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Who does what and why:

There is no way in holy hell that our funky little site would be even remotely possible (or successful) without all the continuous help from our staff and contributors - both past and present. Though many have come and gone (and we mean many), below you'll find a list of our current roster. These folks are amazing, and we're forever thankful to them all!


Chris Gonda, Publisher, CEO (Toronto, ON)

Aaron Willschick, President (Toronto, ON)

Graham Finney, Managing Editor, UK/EU (London, UK)

George Merlocco, Director, IT & Site Development (Mississauga, ON)


Bobbi Kyle (San Jose, CA, USA)

Brooke Taylor (Toronto, ON)

Charlie Steffens (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Mark Doyle (New York, NY)


Amanda Symynuk, Writer (Saskatoon, SK)

Amy Ebeling, Writer (Saddle Brook, NJ, USA)

Bobbi Kyle, Writer (San Jose, CA, USA)

Brooke Taylor, Writer (Toronto, ON)

Bruce Moore, Senior Writer (Virginia, USA)

Carmen Monoxide, Senior Writer (Boston, MA, USA)

Charlie Steffens, Senior Writer (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Curtis Dewar, Senior Writer/PR (Cambridge Ontario)

Damian FitzGerald, Writer (London, UK)

Daniella Kohan, Writer (New York, NY, USA)

Erin Large, Writer (London, UK)

Henry Maneuver, Writer (Internet, USA)

Josh Velliquette, Writer (Sumner, WA, USA)

Justin Franco, Writer (Highlands, NJ, USA)

Marina Di Battista, Senior Writer (Maple, ON)

Ramon Martos García, Senior Writer (Tampa, FL, USA)

Yumna Leghari, Writer (Oshawa, ON)


The Governor, Producer/Host, The Governor’s Ball (Toronto/Sacramento)


If you have read the aforementioned information and are left with any questions at all, please feel free to email us at mail@puregrainaudio.com.

This page was last updated on December 8, 2014.