Who does what and why:

There is no way in holy hell that our funky little site would be even remotely possible (or successful) without all the continuous help from our staff and contributors - both past and present. Though many have come and gone (and we mean many), below you'll find a list of our current roster. These folks are amazing, and we're forever thankful to them all!


Christopher Gonda - Publisher, CEO (Toronto, ON, CA)

Aaron Willschick - President, Managing Editor (Toronto, ON, CA)

Graham Finney - Managing Editor, UK/EU (London, England, UK)

Mike Bax - Managing Editor, Canada (Kitchener, ON, CA)

Nathan Katsiaficas, Managing Editor, US (Portland, ME, USA)

Reza Vaziri, Managing Editor, Electronic (Toronto, ON, CA)

Bruce Moore - Creative Director (Mechanicsville, VA, USA)

Henry Maneuver - Music Producer (Franklin, NC, USA)

George Parr - Music Producer (Southampton, Hampshire, UK)



Andrew Hartl (Mississauga, ON)

Chris Murphy (Toronto, ON)

Danica Bansie (Vancouver, BC)

Darren Eagles (Toronto, ON)


Bobbi Kyle (San Jose, CA)

Catherine Patchell (Boston, MA)

Charlie Steffens (Los Angeles, CA)

Elena de Soto (Atlanta, GA)

Dani Sacco (Deer Park, NY)

Glen Wood (Baltimore, MD)

James Alvarez (Los Angeles, CA)

Kathleen Kaufman (Casa Grande, AZ)

Jason Oberuc (Minneapolis, MN)

Lance Lehman (Los Angeles, CA)

Kaitlyn Johnston (South Beloit, IL)

Maclyn Bean (Philadelphia, PA)

Nicky Parry (Kokomo, IN)

Peyton Beard (Brooklyn, NY)

Rachel Amato (New York, NY)


John Gilleese (Manchester, England)

Olivia Johnston (Cambridgeshire, England)



Curtis Dewar (Cambridge ON)

Danny P. (Toronto, ON)

Danica Bansie (Vancouver, BC)

Emily Misurec (Toronto, ON)

Jessica Lam (Toronto, ON)

Kayley Marner (Toronto, ON)

Kevin Stewart-Panko (Toronto, ON)

Marina Di Battista (Maple, ON)

Mathieu Sankeralli (Toronto, ON)

Matt Groopie (Toronto, ON)

Tabitha Peters (Etobicoke, ON)

Tatiana Morand (Toronto, ON)


Al Necro (Richmond, VA)

Alex Salfer-Hobbs (Providence, RI)

Benny Henderson Jr. (Overton, TX)

Bobbi Kyle (San Jose, CA)

Charlie Steffens (Los Angeles, CA)

Daniella Kohan (New York, NY)

Danielle Masek (Lisle, IL)

Darren Paltrowitz (Long Beach, NY)

Jason Oberuc (Minneapolis, MN)

Jeremy Price (Brooklyn, NY)

Nikos Mixas (Phoenix, AZ)

Ramon Martos García (Tampa, FL)


Adrian Peel (UK)

Damian FitzGerald (London, England, UK)

Lance Marwood (London, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, UK)

Simon Douglass (UK)


Clare Jenkins (Toronto, ON)


If you have read the aforementioned information and are left with any questions at all, please feel free to email us at mail@puregrainaudio.com.

This page was last updated on March 2, 2017.


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