1476 Feel the "Winter of Winds" in New Lyric Video

- Mar 17, 2017 at 01:44PM
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Salem, Massachusetts’ 1476 has released a lyric video for "Winter of Winds" from their latest record titled Our Season Draws Near. The lyric video features art from the 19th-century Norwegian painter Theodor Kittelsen (Burzum, Satyricon). The new album was produced by the band and mixed by Markus Siegenhort of post-black metal spearheads Lantlôs.

As may be indicated by the title, Our Season Draws Near is a winter-themed album that captures 1476 at their heaviest and most personal apex. This album strips away the dense layers of production from their previous three albums and delivers a more raw, intimate and urgent record. It's far more guitar and drum driven than anything 1476 has ever done before. It's also quite aggressive, but minimalistic at the same time to create a massive, heavy sound.

Our Season Draws Near Track Listing:

01. Our Silver Age
02. Ettins
03. Winter of Winds
04. Solitude (Exterior)
05. Odessa
06. Sorgen (Sunwheels)
07. Solitude (Interior)
08. By Torchlight
09. Winter of Wolves
10. Our Ice Age

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