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Ahead of their recent Toronto show, we caught up with vocalist Lawrence Taylor and drummer Adam Savage of the Sheffield, UK Razor & Tie metallers, While She Sleeps, for a fun game of METAL or NOT?.
on Apr 25, 2016
On 2016's 70000 Tons of Metal cruise we gave Moyses Kolesne, guitarist for Brazilian Century Media death metal legends, Krisiun, the Rockblot test, our take on the Hermann Rorschach inkblot test.
on Apr 19, 2016
Wilson, Matt Puhy, drummer, Jason Spencer, guitarist, rock, Southern rock, hard rock, party rock, Razor & Tie
on Apr 18, 2016
Video interview with frontman Justin Hawkins of UK-based rock icons, The Darkness, wherein we discuss new album Last of Our Kind, least favourite songs, and unlimited music video budgets.
on Apr 12, 2016
We interview Moncton, NB rock quartet, The Motorleague, at Toronto's Bovine Sex Club and chat about their third full-length album, Holding Patterns, out now via Sonic Records.
on Apr 09, 2016
During 2016's 70000 Tons of Metal cruise, Paul Kuhr, vocalist for The End Records dark metal band Novembers Doom, explained how incredible it is for him to have his music both touch and help fans the world over.
on Apr 08, 2016
UK's Asking Alexandria are supporting their new Sumerian Records release, The Black, so we played METAL or NOT? with Denis Stoff (vocals) and James Cassells (drums) who shared some completely comical stories involving shitting in mosh pits and bed wetting.
on Apr 07, 2016
We ran Nikki Sixx (bass) and DJ Ashba (guitar) from Eleven Seven Music rock group SIXX:A.M. through Rockblot. From Dave Grohl at the Oscars to Slipknot's Masks in 2018, this video is just hilarious!
on Mar 29, 2016
We Tourpedoed Lzzy Hale, frontwoman for the Atlantic Records rockers Halestorm, and she shared some of her more fun, sickly (pun intended) tour-related anecdotes!
on Mar 28, 2016
On April 1st, 2016 Black Stone Cherry will release their 13-song album, Kentucky, via Mascot Label Group. Recently, in the UK, we caught up with drummer John Fred Young who discussed the new album, recording, new writing techniques, 2016 touring plans, their 10 year anniversary and more!
on Mar 28, 2016
Davey Muise, lead signer of Boston, Massachusetts-based, Pure Noise Records post-hardcore vets Vanna, shares what music means to him, plus sheds light on his awesome initiative called Find Your Shovel.
on Mar 25, 2016
We played METAL or NOT? with Brandon Bliss (keys, vox) and Jeremy Widerman (guitar, vox) or Dine Alone Records/Mascot Records hard rockers, Monster Truck, and they know what's what!
on Mar 23, 2016
The End Records' band Hatchet deliver some punishing thrash metal. We tourpedoed vocalist and lead guitarist Julz Ramos to learn about some of his more gnarly tour stories.
on Mar 21, 2016
Wanting to better know Michael "Vorph" Locher, vocalist and guitarist for the Nuclear Blast and Season of Mist metal band, Samael, we had some fun with Rockblot, our take on the Rorschach inkblot test.
on Mar 19, 2016
Protest The Hero guitarist Tim MacMillar shares a story for our Rock Heart segment wherein, in many ways, music saved his life. Check out his story!
on Mar 18, 2016
DJ Ashba (guitar) and James Michael (vocals) of the Eleven Seven Music rock band SIXX:A.M. have some fun and tell you whether or not bubble baths, recycling, and Donald Trump are METAL or NOT!
on Mar 15, 2016
Vocalist Levi Benton and bassist Ryan Neff of Rise Records metal juggernauts Miss May I shared some gnarly touring-related stories in this episode of Tourpedoed.
on Mar 02, 2016
When Swedish/Danish Spinefarm/Universal power/melodic death metal act, Amaranthe, rolled through Toronto, Canada and played The Phoenix in late 2015, we dropped Rockblot on vocalist Elize Ryd and guitarist Olof Mörck.
on Feb 25, 2016
Justin Adams, guitarist for the Eclipse Records-signed, Latin-infused Hardcore/Metal quartet Saint Diablo, shared with us this touching tale which reminds us that you never know who's got your back!
on Feb 23, 2016
While aboard 2016's 70000 Tons of Metal cruise, we had a blast chatting with Michael "Vorph" Locher, vocalist and guitarist for the Nuclear Blast and Season of Mist metal band, Samael.
on Feb 18, 2016


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