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Midnight In America (2007)
on Jul 01, 2008
Self-Titled (2007)
on Jun 30, 2008
Stay Classy (2008)
on Jun 29, 2008
Allegory (2008)
on Jun 28, 2008
H.A.A.R.P. (2008)
on Jun 27, 2008
Step Inside (2007)
on Jun 05, 2008
Wolfbiker (2007)
on Jun 05, 2008
Kill The House Lights (2008)
on Jun 01, 2008
Since 1999, Avenged Sevenfold has been changing the face of metalcore with every song they’ve released; though many people will argue that they, in fact, are not a metalcore band, they are. With every album the band has tossed out, the style has changed dramatically: going from being heavy with lots of screaming to releasing…
on May 31, 2008
Blessed Be Our Ever After (2008)
on May 31, 2008
Build A Nation (2007)
on May 29, 2008
Babes Say The Hottest Things (2007)
on May 29, 2008
With just over a year having passed since the release of the well-received Sending You Strength, Regina, SK-based Means have returned with To Keep Me From Sinking. Thankfully, the new Underground Operations (and seasoned Facedown Records) family members haven’t sacrificed quality for haste with this album, and in fact…
on May 29, 2008
Eleven:Eleven (2007)
on May 29, 2008

7.6 / 10


Between The Warning And The War (2007)
on May 29, 2008
Back in 2002, symphonic metal was changed forever. Sahara Dust was formed, which soon became known as Epica. Since then, the band has played with masters of symphonic metal, such as Kamelot (which, strangely enough, Epica is named after). Epica is similar in style to Kamelot and Nightwish; they have an operatic female vocalist…
on May 29, 2008
Killing Season (02.26.2008)
on May 29, 2008
Hard-rockers Rev Theory aren’t the type of band that blows up over night, but on the same note they won’t come and go in a flash, like so many bands before them.
on May 26, 2008
Hail Destroyer (2008)
on May 22, 2008
Heavy Lies The Crown (2007)
on May 18, 2008


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