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Recently, we caught up with vocalist Garrett Russell of the metal band Silent Planet while they were out on this summers Vans Warped Tour. Watch as we put him through this funny Rockblot segment.
on Sep 02, 2016
We caught up with Bobaflex in Richmond, Virginia and spoke with Shaun McCoy about one of the band's most embarrassing onstage gear failures in front of a crowd of record company executives. Check it out!
on Aug 31, 2016
Cristian Machado, vocalist for the Victory Records metal band Ill Nino, shared this cool Tales of Touring Terror story with us. Some fans will just do anything....
on Aug 22, 2016
My Hand Is Cold from Heavy Montreal 2016 with Volbeat guitarist and producer Rob Caggiano. We chatted about producing, the band's new album, and being shrunk down to the size of a pencil and put in a blender.
on Aug 18, 2016
Shattered Sun vocalist Marcus Leal shares one of the band's most catastrophic and embarrassing gear failures while playing to the biggest crowds of their career at Mayhem Festival.
on Aug 16, 2016
At Heavy Montreal 2016 we got interview time with Disturbed lead singer David Draiman and, when he kindly agreed to be on My Hand Is Cold, we challenged him with some hard-hitting, deeply-researched questions about his band's music.
on Aug 12, 2016
Buzz Osborne, singer and guitarist for the iconic American band, Melvins, was on My Hand Is Cold. He talked about his new Ipecac Recordings album Basses Loaded, gay marriage, the Canadian space program and puking.
on Aug 11, 2016
While attending the Vans Warped Tour in July, we ran Fueled By Ramen electronic rock act Ghost Town through a round of METAL or NOT? A Satanic bubble bath and death by hunting? The results are pretty hilarious.
on Aug 10, 2016
Cameras were rolling and things got awkward on this new episode of My Hand Is Cold with the Canadian progressive metal group, Auras.
on Jul 27, 2016
Guitarist Tim Sult, of the Maryland, USA rockers Clutch, was into our MOST EXTREME segment. Check out the vid to learn about some of his crazier life experiences.
on Jul 22, 2016
Sydney, Australia's pop punk/alternative band With Confidence are out on Warped Tour supporting their debut album Better Weather via Hopeless Records and shared this quick Gear Gone Wild story.
on Jul 21, 2016
Gear Gone Wild video interview with Tyler Szalkowski, lead guitarist of the Pure Noise Records' pop punk band State Champs.
on Jul 20, 2016
Always down to have some fun, we caught up with drummer Jeremiah Stratton (aka Major Trauma) for an interview. In this episode of METAL or NOT? Trauma gets animated and will leave you laughing!
on Jul 12, 2016
You loved our episode of My Hand Is Cold with Sydney, Australia-based reggae rockers, Sticky Fingers, so we're bringing you an outtake video!
on Jun 30, 2016
In this video interview with Wild Throne lead singer and guitarist Joshua Holland, we learn about the band's origins, how they came to sign with Roadrunner Records, how they create music, and much more.
on Jun 30, 2016
We convinced Miss May I vocalist Levi Benton and bassist Ryan Neff to take the Rockblot test, our version of the Rorschach Inkblot Test. What did they see? Find out here!
on Jun 24, 2016
We were able to score some time with the Maryland, USA rockers Clutch before their performance in Toronto. Guitarist Tim Sult sat down with us to chat about one of his craziest equipment failures on this episode of "Gear Gone Wild."
on Jun 22, 2016
In this video, Iced Earth’s vocalist Stu Block and guitarist Jon Schaffer talk to us about the positive impact music can have on not only the listeners but the songwriters as well.
on Jun 19, 2016
During a recent tour stop in Richmond, Virginia, we caught up with Cristian Machado, vocalist for the Latin Metal Band, Ill Nino and put him through a funny game of METAL or NOT?. Check it out!
on Jun 18, 2016
Recently, we had some interview time with Kvelertak vocalist Erlend Hjelvik and asked him about the new album Nattessferd, '80s bands, and chilling in Norway.
on Jun 10, 2016


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