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THEY.'s authentic, provocative sound is a welcome addition to the scene. Nü Religion: Hyena is sure to be one of this year’s strongest debuts.
on Feb 27, 2017
Once in a blue moon, a film comes along that not only captures the spirit and vitality of youth, but it dives into the true nature of what it means to grow up.
on Feb 26, 2017
If your flame for death metal is fading then we think the new album from Reaping Asmodeia might just reignite that flame. Read our review of Impuritize inside...
on Feb 25, 2017
Well, I’m here to tell you that Sanctuary’s Inception not only stands up to this century’s thrash releases, it annihilates the majority of them.
on Feb 22, 2017
Just when LP was finally getting back in touch with their roots, they shart out a cookie-cutter pop song as musically complacent as it is lyrically vapid.
on Feb 22, 2017
I must say, that this is a very exciting release to start my year off with, as the standards are set high for what Heavy Temple’s path will be.
on Feb 20, 2017
One of the more unwelcome trends of recent years has been how many of the world’s most celebrated rock venues have closed their doors for the last time.
on Feb 20, 2017
Die Hexe wowed us with their debut EP, combining black metal with 90's screamo and good old fashioned hardcore. So how does their sophomore effort stack up? Read the review to find out.
on Feb 19, 2017
A really cool addition to John's catalogue of music. It shows his diversity as a singer, and re-imagines classic songs in a new and interesting way.
on Feb 17, 2017
What do you get when you take the Delta Blues and lock it in a van in the backwoods for 10 years with nothing but bourbon, cheap cigarettes, and Motley Crüe albums cranked to 11? The Wild!'s latest LP, Wild At Heart.
on Feb 17, 2017
Spunky, catchy, fun and quite simply, enjoyable. But with all this familiarity comes growth. A more methodical sound, and a more relaxed approach to production.
on Feb 16, 2017
This is great technical death metal and my only complaint is that whole EP clocks in at just over 15 minutes. I was just getting into it when it ended!
on Feb 13, 2017
Culminating with the chanting of "we are dead inside," Flesh Coffin will leave you completely chilled to the bone.
on Feb 10, 2017
We teamed up Texas punk rockers Thieves (Revival Recordings) to share this guide of what they feel to be the TOP 10 most awesome things to see, do, visit, while in Austin.
on Feb 07, 2017
Objectively, the songs aren’t bad, but will I feel the desire to ever hear them again? Probably not.
on Feb 06, 2017
The St. Petersberg, Florida natives, with their ears still ringing from their 2015 Demo album, have signed with Prosthetic Records to unleash a punishing half hour upon us all.
on Feb 06, 2017
You like fast youth crew hardcore? Well you might dig this then. Check out our review inside.
on Feb 06, 2017
Short and sweet, UK progressive tech metal band Core Of iO have just issued the latest in a series of connected EP's. Read our review of Part III: Ganymede right here...
on Feb 06, 2017
Seventh Seal is a band with which you should familiarize yourself, if your interest is piqued by big guitars, manly, emotional vocals and metaphors.
on Feb 02, 2017
Deaf Havana are back with All These Countless Nights, a monumental nod to their overall growth as a band. Read more about their latest release here...
on Feb 02, 2017