!.
on Oct 08, 2007
Career Suicide (2007)
on Oct 07, 2007
Take Fall Out Boy, strip away the endorsements and internet nudity, and add the ability to produce music that steers clear of those glossy break up songs and you have the New Jersey heroes known as Bedlight For Blue Eyes. Apologies to FOB and all their fans, credit is to be given to a group who can avoid the overpowering shadow of the pop/punk bandwagon.
on Sep 27, 2007
Approximately seven years ago Graham Wright (Singer/keyboardist of Tokyo Police Club) dreamt of being in a band. So much so that he was willing to do the indescribable to get there. No, not audition for the next episode of Making the Band, but, he was willing to dig through someone else’s trash. No, Really.
on Sep 17, 2007
Throughout this five-song EP, with a 30-second sing-a-long at the end, is a series of short, jumpy pop songs that are so hooktastic they are extremely hard not to like.
on Sep 08, 2007
Supergroup: “A term used to describe music groups composed of members who had already achieved fame or respect in other groups or as individual artists.” The term supergroup, more specifically rock and roll supergroup, has existed now since about the late 1960s. The term started to become frequently used when David Crobsy...
on Aug 26, 2007
With their rookie year on the Trustkill line up, Atlanta's gritty post-hardcore boys come full strength with their debut album to rock the underground scenes. Offering nothing but hard-hitting rock fused with spacey post-hardcore riffs, City Sleeps is already marking their territory with an album that hasn't even dropped yet. Hardcore dedication and the talent to write an album with no label backing, shows that true rock n' roll is still alive!
on Aug 10, 2007
If we’re going to talk about the roots of today’s hard rock/punk rock/metal music, it’s imperative to go back and look at three bands specifically; the forefathers of punk and alternative rock The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash. These three bands were all prevalent from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s and what was most groundbreaking about them was not just their music, but their attitude and their message. The Sex Pistols were a no holds barred, down and dirty group of hard drinking, hard living Englishmen that really encompassed the “just don’t give a fuck” attitude that has become so famous in punk rock music.
on Aug 08, 2007
As everyone knows, metalcore is a genre that's growing at a disgusting pace. Christian metalcore—a metalcore sub-genre—has also seen a popularity increase, which has been aided by bands such as The Devil Wears Prada and As I Lay Dying. Here is another that will push Christian metalcore to even further heights: Oh, Sleeper.
on Aug 08, 2007
The greater Toronto area of the province of Ontario in Canada has had some great success delivering prominent alternative rock bands over the last decade. First there was Finger Eleven (formerly The Rainbow Butt Monkeys) from Burlington, Ontario who have gone onto big success scoring top forty hits even in the United States.
on Jul 24, 2007
Remember the good old days of '90s alternative rock? Well of course you do, unless you're way too young or you grew up under a rock (no pun intended), who could forget the 1990s, the decade of flannel shirts and teen spirit. Not since the 1970s has a decade produced such a quantity and such a quality of hard rock and alternative music.
on Jul 12, 2007
While I can forgive Killswitch Engage for bringing Hatebreed on their latest tour, I don’t know if I can forgive them for the artwork that accompanies this album, although it should have people that think wrestling is real totally psyched. Thankfully, though, sight is not the sense to which this band is supposed to appeal, and when it comes time to make something badass come through the headphones, Killswitch deliver.
on Jun 27, 2007
Cruel Melody (2007)
on Jun 27, 2007
The Fall of Troy
on Jun 27, 2007
Dead Again (2007)
on Jun 27, 2007
Going from Rob Zombie, to Marilyn Manson, and now on his own, John 5 is one of the most well respected guitar players of today. If you ask any teenager, and quite a few middle aged people, and say “Do you know who John 5 is?” most of them will say “Yeah he used to play for Manson!” Although the album claims to be a solo record, this is not necessarily true.
on Jun 27, 2007


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